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The Spirits of the Dolmens Strive to be Heard

The Spirits of the Dolmens Strive to be Heard

Dolmens: The Spiritual approach

We as humans inhabiting this wondrous world are curious folk. We all want to know the answers of why, how and where when relating to our origins.

The centuries and millennia have passed as is the natural way of things. Great civilizations have arisen, prospered and disappeared leaving after themselves only the basic ruins of ancient settlements. In their wake lay only the merest fragments and splinters of their existence. Ritual burials become the anthropologist’s most important evaluation tool. Everything these civilizations hoped to leave for descendants is really only revealed only in the external forms of what is left behind. The Egyptian and Mayan pyramids, the figures of the Nasca and Stonehenge , are all really only imprecise, visual images. Is this truly everything that remains for us from our far-off ancestors?

There is an undeniable sense of evidence derived from the existence of the remains of civilizations past. The question is whether this matter can have spiritual sense as well. Can it carry not only material traces which have come to us from extreme antiquity, but also the immense spiritual experience accumulated during the lifetime of each whole civilization?

Modern historians put forward a hypothesis that 5 to 10 thousand years ago there was a great Vedic civilization prospering and flourishing all over the Earth. The great spiritual texts of the Vedas make up but one part of its spiritual heritage. There are very, very few material traces of its existence and it is one of the riddles which scientists cannot yet solve. There is a hypothesis that Dolmens, are one of few material traces of this Vedic civilization which have reached into the present time.

Hundreds of thousands Dolmens are scattered all over the world. They exist in Germany , France , Spain , England , Holland , Switzerland , Israel , Netherlands , India , and Korea , as well as in the widespread regions of Russia .

From Wikipedia (online Encyclopedia): Dolmens (also known as cromlechs, antas, Hünengräber, Hunebedden, quoits, and portal Dolmens) are a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of three or more upright stones (megaliths) supporting a large flat horizontal capstone (table). Most date from the early Neolithic period in Britain (4000 BC to 3000 BC).

Scientists still do not agree on the purpose of these megalithic structures. Until the present, they have not disclosed their secret. The most widespread hypotheses are as follows.

  • Ritual facilities – altars of druids
  • Prehistoric Tombs
  • Astronomical facilities

Dolmens are found in South of Russia and in the Northern Caucasus as well as many along the coast of the Black sea . Here they are found in the most architecturally completed form, consisting of five or six stone plates and look like closed stone boxes. Imagine four plates put vertically to form the four walls of an enclosure. A fifth lays horizontally as a rooftop and a sixth plate makes the base. As a rule there is an aperture in a forward cross-section plate, most often round. They may, however, have a triangular or square opening sometimes with a stone fuse. Plates are connected in a groove, backlashes are practically absent. Lateral walls and a roof can be created as a ledge, forming a portal. They also can be inclined. For many years they were treated as historical megalithic structures, quite often they were destroyed, stones being used for construction purposes. It was this way before the year 1997 when Vladimir Megre’s second book of The Ringing Cedars of Russia series was published…

Here is a brief history of advent of the Ringing Cedars phenomenon.

In the year 1995, Russian businessman Vladimir Megre was on a trading expedition on Siberian rivers where he meets with Anastasia, a young woman living as a hermit. Her home is in the remote Siberian cedar woods or Taiga . This encounter transforms him so deeply that he abandons his commercial plans. Penniless and completely enraptured by his experience he goes to Moscow to fulfill Anastasia’s request that he write a book about the spiritual insights she has shared with him.

Anastasia promised Vladimir the nine books he would write would become the most significant works in Russian literature, would reform the world and would make him globally famous. However improbable that prospect, Vladimir , reduced to bitter poverty, began writing. People were helping him on his way and less than a year later his first book, Anastasia , was ready. No publisher would take it, but director of one of Moscow ‘s printing businesses published 2,000 copies at his own expense and handed them over to Vladimir for distribution. So it was in 1996 that Vladimir Megre found himself standing by a metro station in downtown Moscow with books in his hands, trying to sell them to passers by.

