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Why a Past Life Reading?

Most of us have had many different lifetimes on planet earth. Often a past life will bleed through in dreams or unusual experiences or synchronicities; past life memories can account for that sense of instant knowing when we meet someone new or visit some place we thought we had never been before.We tend to travel through lifetimes in groups, to evolve with those souls we have been connected with in the past. Past loves can reappear in present time, often in a new role – an old lover could turn out to be your grandfather, or a work associate in this life… or could be returning to have another round of that cat and mouse game you’ve been playing through the centuries.

Connections to our past lives usually occur when there is old karma, unresolved issues or questions, work left to be done. the trouble is that we too often leave bits of ourselves in the past. Remembering the past in such cases enables us to release the old charges associated with past life traumas – and thus to recover those fragments we left behind, building our power in the present.

Connecting with your past lives can be very helpful in explaining the “why’s” of certain relationships and events in our present lives. We have a way of repeating the past.

Knowing the past can shed light on present day issues… old patterns can explain present day lifestyle, relationship or career choices. The value in digging into past lives lies in gaining understanding of the present, noticing what old patterns we are repeating and how this is impacting us today… thus we are empowered to overcome past mistakes…. to heal, to free ourselves of the associated karma.

We can effectively change the past, the present and the future by accepting the old lessons, choosing to break the old patterns… understanding the past can liberate us to press forward in new directions with new goals…

The past can explain our choices, but it is in the present that we learn and grow..

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