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The Birth of a Little Sun Within You: Connecting With Your Unborn Child

The Birth of a Little Sun Within You: Connecting With Your Unborn Child

by Victoriya Ivchenko, May, 2008

Conception, pregnancy and birth of a child are very important events for every human being. During that period every woman wants to live in harmony, joy and love. But very often during that period specifically a woman is experiencing many difficulties and non-acceptance. I will try to explain why it is happening and may be it will change some of your old thought patterns.

When a new soul is getting ready to come to this world, he needs powerful emotions of love emanating from his parents for developing a healthy mind and body. For just like the embryo is attached to its mother, the same way his soul is connected to both of his parents souls at the same time. The newcomer is not only getting ready for this moment himself, but also is preparing his parents for his appearance. This process begins about half a year before conception. This is the time for preparing yourself for pregnancy. During this time you may influence the soul of the child, and affect his future physical health. This is the time of choices for your own future, because it is depending a lot on the fact as to who your future son or daughter will be? What is waiting for you – a life full of happiness or hardships and worries? Soul of the child is helping you to release the love within yourself. What does this mean? It is a known fact, that we divided our world into Right and Wrong, Good and Evil. But isn’t the world around us – the God himself? Doesn’t it mean that we are dividing God? How can we divide God? God is Love! We divided God into Love and Non-Love!

God is Light and first of all, Light of Love. And when we divided the world into love and non-love, hatred came forth.

Throughout our many incarnations we accumulated all kinds of different qualities of “I don’t like this” (through judgment, non-acceptance and disappointments). And this is exactly what is preventing us to feel the love in our hearts. This is the rubbish within us. Universe is trying to show it to us through other people just like in the mirror, to help us see that useless rubbish within us. When by looking in the mirror you find out that you are filthy, are you trying to wash the mirror? No, we understand that it’s no use. We will go to wash ourselves. But in our life everything is exactly the opposite! When our soul is getting his “lessons” through our relationships with different people, that’s what we are trying to do – wash the mirror and not ourselves.

Let us examine how other people are assisting to our spiritual realizations.

In our relationships with them, they are demonstrating the very same qualities we don’t like or don’t accept. And depending on how immense this non-acceptance is deep down in our hearts, so intensely these qualities will manifest. It is especially important for a child to show his mother all the hidden pains, hatred, rejection, and judgments accumulated in her heart, so she could by accepting, forgiveness and inner thankfulness free herself out clutches of “non-love” and thus free the love in her heart. Since the development of the embryo to a great extent is depending on how much love his parents have within themselves. For that same reason spiritual trials and lessons are most intense for a woman during this period. This is the time, when her selfishness and arrogance must be dissolved for the sake of the child. It is also very important for a woman to accept the hardships of life without judgment, anger and painful feelings. To try by all means to keep the love safe within her heart. To accept all that is happening in and around her life as a spiritual help to see all the dirt within her heart. And wash it out by acceptance, forgiveness, humbleness and joy. For we have to give a birth to love first within ourselves to be able afterwards to fill it with the body and spirit of the child. Maybe by reading these words you will become more patient, when something is not happening to your liking, and instead of judging others you will be rather looking down inside of you. Your child needs BOTH OF YOUR love, and you are strong enough to free your love from underneath the burden of pain and misunderstanding!!!

For in each one of us there is a living sun

I learned that from my daughter when I was still pregnant with her.

“Once upon a time, a long time back in a distant past, but in reality, truly, it was just a moment ago, we lived on earth and we knew that there are three suns… oh yes, don’t be surprised, three suns. One of them is the sun which everybody can see, the other one may be not visible to everybody, but everyone can feel it – it’s the light of our Father God. There is the third sun also, very tiny perhaps, but so dear to us. This little tiny sun once separated from the Great Father God, nestled within our hearts. With the time passing by people begun to call this little sun a soul, and the Father Sun – God. That was a wonderful time on earth when all the people knew about the beautiful sun within their hearts, they knew, that it can shine like the sun in the sky, and radiate love like the Father Sun. in those days people could even talk to each other without words, just by emanating a beam of light from within themselves. They could touch each other lovingly with the light beam and heal with it from a disease. But more importantly, when new souls would come to live inside the mommy, then both of them father and the mother would warm them up and cuddle them lovingly with this light beam. When all of them were filled with affectionate feelings, then the little sun within the heart would grow bigger and bigger and even sometimes would burn. It needed more spacious place then for itself, since it wanted to shine so brightly and strong warming up everything around, the whole earth… Babies after they were born could already shine with their lights bright. When these beams of love and light would meet each other, all surroundings were filled with their bright light and gentle love.

Then difficult times came …people started to forget about the three suns… then they forgot about the sun within themselves…. They gave less and less light to each other and to the earth. They started to forget to pass this knowledge to their children. Souls of all the to be born babies want so much their parents to remember that these wonderful suns are still living in them.

I can hear often the angelic voices of these souls who are about to be born: we want you to shine and light up again with your light beams to each other, your loved ones and us too, and pass us your knowledge about sublime beauty and bright sun shining in the hearts.

