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This is the time of year when spirit is most active, a great time to share some of your experiences with spooky visits.

Not all spirit visits come from the spirit realms….

My sister stayed in my brothers camper last night – he was 300 miles away. She was going to sleep when she looked over at the door.  He (my brother ) was standing there as a dark figure, hair and everything was the same . What could this mean? This really is a concern, please if you ever heard of this let me know. Thank You, any help would be appreciated .. Charlene

So, it seems that your brother felt the need to check in on his sister.. and since he couldn’t get there easily in body, his spirit handled the visit. This is more common than you think… spirit is quite capable of being in two places at once… chances are your brother was sleeping, or quite relaxed, so he could more easily make an out of body trip… and chances are he also has a strong connection with his sister as well as the camper… Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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The sound of bells ringing has been associated with spirit life since ancient times… many religious ceremonies and rituals include the ringing of bells, supposedly to ward off negative spirits. It is said that  “Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings”. This is popularized in the movie from 1946, “It’s a Wonderful Life” but is said to have been popular amongst children even well over a hundred years ago. Bells were used in celebrations such as weddings or to call people to pray. From Celtic times, they were thought to contain magic. The Celtic priests would throw bells into rivers, streams or springs to get rid of bad spirits and make the water pure.  Throughout history, bells have also been used to signal bad news. Bells were rung at funerals or as a warning of invaders or war. They were even rung in times of plague, to tell people to bring out their dead. So, over the years, the slow ringing of a bell has become a sign of bad luck. Whether they signal good or bad luck, it seems we ought to pay attention when bells ring unexpectedly.

Last night at about 11.50pm the bell at the front gate started ringing. When my husband checked, there was nobody there!!! He opened the gate, checked the mechanism, closed the gate. A few minutes later the bell rang again and this happened a few times!!! After a while we disconnected the switch. Does that mean something??? I think it does, but I am not sure what!!! Can you please advise. Chrystal

That is a good thing! For ages bells have been used to chase away bad spirits and negativity. they are often use in house cleansings along with other types of noise makers. I have a bell on my front door knob. One of our cats rings the bell when he wants to come in. Something protecting you wanted to chase something negative away. I hope this helps. Cate

There is a good reason why we do not recommend that folks play around with a Ouija board – it is not a toy… Unless you know how to properly protect yourself, activating the energy of the Ouija can attract some very dark and malicious energy.

Ok I think my house is haunted but I’m not sure. Ever since we got my dog a year ago she’s been acting weird at night. She’ll stare down the hallway and nothing is there. She wont even go down the stairs at night if the light are off or if no one is with her. Other weird things have happened too recently. At night I sometimes hear knocking on my wall, like someone knocking on a door. my friend sees shadows go across my closet, and I’ve seen it once myself. Every so often I’ll see something out of the corner of my eye, like a shadow that goes away as fast as I see it. A bag that was on the floor moved, but all the fans were off. We didn’t see it move, but we heard it and thought it was a mouse, but there’s no mice. The weirdest thing that scared me was my tv changing the channel by itself. I was watching a movie and the remote was nowhere near anybody and it changed from channel 3 to channel 6. Nothing like this happened in the 10 years I lived here ’til about 2 years ago when me and a friend tried to use a Ouija Board while there was a power outage. Is there a ghost in my house? Emily

Yep. Sure is! People do not realize only an adept should use a Ouija board. This means only those who know how to protect their home and themselves should use a Ouija and what you are experiencing is the reason why. You are lucky though in that it could have been much, much worse.

Go to a New Age store that sells incense. Get Dragon’s Blood and charcoal for burning it. Open all your windows and ‘smudge’ your home–every nook and craney, closet and doorway. Then burned sage and do the same. Afterwards, burn a sweet braid. The store will know what these are. After doing this sprinkle salt around you house as I told you above.

Do not play with such boards in the future and absolutely do not dabble in any online spells or other spells! Only skilled people should be doing these things. Cate

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