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Where Do We Go When We Die?

Where Do We Go When We Die?

Death is the one thing in life that we can all count on, yet it remains one of life’s greatest mysteries… what really happens when we die?

Death is a Mystery – Or Is It?

Heart & Soul Healing™ Techniques for Releasing Lost Souls and Spirits by Ken Page

We live in a society largely uncomfortable with the idea of death. A few movies like Ghost, Powder and What Dreams May Come have begun to address this issue, but for the most part we prefer ‘happy endings.’ There does seem to be a great fear of death and the unknown, even though death is one of the few inevitable events we all experience. Poets and writers through time have all called death the greatest mystery of all, but even in alternative therapies, other than traditional bereavement classes and records of near death experiences, there is very little written or shared about what clients say happens after they die.

I would like to address this issue because I believe we have been searching for the answer each time someone we know dies. I have done over 30,000 past life regressions, and I have found the moment of death is where I believe most souls or spirits get confused or lost.

One of the reasons we are here on Earth is to experience everything. Isn’t it true we have the most compassion for people when we have experienced what they are going through and the most judgment for the things we have not done? What I have heard the most (over the last 15 years) from more than 10,000 clients, is that it appears the only way we can understand life is to experience lifetime after lifetime of doing everything, until we find peace, as well as unconditional love for ourselves and compassion for others. Yet, my clients tell me death is a moment where all things come together for the soul or spirit. It is a time to feel and be aware of the highest light and love available on this place of existence.

Death – – A Sacred Moment, or Our Ultimate Challenge?

If this is true, if we come to Earth over and over again, why then aren’t we all perfect? What happens to cause us to get confused or lost, if the moment of death is such a special and sacred time?

I believe there are a combination of reasons. First of all it appears there is free will after we die. We all know free will exists here on Earth, but the question is, does free will affect us at the time of our death and if so, why would it cause us confusion?

To begin with, while we are physically present here on Earth, we have our body to help us with time, to give us a reference in space. All of our senses, what we see, hear, feel, taste and smell, what we know, is based on our education and experience. When we leave our body those reference points are no longer with us. The problem begins with what we are feeling and thinking at the moment of death. As we pass over, perhaps we do not know we can leave these feelings with the body as we die, so we bring them with us. What would happen if we were drinking at the time we died? Could something like this confuse us? How about drugs or addictions? There are also many possibilities that might cause confusion if we were to look at the history of war or disease.

In my work, Heart & Soul Healing,™ I have found it very important to know the kind of energy around a person who is ready to move on. Is it fear, anger, hate, pain, suffering, war, torture or sickness? The specific consciousness around each of us at the time we die becomes the catalyst for confusion, entangling us energetically. A highly charged consciousness could easily add another layer of ideas to the moment of free will. It would be as if a part of us gets caught up in all of these energetics, confusing us

I believe there are many souls or pieces of spirit caught up in the different collective consciousnesses that we, as humans, have created: war, disease, sickness, addictions. I also believe each of us is here to help these pieces to be set free, free from all of these beliefs and ideas which history has trapped in the name of something. Each of us has the ability to free these souls by loving the different consciousnesses they represent.

The second factor that may lead to our confusion is what happens to our life force energy when we die. From my experiences with clients, I believe we go into everything at that moment, much like the experience in the movie, Powder. If this seems strange to you, ask yourself, is God in everything? I believe we are all one, so we too are a part of everything.

If this is true, then is there a possibility we go into everything when we die? If so, what would this mean to each of us and how could it change or effect us? For example, if a person who died went into me, it would represent only one cell in the 100 trillion which make me up. Most likely I would not feel any difference in my normal cycle of daily living, a cycle of five million cells which either die or are created every day I am alive. It appears this experience changes when a close family member dies and a part of them goes into us. The cell of them, which is now with us, affects us to the degree we are holding on to them or thinking about them.

The third factor that might contribute to our confusion at the time of death are our ideas, the beliefs we have about the afterlife. Do we believe in heaven or hell or purgatory? Are we afraid of being judged after we die? Are there people in our family holding onto us? Do we have ideas like, “I can’t leave until I complete something.”

Helping a Loved One Cross Over

The final factor which influences our death experience is how much of us is energetically present at the moment we die. What I have heard over and over from my clients is each of us say many times in this life each of us say, “I do not want to be here,”” whether that is on Earth or in our body. A typical age for these feelings to start is around the age of three, when a part of us does leave energetically and begins to watch ourselves from outside of our body. A part of us stays out side the body and can get caught up in the feelings or emotions around us.

Getting back to the fact that many of us are not comfortable with death, many of my clients ask me how to best help a loved one who is about to pass on. The best way to help is to support them. By support I mean being open to talking with them or finding someone who can talk to them about what they are going through, their feelings of death and what they think will happen to them when they pass over. It is important not to judge what is shared or to put the person in a place where they think what is happening is wrong or bad. Find out what specific worries they might have about dying, such as what will happen to the family and how the family will support each other.

The most comforting and healing thing you can do for someone in this place is to just let them talk. Most of all, enjoy the time you have left with them. If possible go out and play together, listen to music, play cards or do what they love to do. Be open as well and share your feelings with them. Ask them about the types of dreams they are having. Give them an opportunity to talk about their experience and anything they have been hiding, or thought was bad or unpleasant.

The days immediately following a loved one’s death are also very important. Be sure the funeral plans have been taken care of. Do just what the person has asked for and what you have promised them you will do. If you feel you must do more, do that after you have given that person their respect and completed all their requests.

Should you feel any heaviness around or with you after someone you have been close to passes on, it is very likely you are holding onto a part of them or you have taken on some of their emotions or worries. In case you feel spacey after being in the presence of someone who has died, make sure a part of you did not follow them. If you feel this has happened to you, get grounded and into your body and ask for that part of you to come back in. Do not be frightened or worried about this. It is very easy to take care of.

A very simple and effective way to release these energetics is to do the following technique:

Put your right hand over your left and place them over your heart. With your eyes closed, look up with your spiritual eyes. There will be a light or a presence that comes from Source, which feels good. From that light, ask for a guide or angel to come and hold any part of the person which may still be with you. Ask that they now be sent back home to God. To do that say, “I send you back home to God with love, on the count of three.” Count to three and then release your hands from your chest and know that they have been taken back to God.

In addition, do not take drugs or drink too much after someone you care for has passed away as you are much more vulnerable energetically. It is also very important for you to continue to do the general Heart & Soul Healing ™ clearing technique on a daily basis. If you are unfamiliar with this process, please look it up on our website: under the heading: Healing techniques.

Freeing a piece of a spirit or soul trapped in the past is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give to others or ourselves. This is not something just a chosen few can do. As you have been on your spiritual path, many of you have loved and felt God. In doing so you are starting to become a walking gate, a light, an interdimensional doorway into all space and time. Any lost spirit or soul could then see or feel your light or vibration and become attracted to you. This is not something you have to be afraid of. Just allow yourself to be open.

At the moment of death there is a gate, door or space that is created which will not only allow the person you have loved to go back home to God, but any other souls which might need to be released as well. In some cases , thousands of lost souls can be released in a spilt second. If you believe you know where there are trapped souls or spirits that need help, please let us know and we would love to support you in freeing them.

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