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What Does Sandy Mean?

by Phil

First, like I and many others have been “told” so many times lately, to “expect the unexpected.” Absolutely no one could have seen Sandy coming as She did except for climatologists and doomsday buffs, and even they were stunned out of their pocket protectors. Is this really the first hurricane to produce snow?

Second, what the heck is in a name? Sandy, not Sandra, and just look at all that sand blasted inland. Sand is of the Earth element and Feminine polarity but all that Neptunian water… Astrologically, that’s Saturn and Neptune, both in the early degrees of Water signs Scorpio and Pisces respectively, forming their first approaching trine (180° apart) since 1977. Interestingly, hurricane Katrina hit just a few weeks after Saturn had entered Leo and here’s Sandy hitting just a few weeks after Saturn moved into Scorpio. And then there’s Pluto halfway between Saturn and Neptune, in the Earth sign of Capricorn, Pluto ruling wealth, destruction and transformation, Capricorn ruling structures… Yikes, but does that dangling crane on top of that “billionaire’s roost” in Manhattan say it all? All the Viagra in the world wouldn’t help that sad puppy. Hell hath no fury as a woman (Sandy, the Divine Feminine) scorned.

Third, Wall Street closed for two days as Pluto chuckles and billionaires panic. Early estimated costs to repair the damage, twenty billion. Donald Trump’s face looks like a pumpkin about to explode. Hey, it’s Halloween, I just had to get a reference in.

Fourth, in the what’s-in-a-name category, the first casualty (off the US coast at least) was the HMS Bounty, Neptune (ocean) and Pluto (bounty) again. It was a replica ship built for the 1960 movie Mutiny on the Bounty, a morality tale about the perils of greed. The captain even went down with the ship, a little too clichéd there dude.

Fifth, twenty-foot waves battering Chicago, the Wall Street of the US’ Midwest

Sixth, Neptunian water flooding NYC’s tunnels, exploding power plants, nuclear stations shut-down, all befitting the Uranus/Pluto square, Uranus rules electricity.

Seventh, Neptunian waters flooding waste treatment plants – eeewww! Neptune also rules the nasty liquids, chemicals too, and New Jersey is chemical heaven.

Oy, and those are just the images I got yesterday, the morning after, give me a week and that list would fill a book. At least it’s giving those “limited government” folks a few Scoobie-Doo moments (WTF?!?) to appreciate what governments were meant to do, not to mention or ignore those brave first-responders, EMT’s, police, fire, Coast Guard, or the importance of building codes and other safety regulations.

Editor’s note: …and at the end of the day, this is a story of personal heros, communitues working together, neighbours helping neighbours….

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