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Three Ways to Enhance Your Vision

I began my career in the corporate world first as a financial analyst, and soon after as a systems analyst.  Both roles demanded keen observation skills. From the beginning, I excelled in these roles, but it wasn't until years later that I really understood why…my eyes took in more information than the average person's.  And often in unusual ways… I would catch a movement out of the corner of my eye that would prove to be a key part of the process I was analyzing, I would notice odd anomalies in the information flow, or numbers would sparkle…. one year I was assigned to do a very intense year-end project with a team of four others… it was my job to automate this project for future years which essentially meant that we had to do the project twice… once with the computer programs we designed, and once manually to "prove" the automated results. (That's the way it was done back in the day.) At one point one of my assistants brought me a huge spreadsheet, at least 30 columns by as many rows, thinking she had it all balanced now, wanting my approval to get to the next steps in the process… In less than a minute, I noticed something going on in the middle of the spreadsheet…one mistake had been balanced off by a couple of others… she was shocked that I found the problem so quickly, let alone at all… all I could tell her was that the number sparkled, it seemed to dance right off the page….

The ability to see is a valuable asset, yet we tend to take it for granted.  There's more to it than just taking in what's in front of us. And looking deeper, deliberately working at enhancing our vision can be life-changing, and profitable.

Here are three ways to enhance your vision:

1) Take off the blinders.  Like a horse racing, we tend to maintain our focus on what is directly in front of us… but we ought to take a page from a driver training manual – new drivers are taught to use their peripheral vision to notice what other cars are doing around them – and to check their rear-view mirrors frequently to watch what's coming up behind them. The easiest way to enhance your seeing abilities is to look around you… pay attention to what you pick up from the corners of your eyes, pay attention to where you are going, watch your footing as well as your goals, your desired destination… and take time to assimilate what you see. Often we see, but simply don't register what we see.

2) Open your Third Eye.  The Third Eye (the pineal gland) is the center of objective reasoning and capable of reading the flow of energy around you. Once activated, your third eye will tell you what is true, as opposed to what you wish to be true… it clears away the "fuzz"  and brings the picture into focus. According to ancient traditions, the third eye begins to exhibit special powers when we are deeply relaxed and less concerned with our physical and mental states.

3) Raise your level of awareness – work on being more noticing. By noticing what is around us, and paying attention to the signs and symbols manifesting, we can understand how the energy is moving, and much more easily set a course for ourselves that minimizes obstacles and optimizes our chances of learning and loving and growing in life.   Being very observant, noticing and feeling of your life allows you to read more deeply into what is going on around you, so you can make the most of the opportunities and minimize the problems…

Vision involves a lot more than simply seeing… and it is more than holding an image, an expectation, a plan or vision of the future…  Vision is very much about living in the moment, being present with your life and environment so that you can notice your life and world in greater depth…. thus from moment to moment you can see what is needed for you to achieve your goals and move forward into the future with ease.

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