What followed was as miraculous as his experiences in the taiga with Anastasia: the first 2,000 copies were sold out in a matter of days. Amazingly, one copy of this first printing even made it to the U.S. Library of Congress permanent archives. Subsequent printings of 2,000, 10,000 and 10,000 more copies were made. Again, all were sold out in a matter of months. Then, as if the book had a life of its own, millions more were printed and sold. By 1999 Vladimir Megre was Russia ‘s most read author. His eight books published to date (December 2006) have sold over 10 million copies in Russian alone! This impressive figure does not include electronic copies of the books. Full texts of all eight books in Russian are available for a free download off the Internet – .

Translations in 20 languages followed and are a tremendous success in Germany and several East European countries.

Publication of Vladimir Megre’s books is bringing about massive changes of Russia ‘s ideological, social, political, and economic landscapes. The Ringing Cedars’ effect is pronounced both in thought, word and action throughout the country. Anastasia predicted in the very first volume that millions of people would be moved by her words. Many thousands would write poetry, songs and make paintings, inspired solely by the book. One would be hardly pressed to find another book in all human history that could inspire so many people in so little time! Readers’ clubs proliferate throughout Russia and abroad. Numerous readers’ conferences have taken place in Russia and throughout Europe . People are inspired to ask questions they never would have posed before. Hundreds of people left their well-paid jobs in large cities and despite all difficulties moved to eco-villages that have sprouted all over the country. Russian emigrants to Germany , U.S.A. and Canada charged back to Russia and established their family estates on their ancestors’ land. Readers’ web-site ( popularity rivals that of the book in popularity. Search engine results show it has became one of the top-20 most visited web-sites in Russia . It is rapidly becoming the most significant clearing house of information on environmentally and spiritually responsible living. Dr.Viktor Medikov, member of Russian Parliament, published a book “Putin, Megre, and Russia ‘s future,” stating that Ringing Cedars become the new national idea that will shape the country’s future.

Book 2, The Ringing Cedars of Russia , was published in 1997. The world has now learned something from that about the megalithic structures named Dolmens. According to Anastasia they are much more than just ancient tombs, they are the living souls of our forefathers who were connecting with the Mind of Universe with the purpose to preserve those feelings and images of unity with God and all His creations. Here’s what Anastasia had to say about them.

“…In those far-off times a few people were still left who had free access to wisdom of the Universe. They hoped that when mankind reached the point that the polluted air made it difficult to breathe and the water became dangerous to drink, and all its artificially created life-support systems – technological and social – proved themselves too awkward and more and more often only led to disastrous imbalances, mankind would start having second thoughts.

“People standing on the edge of an abyss will start thinking about what being is all about, they will start pondering the meaning of their existence and purpose. Then many of them will desire to understand the truth of their pristine origins, and this is possible – but only under the absolute condition that the abilities inherent in Man’s pristine origins be restored.

“Few of the people who lived ten thousand years ago still possessed these abilities. It was basically those heading up social groups, leaders of tribes. They began – or rather at their behest people began – to construct special facilities made of heavy stone slabs. These enclosed the interior chamber about one-and-a-half by two meters in area and two meters in height – sometimes more, sometimes less. The slabs were placed at a slight angle, leaning toward the centre at the top. Occasionally these chambers would be hewn out of a single monolith. Other chambers might be hidden underground and covered over by mounds of earth. On one of the walls of the chamber a cone-shaped opening was cut into the slab, approximately thirty centimeters in diameter and covered with a specially fitted stone plug.

“Into this tomb-chambers would go people who had not lost the ability to communicate with the wisdom of the Universe. Those still alive and even those who might be born thousands of years hence would be able to go to them and obtain answers to any questions that were of interest to man. This required sitting beside the chamber and meditating. Sometimes the answer would come right away, sometimes after a delay, but it would definitely come, since these structure and those that retreated into them served as an information receiver. Through them it was easier to communicate with the Great Intelligence of the Universe.

“Those stone structures are the prototypes of Egyptian pyramids… Only the pyramids don’t constitute nearly as powerful a receiver even so they are greater in size. … Immeasurably greater significance than the pyramids in terms of contact with the Mind of the Universe were the smaller stone structures which preceded them.

Why, Anastasia” I asked. “Because of the way they were constructed, their shape?”

