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The Rainbow: Proof of Life After Death

The Rainbow: Proof of Life After Death

by Isis (The Isis Connection)

Our first attempt at contacting the “other side” was in 1987 and we used a Ouija board. Now I had been brought up to believe these things were satanic so it was a great surprise to me when one day I felt compelled to buy one. We spoke at first with several entities who just wanted play games and so we realized at later date, when we became more awakened” and aware, that we were tapping into the astral plane. So I stopped trying to use it. But my husband continued on a regular basis and soon he was able to use it alone.

Several weeks after my husband was proficient at using this instrument he contacted his brother Gene, who had transitioned over in 1979. We had many conversations with him concerning the after life among other subjects.

We were stationed in Germany at the time and lived on the second floor of a farm house on the top of a mountain. You could see for miles from there, the view was utterly breath taking. One Saturday in particular my husband and I were having a conversation with Gene; it was a warm summer sunny day, no clouds in the sky. We had asked Gene if he could manifest himself so we could see him and he said yes of course he could, but not as we would expect. So as we kept trying to talk him into doing so he told us to look out off our balcony.

Low and behold there came the most beautiful double rainbow slowing appearing in the sky as if someone had just began drawing it from one end to the other. Gene said, “You see me? I am beautiful aren’t I?” I asked him if he could hold that while I ran and got my video camera. He did and I filmed the whole experience. When he would say, “I am leaving now.” You could see the rainbow slowly disappear and when he would say, “I am coming back now.” You would see him come back.

We are all light forces within a human body. Light forces made up of the beautiful “Cosmic spectrum of rainbow colors.”

Visit the web site -“The Isis Connection“and you will find food for the Soul. A spirit guided publication. We welcome you into our Circle of Light. God Bless! Namaste’ Isis,.

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