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The Power in Affirmations and Mantras

Mantras and positive affirmations are two unique ways to align yourself with your goals.  They help you to raise your vibrational frequency to nourish your psyche and your soul. When they are effective, both mantras and positive affirmations can help with problem solving, reduce stress and anxiety, increase positive emotions, improve relationships, create inner clarity and increase confidence.

A mantra is a religious or mystical syllable or poem, typically from the Sanskrit language. Mantra’s are defined as “a sacred word or formula repeated as an incantation.” Mantras are associated with mysticism and spirituality and aim to liberate the mind from thought in order to facilitate inner peace.. Affirmations are defined as “a declaration that something is true” Using an affirmation is a way of telling your body “this is already a fact” and using it repeatedly can begin to shift your beliefs in agreement with the affirmation – a way of affirming to yourself and the world a new pattern of thought.

Creating mantras or affirmations for yourself is easy, but there are a few rules that should be followed. Keep them positive and somewhat short. Negative words such as not, don't, won't, for example, are not recognized by the subconscious mind and should be avoided. "I love myself," has greater impact than, "I don't hate myself anymore."


I often recommend that a client commit to repeating an affirmation to help them move out of a difficult cycle. Words have a vibrational frequency associated with them which can be amplified or changed by your tone of voice, even if that voice is only in your mind. Making affirmative statements lodged in present time serves to attract what we want to us… especially when spoken with confidence, and enthusiasm – real feeling…

The intent of positive affirmations is to consciously rewire thought patterns toward more desired outcomes. Affirmations can be stated anytime and tend to be complete sentences addressing something we wish to have or be as if we already have it in the present moment.
Examples of positive affirmations include phrases such as “I easily attract loving relationships,” or “I have the perfect job for me, now.”
I was triggered to write this article because I have experienced a noticeable improvement in my health while working with a powerful affirmation "I am getting better and better, every day, in every way."
After a year of struggling with my health, I decided it was time to call for a miracle and to make it clear to the universe – and myself – that I AM getting better… I became quite diligent in repeating the affirmation… what helped was that I attached it to a specific activity and location… It is hard for me to make it up the stairs to my bedroom and office, so I stop about half way to gather the energy for the rest of the stairs…. that proved to be the perfect time and place to focus on my affirmation… Within a week or two I noticed some good results.   I began to automatically repeat the affirmation when I reached that point on the stairway – even after I was able to make it all the way upstairs without having to stop. Perhaps it is co-incidence, but I am more inclined to believe that it was the affirmation that made the difference…. I AM getting better!

 According to ancient Indian belief, in the beginning there was sound, which reverberated as Om (Aum), and from that sound everything came into existence. OM is the primordial sound, the sound that is said to have its origins at the time of the creation of the cosmos – also referred to as the 'Big Bang'.

The power of a mantra is in its sound and feeling. Mantras are words, sounds, or invocations that aid the individual in focusing concentration and deepening meditation while also uniting him or her with a higher power. Mantras are associated with mysticism and spirituality and aim to liberate the mind from thought in order to facilitate inner peace.

Examples of mantras include single words such as “Om” or “Shanti” or Sanskrit phrases such as “Om Namah Shivaya” which can be interpreted as bowing to our true highest selves.
Mantra meditation helps to induce an altered state of consciousness. While a mantra can be said in your head, it’s power is in its sound. – which is why a mantra is often chanted. For example, chanting the sound OM brings us into harmonic resonance with the universe – this is a scientific fact! OM is said to vibrate at 432 Hertz, which is the natural musical pitch of the Universe, as opposed to 440 Hertz, which is the frequency of most modern music. Decreasing your frequency to coincide with that of the Universe stills the fluctuations of the mind,
If you are determined to make a change in your life, find an affirmation or mantra – or construct your own – to help you accomplish what you wish in life. It can make all the difference to your being able to achieve your goals.
You can find more information about affirmations and mantras here:
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