“Because, Vladimir , living people retreated there to die. And their death was a most unusual one. They went into eternal meditation.”

What do you mean, living people? What for?

“To create for their descendants the possibility of bringing back the power of their pristine origins. An elderly person – as rule, one of the wiser leaders or founders of a tribe, sencing his end was near, would ask his relatives and family to place him in a stone chamber. If he were considered worthy they would grant his request.

“They would push away the heavy massive slab covering the top of the chamber. He would go into the stone chamber and the slab would be pushed back into place.

Inside, the man would be completely isolated from the external material world. His eyes would see nothing, his ears would hear nothing. Such complete isolation, the impossibility to of even entertaining a thought about going back, but not yet having crossed into the next world, the deactivation of the usual organs of feelings, sight and hearing, would open up the opportunity for full communication with the Mind of the Universe and the comprehension of many phenomena as well as of many of the actions of Earth-dwellers. Most important of all, they would be able to subsequently transmit what they had discovered to those still alive as well as to succeeding generations. Today you would call an approximation of such state of mind meditation. But that is merely child’s play in comparison with meditation in eternity.

“Afterward, people would come to this stone chamber, pull out the plug covering the opening, and begin thinking, mentally consulting with the thoughts lingering in the chamber. The spirit of wisdom was always there…

“But, Anastasia, by what means can you prove the existence of such structures to those of us living today, let alone the fact that people went into them for eternal meditation?”

“I can! That is why I am telling you.”

“Then how?”

“It is very simple. After all, these chambers made of stone – they still exist today. Today you call them Dolmens. You can see them, and touch them. And you can verify everything I have told you.”

“What???” Where? Can you pinpoint their location?”

Yes, I can. In Russia , for example, in the Caucasus mountains , not far from the cities you now call Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Novorossiysk and Sochi .”

(Book 2. The Ringing Cedars of Russia, translated by John Woodsworth)

After 1997, a pilgrimage has begun to Dolmens of Northern Caucasus, to those mentioned in Book 2 by Anastasia. Tens of thousands have visited them since the publication of the book. People go there for the numinous spiritual experience of unusual, amazing feelings, and revelations. Questions they were pondering for years somehow get answered. Healings have been experienced. Creative potential has been reflexively disclosed. Some individuals start singing spontaneously, write poems and draw wonderful pictures.

So what are they – these Dolmens? What kind of influence do they have on people?

During the years of pilgrimage since these books were published, many people have witnessed and written down the unusual things that have happened at Dolmens. Significant experiences have been collected about communication with the spirits of the Dolmens.

At Dolmens, almost everyone experiences unusual, non-trivial, extraordinary things. They feel and encounter events, sensations and thoughts. Everyone feels differently. Physical well-being is changed sharply and often both ways. Some people at Dolmens feel boosts of energy, a comfortable state or relief from pain. Others say they feel “squeezed,” hungry or fatigued. It just depends on the person’s preliminary state, preparation, spiritual and inner psychological condition.

Sometimes it happens that a person who visited a particular Dolmen many times cannot find it again and vise versa. Having been walking around a quite familiar place, it’s possible for a person to find a new Dolmen.

There may be unusual visual effects around Dolmens such as light generating objects. Often people using different cameras, get white circles on the pictures which have no material explanation. Sometimes, at Dolmens, one can have an unforgettable out-of-time sensation.

Unusual sensations and thoughts often start happening at a particular stage or at a particular level of perception. An indispensable condition is a quiet, harmonious and balanced emotional state which arises only after the release of major stresses. One must achieve a mental level most appropriately described as an unbiased state. This level of consciousness is analogous to being totally without expectations.

Then the body is able “to fly” all day long in the mountains, without suffering from heat and cold and feeling no hunger. Different sorts of constructive, creative ideas on themes of interest may come unexpectedly. Solutions to previously insoluble situations are easily found, and new prospects can reveal themselves.

A common occurrence after a visit to a Dolmen is the sudden mental insights into common truths. The thinking can become clearer on many wider metaphysical issues, or perception of them at a new level, adjusting them under your Self, allowing the movement from understanding to actual use of the received knowledge in everyday life.

