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The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

My name is Claire and what I experienced is inspiring and warmth to my heart. I truly feel blessed and the highest of gratitude to God and Spirit for helping me during such trying times. I have two very strong experiences that I wish to share with you.

The Hand That Touched My Heart:

When my youngest daughter was born she was very ill. Within 24 hours my baby was on life support and fighting for her life. She was air lifted to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto where she stayed for several days. The doctors had a team of specialists monitoring her every day and worked hard to keep her going. I wish to offer my sincere gratitude to them for their dedication and hard work. I was devistated and in shock. I had to call my family and tell them to expect a funeral rather than a celebration. I prayed with all my heart and soul to take me instead of my daughter.

My heart still fills up with sadness and my eyes tear just by recalling this event.

The third day arrived with no positive changes in her status. While I was sitting beside her heated bed in the NICU I prayed again. The strongest, hardest prayer I could muster. All of a sudden I felt a gentle but strong squeeze on my right shoulder. A sense of peace came over me. My first instinct was to look around to see who it was and could see no one. I knew at that point that my prayers where heard and I had love surrounding me and my daughter.

When I peered back at my daughter after trying to see who it was, the life support monitor made a noise. She was breathing! At that very same moment of the loving hand, she started breathing! I cried with joy and happiness. I knew she was here to stay and she was being cared for by spirit.

Within 6 days my daughter made a full recovery without a clear explaination from the doctors on how or why.

I knew how and I know why. God heard my prayers and Spirit touched our hearts to give me and my daughter the strength to get through it. My daugther is meant to be here and is proving it to this day by being a strong, vibrant 7 year old without any signs of being sick as a child.

A Message From The Birds:

To give you and understanding of the message, I first have to give you an idea of my family lifestyle. My husband and I share 4 school aged children between us. I am currently on disability due to a hereditary muscle disorder and my husband is in school for Respiratory Therapy. Our finances were hard. We made creative decisions to get us through and pay our bills. February of last year was the worst month. We weren’t sure if we could keep our house, if my husband could stay in school or how we were going to pay our bills.

I prayed to God. I know that God only gives us what we have chosen to experience and what we can handle. I asked God to just eleviate some of the burden and stress. To please take some of the worry away. A sign, anything, to tell us we can do this, we can make it!

God heard me and did just that. I opened my front door to my house. At first I saw nothing but then out of every corner (north, east, south and west) birds flew and rested on the telephone wire. There were six in all and they all turned and looked in my direction at the same time. I heard the word “Message” whispered in my ear and I knew they were the “Messengers”.

Within half an hour of seeing the birds I received a phone call. I was informed then that I was to receive some money before the end of the month for some work I had done. They wanted to thank me for the “exceptional information I brought to them”. The amount covered the mortgage payment, bills and groceries for the month. My husband is still in school to this day, my kids are fed, clothed and taken care of and our bills are paid. We are in for another hard year but this time, I know without a doubt, we are not alone and we will be okay.

Thank You God, I am blessed. Claire

Thanks for sharing… prayer is a most powerful focus… especially when there is a great deal of love in your heart! I urge you to get the book Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn… I have a strong sense that it can make the next year a little easier for you… you are already well in tune with the ways of creating/calling/attracting miracles…. this book will help you take it a few steps further… I can relate to your stories, having been there… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

More on the Power of Prayer

One summer night in 1992, I had a splitting migraine headache. Now I’d experienced severe migraines headaches resulting in vision disturbances before, but the severity of this headache on this occasion was pure excruciating. I was too ill to even walk, or drive myself home, so my friend had me lie down and go to sleep there. I awoke several hours later around 2am and decided to leave despite my friends strong disapproval. He was very concerned and thought I should be taken to the hospital instead.