The Soul Connection During Pregnancy

I want to tell you about connection to a soul of a child during the period of pregnancy. Children are trying to make contact with us still in the in womb of the mother trying to share with the important information about us. They are doing it in different ways. You may “accidentally” come across a book and will have a strange urge to read it. It may a phrase you heard somewhere or a show on TV. Children are trying to pass the information in way that is reasonable to you. Know that the universe is willing to help you. I always carry with me the business cards of the institution where they prepare women for natural childbirth, are educating them how to take care of newborns and practice a healthy lifestyle. Very often I meet pregnant women or people who during the conversation are mentioning they have a friend who is pregnant and I understand that its sign that the soul of the child wants her parents to know about this center of natural birth. Because parent’s physical and spiritual health, their thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviour are very important to them. Since from combination of all these, the child’s destiny is woven. Child is a very wise being. If you could bring yourself to a condition when you could feel and trust your guts, the child will direct you and give you very important hints about his physical and spiritual growth.

Of course, child is not speaking to you with words (if you think that you should hear a voice in your head). This communication looks like that these are your own thoughts and desires, but still having somewhat different rhythm. At the same time you will feel the pleasant inner warmth emerging from your heart or solar plexus, or you may find yourself in an non-ordinary spiritual mood. You should put your hands you your belly, desirably both parents, join with your hearts and imagine than you are covering him with your love and tell him that you want to communicate with him.

Why it is so important to communicate with the child from the very moment you learned that you are pregnant? Because it’s already a part of you, your family. His wisdom and knowledge are not lost yet, his soul still exists in both worlds. And the process of mutual spiritual education is already started at this moment.

I started to communicate with my daughter’s soul still before her conception, and continued to do so during all my pregnancy and after she was born. Here is one of our stories.

I wanted to buy a stroller for her. I didn’t have enough money to buy a new one, so I decided to find one from newspaper. And when I was already going to the place to pick it up, all of a sudden I heard all kinds of thoughts arousing in my head in a playful manner.

“Mama, it’s such a wonderful stroller! Mama, it’s not an ordinary stroller!!! Mommy, dear, let’s take it. It will bring us so much happiness! I like it very much! Mama, it belonged to my friend, my close soul mate, I want you to walk me only with this stroller. It’s stroller of an astrologer!!! The last words were pronounced so pathetically, so I clearly saw an image of a blue hat and white stars! Her words were so persuasive and I could feel that she is trying to convince me to buy it. “Why are you trying to convince me?” I asked her.

– Mama, its little bit weary, you may not like it… but I want it…!

And here they are bringing me the stroller… I was caught in surprise! Stroller was blue with white stars! I didn’t take a second thought.

Very often I was writing down whatever my daughter’s soul would tell me. I really like the way we were communicating with each other. One time I wrote down the following: mama don’t eat red colored food for three days, you can eat green colored food though, it’s very relaxing. But the very next day I saw freshly harvested strawberries in the market, couldn’t stand the temptation and bought some. But because these were the first strawberries for the season, most likely farmers used fertilizers to make it grow fast, and I got a stomach ache. My baby daughter was trying to protect me from it, but because that kind of thoughts are never suggested with a demanding manner, that’s why often I was neglecting them. Thoughts of the powers of light are never conveyed in a demanding manner and are resonated in feelings.

How You Can Connect with Your Unborn Child

Also, children may want to draw paintings. Yes, I mean it, the child! But first, they can do it only with the help of your hands. When I was pregnant, I could feel how my daughter wanted me to draw pictures of sun, right in the kitchen wall. And so I did. There was something so magical about that drawing of a sun on my kitchen wall, with its big, wavy and loving light beams. Every time it was catching my eyes, delightful joy was rising in my heart. Please draw with your unborn child, it will be a very rewarding experience. Otherwise, you may ask them about something and try to picture their response with whatever image it will come to you. Also you may fint it very interesting when father is drawing the picture of the baby on mother’s tummy. First he should meditate on child’s image then draw the image it is sending to him.

When I was pregnant I often wanted to wake up early and take a walk outdoors. It is because in old times that’s how it was – when people lived in harmony with mother nature, they woke up with the rising sun and greeted Him. Together with its first ray they bestowed happiness and joy to every living being. Our souls are still unpolluted and still in that harmony, only if we could create a space of love within ourselves.

Your child is awakening you towards certain actions and ideas. Listen to them, listen to yourself, which means also listening to your child. Child is already living, feeling, hearing. He is catching the first glimpses of this world. And it is through your feelings that he gets these glimpses! Of both this parents! You are just like the roots and the trunk of the tree, upon which is growing this heavenly fruit.

What these little souls want to tell us

I am doing readings for pregnant women. Very often children are asking parents to not watch TV, especially shows containing aggression and fear. For when you are watching, you are starting to re-manifest these characters, you are being stressed out and bodily reactions take affect. All this is affecting the child.

Children are asking their pregnant mother to spend more time in fresh air, take a walk outside, and follow correct diet, to listen to a pleasant music, to dance. To write a letter to their parents or to visit them and tell, that you love them.

