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Welcoming Spirits

Welcoming Spirits?

Our spirit guides and guardian angels, the souls of our ancestors friends and family make a point of appearing for the most important occasions in our lives. While we expect them to be present at a deathbed, we don’t expect them to be there for the births….

Hi, I don’t know who can best address this question, but I am interested in finding out the significance of an event that happened when I was a newborn baby.

My mother said that while she was pregnant with me she was visited often by a group of women from an almost pre-historic time. She said they came from a cave and she could still vividly describe them at the time when she shared this information with me. She said that shortly after I was born they came to see me. She was sure they had come just to see me, and they held me. – Actually took me from my mother she said to hold me.

I was wondering if there was some sort of purpose to this. I once asked someone about it, but after telling me that it was very unusual he refused to return my emails. Very soon after that his e-mail address was invalid. Fearful that I was the reason he changed email accounts I stopped trying to find out what this may have meant. Can you possibly answer this for me? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Neree Genereux

A Woman on a Mission

The Blessing of Your Soul Group

Neree, this is a fascinating story and an interesting puzzle, so I have forwarded it to several of the senior psychics on our staff for comments. In the meantime, a first reaction comes up for me… it’s as if you are a part of that family that came to visit you and your mother – I get that they quite deliberately “sent you” and delivered you to this time and space on a mission – and I also get that you were sent with a great deal of love, and that they wanted you to feel their love and support throughout this lifetime, that is why they presented themselves so powerfully… I feel that the folks your mother saw are your guides, and – probably with you now, helping you in whatever ways they can…

My strongest sense is that you were being sent “back to the beginning” in a way, to correct something that might have happened way back in the earliest times that set your soul family on a difficult course… now, in this lifetime, I feel you are being challenged to set a new standard, in a way, to establish some new values for your soul group… and these pre-historic people will be there to lovingly ensure that you are able to achieve your goals…

I suspect that both you and your mother are quite gifted psychically and that these guides can help you tune into your natural gifts – I also suggest that it would be very important for you to stay close to nature, to get outdoors a lot, I think you’d find it very easy to communicate with the birds, trees and animals if you allowed it to come… Hope this is useful to you, Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Mission Launched

Neree, I would say that you have a special mission in your life. I feel this could have been a blessing or a launch of a special journey of a special child. Probably you were part of a group soul family to whom you were obviously endeared. These were still in Spirit form and not ready to join you on earth at that time. Some may be here with you now. Because I do not know your birthdate or where you live, I cannot be of further help. Victoria

Your Guides Introduced Themselves Early

Dear Neree, How blessed you are that your soul group has manifested itself to you and your mother in such a powerful way! You are the current carrier of their truth and faith, their way and their dharma. It’s a big responsibility but they are there to guide you and help your life to unfold in a way that will be easy for you to see your place, in time. You are one of the ancient ones yourself. You can ask them for assistance in your meditations and they will show you what you need to know.

We have all asked the wrong people to answer the right questions before, just bless the man and go on with your quest. I think you’re on the right track now and are learning a lesson about discrimination. Keep the faith! Love, Laura

Helping a Loved One Cross Over

Dear Neree,

My name is Geri and one of my psychic specialties is birth readings and past life information. I was really struck by your story and wondered why this initial psychic you had contacted was so unwilling to answer your inquiry!! These are just the kind of things we all love to look at. . .and they seem to clearly point to reincarnation and the existence of other realities. . .which is the stuff of consciousness and evolution!!! Oh well, sorry you had that experience!!!

My take on this is as follows. . . .through some other work I’ve been involved with I’ve had the wonderful experience of being present at over 400 births. .. so, as a psychic, I’ve seen and experienced some really awesome and mindblowing phenomena. . .

I started developing this theory that some women, in pregnancy and chlidbirth are able to “access” their genetic/ancestral memory. It’s as if the “voices”and presence of all the women that came before. . .for time out of mind. ..come forward and help the mother to “remember” birthing. . . .I see this most predominately with women who are very much in touch with their psychic or intuitive selves. Many women, in birthing, would tell me that during the most difficult part of labor, if they were still and quiet within themselves, they could hear the voices of women, singing and chanting to them. . . .

In your case, your mother was able to access the deep memory and call her ancestors into present time. You probably come from a long line of village wise-women, healers, medicine women, intuitives, that stretch far back to the beginning of time. . . And they came again, after your birth, to welcome you into the community of ancestral women. . .to bless you, give you your energy, impart to you their wisdom ways, help you remember where you came from and where you are to go. . .people such as yourself. . .often feel as though they have a special purpose in life. . .a mission. . . the trick is to remember and to move forward in your development of consciousness so you can continue the line of energy to your own daughter. . .children. . . .to heal yourself, your community and the world around you. . . .in simple ways. . . . You’re not the only person to have this happen to you. . .it’s a common enough phenomena in traditional cultures. . . .but “civilized” cultures have lost their thread of memory for the most part. . . .not your mother though!!! good luck to you in your journey and make every day count!! Warmest Regards, Geri

A Validation….

Thank you for your response Danielle. I truly wasn’t expecting something so quickly. What you said about them sending love with me and being here to help me make sense. When I was little, Sleeping Beauty was just about my favorite story – years before my mom told me the story about my birth, and it is if you remember, the one where the fairy godmothers bestow gifts of valor on the infant princess. As a little girl I remember feeling sad that I couldn’t make my powers work, but I don’t remember what the powers were.

How would I determine what I was supposed to correct if that is the purpose of my being here?

Sometimes I have the sense that someone is guarding me – most often when I am driving – I will allofasudden think “Watch for the deer” or “how fast are you going” only to go around a curve and see a police car or a deer, and once I hit a raccoon because I was looking for a deer. I don’t know if that is intuition or if that is what you are talking about. I am young and I sometimes can play a card game “higher/lower, black/white” for so long at parties that people get a little spooked – I always tell them it is nothing special my guardian angel just tells me what to say – but I never hear any voices or think that I am picking things up from outside of myself. Somehow I just “know.”

You are wonderful to respond to me regarding all this. These are old questions to me and it is good to have some feedback, thank you. Neree

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