Feeling a bit better (although I could steel feel a throb and knot in my head), I was able to make my way home and go straight to bed (without even changing my clothes). My thoughts were centered on trying to get in enough sleep before having to rise for classes again that very morning. Lying there, I was close to drifting off to sleep but then became quite annoyed that I was unable to drift off to sleep because the neighborhood dogs beginning to bark…and bark…and bark! I was furious and even contemplated going outside to throw some rocks in the direction of the barks to stop them. The entire time, my eyes were closed but I was well conscious. The dogs bark faded out a bit and suddenly the lightest feeling came over me. I felt a bit lightheaded and then this strange euphoric feeling overtook me. I was amazed at the feeling and even thought to myself…”What the he–!” As though my body were electrically charged and floating. I remember thinking this is the weirdest, calmest, awesome feeling I had ever experienced. I even remarked to myself that this must be what it is like to be high.

At first I was thinking I must be dreaming, but I could still hear the dogs barking. Then to my right side (somewhere in the floating void of my closed eyes) I began to see an Aura. The most brilliant vibrant pastel colors I had never seen before. Then it seemed that to my left I could hear overlapping voices that distracted me from the Aura. First they were very faint and unrecognizable almost like music, but then they were feminine voices saying, “Everything is going to be okay.” I remember thinking…”How very strange,”” Am I dead or what?”. Perhaps I was having an out of body experience, but I could still feel myself on the bed. After all, I could still hear the dogs barking. Then I thought perhaps it might be due to my migraine.

I then focused my attention on the Aura and see the Virgin Mary sitting on a throne in the center of the Aura. I assume she was the Virgin Mary because she had a sky blue robe with adorning gold stars and a gold crown and was holding the baby Jesus. Her head was tilted sideways and she was mouthing words I could not understand. I kept trying to read her lips and got a bit annoyed because the only voices I could hear were the, “Everything is going to be okay.” I remember thinking I better figure out what she’s trying to say regardless. I wondered why it was that I was seeing her because I was NOT a devout Catholic (christened, but never practiced) nor even a practicing church goer. The entire time I was still experiencing this floating sensation and remembered that this was what some people had described when having out of body experiences. I even thought that if this is what death was like that it was wonderful. That I didn’t’ want the feeling to end. Almost like floating on your back in a pool, but with no water just floating in comfort, a feeling of coming home. Everything faded away and I then drifted off to sleep.

The next day I was fine, I went on my merry way to campus started off to my class. I was ecstatic to share my experience but was also thinking about how I was going to do it without coming off as a whacko. When I finally saw my friend, he rushed over to me to give me a hug ask me how I was doing. Interrupting him, I told him that I had the weirdest experience when I got home. I was a bit reluctant, but gave him the short version of it while he sat stunned with eyes wide open. At first I thought he was going to tell me I was off my rocker, but then it looked as if the blood has rushed out of his face and said, “You’ve got to be kidding me right?”. “I was so scared and concerned for you last night that after you left, I said a prayer for you and asked the holy spirit to watch over you.”


So now you’ve had a real experience with the power of loving prayer… I hope you will think to pray often for others as your friend did for you… it is not necessary to be religious, just to be reverent and prayerful in our lives, willing to honour the God in all… to see the Blessed Mother in all that is, all the love that is there for us… Thanks so much for sharing this with us!!! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

We are a family of four. Financial committments sometimes makes> the budget at home overturn but somehow the phase passes. But this incident made me really believe in the power of prayer. My son’s fees for his second semester were due and due to our jobs, it was not possible for us to travel to make arrangements for the same. I was nervous and wondered how I would make the sum of Rs.16,000/- available in a weeks time. I prayed fervently and kept getting palpitations. My husband had just joined a new job and for the last four months he had worked very hard and this showed a dramatic increase in the sales. Without any expectations he received an incentive from the company.He took the envelope and came home. When he came home and we counted the money it was Rs.18000/-. I could not believe it. No one gets such an incentive at one go in this city. It was unbelievable.The miracle was that it was just one day before the last day to pay my son’s fees!!!!!! It was amazing what God can do. Christine.

Thanks so much for sharing… I too have great faith in the power of prayer… obviously your son was meant to be in that school! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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