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It took me a long time to understand that the purpose in our travels through life is in the journey, not the destinations we set… Goals are like the carrots that keep us moving forward… but the joy, the growth, the mystery is in how we go about achieving our goals…

I once thought that my job as a Mom would be pretty much complete when my son hit his 20’s, until my mother wisely reminded me that a mother’s job is never done… being Mom is clearly a journey, not the destination….

Some 30 years ago I needed to keep myself moving forward when I was  recovering from my 4th spinal fusion… so I made a plan… As I lay healing on the Stryker frame, I began listing everything I wanted to do by the time I was 40 (I was 33 at the time).  Three years later, I was cleaning out my desk and found the list tucked in a file folder in the bottom drawer… I was stunned.  I had completely forgotten that moment in the hospital… the shock came because near the top of the list was the goal of finding a job as a systems consultant with a good consulting firm… I was cleaning out my desk because I had accepted a position with a large systems consulting firm – and with a huge increase in pay – a big item checked off my list! As I read it over, I found myself ticking off one item after another, done, done, and done… in the end, there were only two items left undone on the list, learning to drive, and recovering my first language, French…  I learned to drive and bought a car soon after I took the consulting job… speaking French fluently again is still on my wish list though…

The point of that story is that I reached my destination – completed my to do list, 4 years ahead of schedule and for the next four years, I was in a sense stopped in my tracks, now what? was the question I kept asking myself… finally I was being forced to take time to simply enjoy the journey.

I learned a lot out of that experience… first that if you are serious about getting ahead in life, you need to make a plan and write it down… it doesn’t matter if you remember what you wrote consciously because the process sets you in motion so that you are automatically motivated to move in the directions you set for yourself… it’s as if writing down a personal plan sets you on auto-pilot.  But the second and perhaps more important lesson I gained was around learning to float, to keep putting one foot in front of the other, even if you don’t have a destination in mind… if you will trust yourself to move along with the journey, you will discover that you are where you need to be.

Let me explain… in those rudderless years after completing my to do list, I worked very hard, both at home with my disabled son, and in the office on some very exciting projects… just when I was despairing over my son’s educational opportunities in Edmonton, I was transferred across the country to Lexington Mass, where we found the perfect program for Pat – quite unexpectedly. My new job had me flying all over the US, expanding my technical knowledge but even more importantly, acquiring valuable new business skills that proved very useful – even to this day.

I seems that as soon as I gave myself over to The Journey, I found myself reaching some fascinating and very exciting destinations… In those days, I could never have predicted that the experience I was gaining would enable be to build and manage not only the Global Psychics business, but our three web sites,, and!

There is a third point to this story… arriving at a destination always leaves one feeling a little let down… that old question, “what now?” Like the bride who spends months – and sometimes even years – planning her wedding… but while getting married may have been the destination, being married is a journey… the wedding just marks an important step in moving forward on the journey…

In my practice as a psychic I get a lot of those “what now?” questions, questions that often come from being let down upon arrival at a destination… but if we would take the perspective that it’s all about the journey, we can see the pauses in our lives – those moments when we wonder what now – as moments to recharge, to reflect on where we’ve been and consider where we want to go next… or we can choose to let a plan evolve as we simply float for a time to see where life will take us…

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  1. First of all I feel I need to start off with my comments by expressing my utmost gratitude, inspiration, admiration, & divine connectedness to your enlightening website. The emails I get & the things dicussed at any given time seem to reflex perfectly w/ what’s currently happening in my life. Id like to say it’s crazy how organically what I need to hear or learn at a specific time I read your monthly forecasts & newsletters & it’s pretty damn uncanny how incredibly the things I’d be currently experiencing seems to synchronize with what articles or predictions your stellar team wrote about!! I always forward my emails to like minded friends… I’m currently unemployed but have been deeply affected by the Universe, all energies, & have always had an innate 6th sense, or claryovant 3rd eye… If you are ever looking for any kind of help w grapgics, any free yoga meditation groups, any extra marketing, or even go as far as setting up peaceful conscious social gathers w like minded souls. These light beings would not only show up personally, but help support & spread the word of your wonderful work, along with bringing along new souls who are ready to start the path to lightening.. This could be called the Revoltion of Love Movement. It seems to be the age of consciousness, why not be some of the first sincere groups to lead by example! Or we could call it the RevoluFUN!! Promoting peace, freedom, & universal “one” love!!!

    If this would be something your company would be interested in please let me know!
    This could be the kind of revolution this world needs in order for evolution!!

    Simple solution! Less pollution!! Let’s unite, there’s no need to ever fight! Stand up for what’s right & be the light!


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