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Unexpected Turns

… or what a difference a day makes!

Life has a way of shocking us awake every once in awhile with changes that we didn’t see coming – and probably didn’t want. Often this is the Universe’s way of getting us back on track with our life purpose and plans…  and sometimes it’s about giving us something of a shake when we discover that a wrong turn puts us exactly where we need to be.

I was on my way to an appointment in Watertown Mass, and as usual when I went to Watertown, my directions had disappeared and I was feeling a little lost, stressed about being late. About to take a left turn, I can still feel that moment, hands on the wheel, watching left for my chance to turn, my whole body oriented to the left –  but the car turned right.  I was so stunned by this unexpected turn that I pulled off onto the first side street to collect myself… only to discover that I was right across the street from my client’s office, exactly where I was supposed to be, and five minutes early.

Whether it’s a sudden lay-off, the breakdown of a 20 year relationship, or your best friend’s decision to move clear across the country, unexpected turns can leave you feeling rattled and confused.

What to do when your life has been turned upside down?

First, stand back, withdraw a little, choose not to react, give yourself time to feel, to process the shift in direction. This is the time to Stop, Look, and Listen. Focus on what you need to do in the moment, investigate your options – and do your best to look at the situation objectively so you can make a realistic plan for your next steps.

A lot of questions will come up like “why didn’t I see this coming? What now? How do I make it right, can I get my job back, can I get him – or her – back? Will I be OK, can I get through this?”

A good psychic can help you answer some of these questions so you can navigate your way through these sudden turns.   We can offer insights and advice that will help you see yourself, and your situation more clearly. Psychics help you see the subtle and unseen influences in your life. With this “inside” information, psychics can suggest useful strategies for getting things back on track, and predict how you’ll move on, and even when. Psychic advice helps you make better decisions about how to work through an unexpected turn in your life.

There is always purpose to these unexpected turns, important lessons to be gained, new opportunities for growth. When we choose not to resist, and are willing to move with them, we often discover that we’re exactly where we wanted to be in our lives….

(FYI: A few years after that incident in Watertown, I remembered my most recent lifetime and my guides told me that I had grown up in Watertown…  when I followed up, I found the family name I had remembered listed with several different numbers, but I didn’t have the nerve to call any of them to verify any other details of that life.)

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