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Yes: You Can Ask For Pleasant Out of Body Experiences

Yes, You Can Ask For Pleasant Out of Body Experiences

For almost 2 years now, I have been having out of body experiences. I did not do this on purpose or have any training or reading on it. I thought maybe they would go away. One experience led to another. I have had many tunnels, light, visions. I do not understand why they are happening. I have gone and spent a lot of money trying to get advice. I have been told “ground yourself, meditate,” etc. I even went to see a lady who apparently had her guides talk to mine. She said I had six guides all female, and she showed me this rocking thing I do with my body while standing up, and they push me forward for a yes and side to side for a no. I don’t know, but I don’t feel any more at ease. I also feel an energy not mine that likes to go in while I am sleeping, I can feel the release, it’s like I wake up and know something is not right and I am restless. then I pray, and relax. The energy picks itself up and releases, then I think “please don’t come back”, but it always does. I get this awful pain in my stomach from it too, it is so painful my body cringes, and all I think is “release this it’s not mine”. I have also been told not to be afraid, because there are groups that feed on it.

I try my hardest to stay relaxed and fearless. But one time this energy took mine out through my solar plexus (ripped me out) 3 times in a row, I do not know where it went, I was just left in my physical barely able to move. I knew I would never do that on my own. Or would I? the thing about this lady teaching me about talking to my guides in that form, I don’t feel it is appropriate, I am not meant to talk to them freely. I feel that because we are supposed to live here now and if they need to communicate with me they will. Am I right? I am losing so much sleep, I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and go through an experience, at the least 2 times a week. I am learning to live with it, but what can I do. I have trouble with if I am leaving my body or am I releasing one. I am well aware of other planes of existence, levels of consciousness, obes, life after death. I can’t help being afraid at the nature of my experiences. I have spent about $500 on all kinds of different people on this subject, and feel the more confused. Lorena

We suggested that this young woman immediately stop investing in psychics and mediums, and investigate the work of the Monroe Institute… here are several responses from Global Psychic’s mediums.

From Victoria: I don’t think there is a reason why you can’t ask to be taken some place pleasant and sort of direct the journey. meditation should help you to direct some of the things that are happening. There are some excellent books by Monroe. He tells of his experiences in two volumes could be more now. He is extremely creditable and I felt honest. He had some advice in those books for people that this is happening to. Try and direct these journeys with a pre-sleep suggestion.

“I will only accept pleasant happy journeys that approach me in gentleness and guide me with peace.” Or “I do not desire any journey this night I will sleep through with peace and obtain great rest.”

Out of body journeys are a great experience and usually I would suggest you should feel blessed. Ask for things like, “I desire to visit the Canterbury Cathedral and to be given a guide through its chambers” or some such thing, but try making gentle requests. Good luck! Victoria

Gilles: We all experience some type of out of body experience when we are sleeping but it feels like your case indicates something much more serious. I am sensing that, as a child, you began early to leave your body because it simply was too uncomfortable to the in it. I am sensing some illness also that would have made you vulnerable to such frequent exits.

I am also sensing that you are being manipulated by some spirits and that you need to work at this from several levels. One is to find a trusted healer that has dealt with attached entities and that can help you release them and reclaim your body. Also, you may want to investigate any childhood trauma, perhaps some that you have forgotten also. Once you have faced and dealt with these two challenges, you will be able to BE in your body, stay in your body, and enjoy this reality a lot more fully. Good luck, Gilles

Cindilee: I also feel an energy not mine that likes to go in while I am sleeping, I can feel the release I get this awful pain in my stomach from it too, it is so painful my body cringes, and all I think is release this its not mine.

Your statement that “I am losing so much sleep, I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and go through an experience” upsets me somewhat because I do not feel these experiences should be physically painful to you. If spirit is of the highest and only working for your best interest then this experience would never in my mind be one of a painful experience. As well as the needed PERMISSION from you to do this is REQUIRED. I do not feel Spirit would work in this way without consent. Therefore, do protect yourself and ask for the assistance of the highest angels. You may even wish to say a prayer or recite the 91st Psalm if you include the bible as part of your teachings. If not, you may ask a simple prayer of protection and unconditional LOVE from the heavens above..

Another statement that concerned me is”But one time this energy took mine out through my solar plexus (ripped me out) 3 times in a row, I do not know where it went, I was just left in my physical barely able to move. From what you have written this occurs mainly during sleep and this is when a person can travel as you have mentioned but it is also the time when spirit is more available to be present. this is because the analytical mind has taken a back seat and the intuitive/higher self is now allowed to experiment and play a little. I have had experiences during my sleep awhile back that I am being “bugged” by spirit and this does not give me much sleep. At that point and even now I have a prayer that I say before bed which is personal to me. Then I surround myself in a bubble of white light and feel very protected. I noticed I slept better after saying the prayer and felt good when I awoke. Now recently I have needed to lie on my back with my hands on my solar plexus. This is because I have been feeling during the day and at night “a draining on a psychic level” by others. Others… meaning physical people around me and at night I am more available for this to happen. I feel that this is not in my BEST OR HIGHEST and neither is it for these people. Therefore I do not allow this in my mind as I lay down to sleep and also I physically protect my navel area with my hands. I do ask the protection of Angels/Spirit, the higher forces above, to guide over me as I sleep. For this is their job as assigned to them for each one of us here. I feel this has helped in my case considerably and I feel much more alive on a daily bases as well.

