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To Market, To Market

another in our ongoing series on living the psychic’s life

Saturday is market day, a weekly ritual that we rarely miss. I live in farm country, so the region is blessed with a number of wonderful farmer’s markets.  We began making the weekly trek to market years ago when I noticed my stomach cringing as I reached for meat at the supermarket – and also that the same thing didn’t happen when I stood in front of the local butcher’s counter.  It became quickly obvious that not only was it less expensive to buy from the local farms and butchers, but also that the food we were buying was fresher, tastier, “livelier”. Even in winter when the selection of local produce is much smaller, it is worth braving the cold and snow for locally grown carrots, tomatoes and potatoes, freshly made cold cuts, home baking, local cheese and the best bacon you’ll ever taste!

As a psychic, there is very good reason for me to be careful where I shop, and to keep it local as much as possible.  For me, it’s all about the energy. When I stop to buy potatoes, the farmer who takes my money wants to know where my son is this week.  When I buy my steak, the butcher happily picks out the best cut he can find for me. It is obvious that these people love their farms and their work and they take pride in their produce, produce that is energized by their love – which means that it’s vibratonal frequency will be higher and thus it is easier to digest, ultimately much more healthy.

 If you are not concerned about the vibrational frequency of the food you put in your body, I can give you several other very good reasons to shop local.

  • Local produce contains the nutrients and anti-toxins that are unique to your area. – which means they are uniquely designed by nature to match your own physiology… locally grown foods have what you need to survive in your specific environment.
  • Locally grown foods are much better for your general health.  When produce is harvested, its nutritious value is at its peak.  It loses in freshness and nutritional value each day it is enroute to a destination.  The sooner you can eat it, the better it is for you.  And local foods tend to be seasonal, which is also beneficial for your health.
  • Buying local stimulates your local economy. Supporting local farmers, by taking care of yourself with tasty, nutritious food, also enables your community and environment to thrive.  Farmers who sell locally keep far more of the profits for themselves, and this extra cash comes back into your community.
  • Purchasing locally grown foods from a local market minimizes pollution because there is less need for product packaging that has to be carted off to landfills, and there is a dramatic decrease in gas emissions from long-distance transport and refrigeration.

Look for the farmers’ markets in your area and make a habit of shopping for your fresh foods locally. You’ll be healthier, and you are supporting your community, the local economy, and our environment. And, if you’re psychic, you will find that you are clearer, more focused and connected… To Market, To Market…


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