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Washing Dishes

An Analogy for Soul Work

It seems like I've been washing dishes all of my life. Although I hated that chore when I was a kid, as an adult, I have come to enjoy having my hands in hot soapy water, getting the kitchen all shiny and clean again. It's become a kind of meditation for me. The trouble is, the job is never really done… no sooner do I finish than there is a fresh load building… it is the same with laundry, and dusting and pretty much any household chore….the work is never ending and if you ignore it, dishes pile up, you run out of clean underwear…. eventually, you have to face the mess and do something about it.

This is a useful analogy for spiritual work… while we may become more "evolved", lighter, enlightened, the work is never done…. In fact, as many on the spiritual path will tell you, it is a daily challenge to stay clear and connected… and just when you feel that you are really tuned in, on purpose, your life is flowing nicely, the universe comes along to deliver a new challenge.

Soul growth and personal growth are like washing the dishes…as soon as you finish one "load", the next load is building.  

What I find interesting about this process is that we wash the same dishes and cutlery over and over again… ias n life, we so often find ourselves working through the same issues and patterns over and over again… in time we learn, we change our approach or strategy, but sometimes negative patterns have become so deeply entrenched this has to wait for another lifetime… on the upside, positive patterns can also be so deeply entrenched that the struggle is made simple.

Being conscious of this process can be very useful – it keeps you on your toes, reminds you that everything you do today matters, not only for today, but also for tomorrow – and even yesterday…. the more good karma you generate every day through your loving actions, the greater the opportunity for healing and soul growth…. and the less likely it is that the universe will make the challenges difficult,

Spiritual work is a little like peeling the layers off an onion, the universe has a way of pushing us to peel the next layer… to keep moving forward and deeper.  Inner healing,  learning to live in love.for all, including ourselves, is a life-long process. As song as we are alive, the learning continues… like washing the dishes, there is always something more to tend to..

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