After several years of pilgrimage some of those experienced in visiting Dolmens have advice on the necessary conditions of visiting.

  • A necessity to adjust, to tune yourself, to be in harmony with yourself and the nature just before and during your stay at Dolmens (purification at all levels is the main kind of adjustment), this may bring you far beyond your ordinary skills and abilities.
  • A condition of openness is a necessary condition of perception and, as a consequence, changes;
  • An absence of any expectations, “release yourself” state, trusting in your nature, it also opens a way to reality, to comprehension.

The inner state and behavior of a person at Dolmens are inevitably reflected in quality of the events happening to him/her. After the visits to Dolmens, as a result of the received experience, significant changes happen to the everyday way of life of a person, to state of health, social attitudes, and to his/her outlook over the long-term, often contrary to momentary desires.

The understanding of the experience received at Dolmens, leads to the feeling that in our ordinary life there some parts are missing in the chain, that are necessary for happiness and fulfillment.

The general understanding from all reports from visits is that the Dolmens endow a spectrum of opportunities to realize any action or concept. It allows one to establish a total control of them, to rule them or to change them in desirable ways. One finds that all of this is in keeping your own independence both to internal and external influences. One can receive an impulse to self-realization allowing one to find missing experience for completeness of knowledge – to become a self-sufficient person who is not subject to each former preconceived obsession.

These conclusions, in return, lead to an idea that for a man, Dolmens are a most powerful means of learning, of gaining a true picture of the world using a tool which allows experiments with the Self. The approbation of new methods promotes personal growth in a person towards any direction. It becomes second nature to acknowledge the above words to be true. A few professional psychologists, engaged in helping people with psychological and other problems with self realizations or finding an internal self support, have started to use Dolmens in their work. They even go as far as carrying out sessions and seminars with their patients at Dolmens.

Some people are called to Dolmens, as sacred places for pilgrimage. A person who has responded to the call is purified and filled with their sanctity. Making a pilgrimage consciously makes changes to yourself and fills you with energy to reach next stage of self growth.

I would like to add that Dolmens are not just places of power or concentrated energy points simply carrying some information. They are the living souls of our forefathers possessing a full compliment of all sensations and feelings from the beginning of the Creation. They carry the knowledge from the time of our first ancestor, Adam. They have managed to carry this through millennia and now wish to share these feelings with us.

Spirits of Dolmens are the keepers of FEELINGS and IMAGES of the Prime Source and this is what they wish to deliver up to us. The information incorporated in these images it is so vast that hundreds of books must be written in order to describe it. It is possible to comprehend this information only if you feel Dolmens with your heart and communicate with them using your feeling instead of reason. Our mind (reason) is simply not capable of apprehending such amounts of information, but it is still accessible to feelings…

Some people, more sensitive than others, such as clairvoyants and psychics, are able to receive those thoughts and feeling coming from the spirits of Dolmens. One of them, a Russian woman, Vita Ivchenko ( ) has recently written down a message from them addressed to all people living on Earth. Here it is:

“… Hello, children, hello, darlings! With great trembling and awe, we address to you … such a long way we had and so instant…. If we could speak without words, by feelings only, we would speak … but your loving souls have just begun to wake up from a long sleep, and only the words filled with deep feelings are able to wake them up. And thus we try, to find those words so suitable and meaningful to your hearts, the words, which will make sense both to your reasoning and feelings.

There is a lot written about us in many different books and on what reason we went into the Dolmens, they say perhaps those ancient slabs are simply ancient tombs, and no universal wisdom is present in them…

Oh, sweethearts , oh dear children … we are there! We are! Brothers and sisters of yours… your friends and forefathers… and not far at all, but we are so close to you, like yesterday all it was…

What kind of wisdom, you may ask, we have carried away with us, the same wisdom each one of you has in one’s heart… with one difference only – we did not fall asleep for all these long centuries … We were not asleep! We saw everything… our souls roam beyond ordinary time and space… and to your souls, with quivering passion and hope we do strive… for we REMEMBER you, before you fell asleep!