Whether you wish to communicate with these spirits or not, is your personal choice. You do not need to communicate with these angels and spiritual beings. Ask for only what you are willing to accept and feel COMFORTABLE with at this time. The Divine and the assistance around you will be only that which is required and it is respected when you ask for only this… I hope this has provided some guidance for you today……. Regards ~Cindilee~

The Follow-up…..

Thank you all for your comments and especially concerns. I am aware of everything you have mentioned, I have been doing fine lately. I had a fairly happy childhood, no trauma, no illnesses, not even now. I think what opened me to my experiences is the fact that I didn’t eat meat for 6 years, and I exercised intensively. I went to my doctor this week, and I received all the blood tests you can imagine, B12, etc. all my blood chemistry, I went for my results and the doctor said I am so fine. I then asked if there is any way to test my hormones where they are at and if they are balanced. He said it is too hard to do, that it is rather impossible, especially for a female he said. Well there went that plan of mine. But another thing, I have been looking into the pineal gland etc. yes it is a wide range of studying. I really think my higher self likes freedom and has a need to leave me. and doesn’t think twice about it or how I my ego (I suppose) says. It took me a long time to realize my own higher self. I also got an astrological chart done, and my taurus practical thinking doesn’t help me any. But that’s okay. Not to get off topic, I think that me leaving my body so freely is rather innocent, once I am out and I realize it and look at myself floating) I am rather shy and afraid and think why don’t we just go back! I think what am I doing out here, and I am afraid. The day I saw a lady in my living room, my astral eyes went really big and I went straight back in. Like I never seen a ghost before! Well I hadn’t that was my first time and my higher self didn’t like that at all and terminated my obe. Sometimes I have been out and not known it, because I felt exactly the same I even had touch and senses. It was when I actually returned I realize I had been out. Or when I would touch a cat on my bed that I knew mine was outside, then I would think Oh no, I am out, and all I think is please go back. So I find my situation rather innocent and the intrusion part scares me the most because I don’t know any better. Lately I have been left alone, and yes I do pray I grew up in a private school and I liked it. I just hope I will always be left alone. and hopefully my guides understand that I don’t mean any harm in my experiences but they are so natural and I can’t help my spirit to feel freedom, when I as a person love my freedom, I am connected to my spirit as I live now, and I will look at my situation to only explore myself and the worlds around me. I really appreciate the support from your kind words and did understand everything you mentioned, I am aware of the consequences yet the beauty too, and I all can really say, is I didn’t mean to. But thanks again, Lorena

You might want to check out the work of the Monroe Institute – they’re on the web – they do some very interesting work in OBE that you might find useful…. sometimes these experiences are just about alerting you to the fact that you’re a lot more than a body, so you’ll do some soul work. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

OBE – Mind-Opening Experiences

Lorena responds with an encouraging closing commentary….

Thank you, I contacted the Robert Monroe Institute months ago and ordered one of his tapes for someone. I was told that I had what Robert Monroe had. I didn’t know who he was, then I looked him up. His background with obe’s is very very similar to mine. You’re right I have only the choice he had and that is soul work, which leads in one form or another a discovery. I believe our soul is just as important if not more than our body. I would have never said that, but with what I have gone through it is the only way to think. Robert Monroe did the same thing he was an engineer and lived a normal life until his spontaneous out of body experiences so he discovered hemi-sync and has helped many people.

I believe people need help, I think I have an advantage with my experiences because I can handle almost any situation in my life. I want to try and find a way to help others. I want to help people with their obe’s, I only will be able to until I have more answers. I lean towards helping people find a higher consciousness, which may be our purpose in this life, right now.

I want to make people aware of consequences in the afterlife. How important it is the way we live our life today, the way we think, and the way it is a waste of time to be selfish and jealous and all the hurtful things we create. We need to love our enemies and I know how hard that is. We have to be more sincere, we all know what we are supposed to do, but it is easier said than done. I feel like I do have many answers about life, I never thought I would.

Out of body experiences have opened my eyes and made me understand humanity. I recently published a poem, and with the poem I was given the choice to write my biography, after many days of thought, I kept thinking if I put my biography it can’t be simple like where I live and what my hobbies are because I would feel like I was lying. I am more than my hobbies and where I live, I have a message for everyone. So I decided to tell the truth, I wrote my biography with a message and it is very similar to what I have written here. I only had 150 words, so I wrote it short and to the point. I feel like I did the right thing, and some people will relate to it. Thank you for writing me back and for listening. Take Care and have a great day! Lorena

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