One time a pregnant woman asked to find out for her why after the pregnancy fetus was diagnosed with poor blood circulation. She is doing all her exercises and walks every day. Baby replied that the reason is that the mother is not happy with her husband. She demands too much from him, that she is not satisfied with his attitude towards herself and because of it she doesn’t want to give him her emotions sincerely. No emotions means no life energy. Child is existing within his both parents energetic field. Whenever mutual energetic circulation is unstable hence the problems with blood circulation are. Probably its not unknown to all of us that sometimes we may superficially show of that we are doing things for someone else, but within ourselves we don’t not mean it actually… this was exactly one of these cases. The mother of the baby understood, and they gave a birth to a healthy baby afterwards.

Another time pregnant woman asked me why she started to have problems with her kidneys. (I also want to mention here that a spiritual realization of the actual causes is not excluding medical involvement, should it be necessary. But its obvious that in those cases the positive results will come a lot faster, and often that kind of interference will not be necessary at all. It all depends on how serious the problem is and how determined the people are to put their painful memories and selfishness aside for the sake of their child. The actual cause of her problem was that on a subtle level she was still obsessed with her childhood memories of being mistreated by her father. With her fear, when he was yelling at her and she would stop to breath out of fear. She was bearing within herself a baby boy, that’s why it was very important that she could forgive her father and let go off all her painful memories that she held against a man. We had to go through few sessions of guided imagery. She pictures her father image in front of her, and started to talk to him, trying to forgive him and asked forgiveness from him too, and eventually expressed her gratitude to him. Then she had to re-live through the same childhood scenes that were the cause of her pain but this time she would try to keep her balanced condition of love and light which were emanating from her heart. And all the loud shouting of her father, all his aggressive energy didn’t reach her but dissolved in this bright light of her heart. It did help her. I could feel how happy is the soul of her son.

Sometimes the soul of your child is bringing you closer to the solution of an important karmic issue. That was the case with another of my client. Married couple approached me for a reading, because she had to give a birth already in couple of weeks, and they wanted to do it at home even though in the presence of a nurse. But her blood pressure all of a sudden jumped so high, she started to have strong headaches so the doctor said that giving birth at home is out of question and the life of the baby is in danger now. Immediately I received information that her husband is causing this to happen. It was because of him she was having all this changes in her energetic field. …one after another his different incarnations started to swim out in front of my vision. Here he is with her pregnant wife in a canoe, trying to escape of their persuaders, but a deadly arrow strikes her. And still another time upon his pregnant wife is killed by a sword… then Middle Ages… his wife and children are slaughtered by enemies. And this was going on during many of their lives. His main concern was his fear for his wife’s life. Because they came alone by themselves I told them in whole detail immediately what’s the real reason for this condition. The wife says: – he is worried about me even in this life. He didn’t let me to go to work during all my pregnancy.

His subconscious fear of to lose his wife again his worries and anger mixed all together were manifesting on energy lever in his wife’s body. But why? I continued the session. Realizing the actual cause is lying deep further yet.

… His soul lived once in a tribe whose totem animal was a wolf. Nobody had the right to kill a wolf. But once he found in a forest and she-wolf with her cubs and… killed them… the reason for his act was deep in his emotions. He had a momentary urge of indulge himself in a pleasure of demonstrating his own strength, power and the desire of rising above god. (“who are you, god? I have all the power. I will kill them now and all the same, nothing will happen to me!”) These were the very same thoughts that entangled him to the endless karmic chain. During many of his incarnation he was going through the same lesson and yet couldn’t catch the lesson.

Often souls have to go through many incarnations, many experiences, sufferings in order to realize their mistakes, and re-evaluate the thoughts and ideas once were born within ourselves.

And still again he didn’t learn his lesson, didn’t come the right understanding. But the soul of their child gave them a hint to go there where they can find an explanation and advice. They began to pray, asking for forgiveness… at the end, they were able to have their baby the way they planned – at home…

Universe is not trying to punish us for our mistakes, but wants to help us, give us clues, direct us to set free the love in our hearts, the forgiveness, to compassion, to happiness and joy, for sharing our good feelings and our good deeds… While writing these words, the fire in my heart started to glow in flames, as if universe is telling us that it is ready to help us right now, realize everything that needs a resolution, it is ready to help you leading you towards your path. That right at this moment it is giving you its love, and in order to feel it to its full extent, you just need to free yourself from old sorrows lying upon our chests like heavy rocks. It wants to tell us that within us lies never-ending source of forgiveness and creativity, that we are a RESERVOIR of love and light…”

Victoriya Ivchenko, May, 2008 , Email:

A note from Victoria: Dolmens asked me to write an article about relationship of parents with their child yet to be born.Forces of light have been helping and leading me throughout whole my life, directing and literally walking me onto people who were teaching me the skills they possessed themselves.

I have a degree in psychology, and am able to correlate my esoteric training with my work and psychology. I am an author of few books about spirituality, about the role of subtle powers of light are playing in people’s lives and about past life recollection in Vedic era.

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