We remember your clear eyes in which the Light of Father was reflected! We remember your light thoughts! And your creative dreams! Yes, we remember and saw much more … we saw you walking your ways and paths without faith, and memories… That’s why such an excitement sincere we feel, both trembling and joy for with our dearest souls we want to get in touch … we wait quietly, for the time you will call us… Not that our wisdom we want to teach you, but in you, in equals as our brothers, that wisdom, we want to arise with feelings! To awaken … To sing you a song that your soul could remember its true real self, so your memory would gush, like river of life so pain would dissolve in love… For heart s would start biting joyfully! T here are no words to be found to embody all these feelings we have kept for centuries for you…

Here we wait quiveringly… when you, not with your reasoning or words, but by feelings only will listen to us and will hear us within yourself… in your feelings and thoughts… hardly perceivable at first, b ut later on they won’t be mistaken for anything else … that innermost voice inside of you, the streamlet … the taste of water… so sweet and intimate, so dear to your heart, may the streamlet of your feelings revives and joins the river… and feeds the LIFE…

… For long we searched the ways of how to prevent our souls from falling asleep to preserve and safeguard everything for our dearest loved ones, for the Kin… for all vedrusses, whose sleep was already inevitable… Your consciousness was falling asleep slowly… from life to life, your souls, being reincarnated, allowed for distorted image to get in… Lo st were memories, in despair and confusion feelings did dwell…

We knew, that even in centuries to come, the ability to communicate by feelings people completely would not lose! One more, another less, but people would never cease to feel each other without words… and hence if they want, they would be able to feel us as well…

But we did not see in what way we could go through reincarnations, over and over and at the same time maintain our memory, the feelings, and the great harmony and the image of Father. And then a thought dawned upon one of us, and even not one, it came as joint decision to a question… to refuse reincarnations… life in a physical body … And yet , not to return to the Father being dissolved in Him, but remain here on Earth with you…

Incredible and marvelous seem Dolmens to you . There was a necessity for that… There was a deep meaning to it. For our minds were free in many ways… and had determined with ease, the solution to our plea on how for a soul to remain here on the Earth. And furthermore, not just float in the air, but to have a home , a place where people could come to… may it be even after millennia, our darling loved ones , children of the Kin … The idea appeared to prove itself true our Dolmens stand till nowadays… and waiting for you, dear ones … for YOU!!!

We bow to you to the ground! We are united! We have always been and awakening comes by united Kin… Words of one person uttered with feeling, will awaken others …”

How to work with photographs of Dolmens

More photos accessible here –

Take some time during the course of day when you can spend 20 – 30 minutes for yourself. It is better in the morning, right after awakening to prepare your spirit for the day, or evening, when you have time to think, to comprehend what’s happening, to dream about the future. So take your time and look carefully through he photos of the Dolmens. Choose one of them that appeals to you. Define precisely your problem, your purpose, the question most important for you at the moment that you wish to know, what you want to ask Dolmen about. State what you wish to change in yourself, in your life.

Greet the Spirit of the Dolmen. Close your eyes, visualize the image of chosen Dolmen in your mind. While keeping silence inside, not being distracted by extraneous thoughts, ask the question, ask the Dolmen to help you with the decision. (15-20 minutes). Having asked your question, listen inside yourself for the answer. It may seem absurd, but it will sure to come. It is better to write the answer down on a piece of paper for later understanding, to realize, to comprehend it. Having finished your work, give thanks to the Dolmen, say goodbye to it.

There is one indispensable condition when working with Dolmens – pureness of thoughts, aspirations. I wish all the best to you on your path. I am wishing Light and Love.

Spiritual tour (pilgrimage) to Dolmens –

Call, write, or visit for more about Anastasia and the books that Vladimir has written, stunning, awesome… The books, which read like a fascinating novel, have an authenticity of a documentary account and present spiritual insights of incredible depth, are believed to be a most significant masterpiece of Russian literature and one of the most important revelations in the history of humanity.

These highly unusual books provide extraordinary insights into dozens of subjects – from natural child rearing to the production of high-energy, healing foods, from the meaning of human life to the amazing potential that awaits every one of us, from ancient megalithic science to the vital importance of breast-feeding, and from sacred sexuality to the hidden history of world religions.

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