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Suicide and the AfterLife

Suicide and the AfterLife

What happens on the other side when you commit suicide?

The energy is intense right now, driving some folks a little crazy, others into deep depression. We’ve had so many queries about suicide in the last months, that we decided to post some of our answers here. First a message to anyone contemplating suicide from one of those left to cope…

My ex-partner committed suicide only yesterday. Her story has been a long and sad tale of a difficult struggle through out her entire life. She was a woman who was extremely courageous and had to overcome great fear and anxiety in life. Things were never easy for her but she was always a kind and generous person even when she had nothing to give.

I am writing this note to you so that you will post it up on the internet and let people know that no matter how difficult things may appear and you may feel alone in this world, there is always some one out there who’e life you have affected in a positive way. There will always be good days and bad days if you have love within you will be always loved as well. She was never meant to take her own life but her dispair caught her one day at her weakest moment. It was that one moment that made a fateful determination on her and the people who loved her so much.

“To Kasia: your love and courage will always be remembered. I pray that you will go to a place where you can heal and find happiness. Some day you will return to this world and I know that you will be an amazing soul when you do…….I will always love you and that will never change…….your soul partner….David”

Where does a suicide victim go after death?

My brother committed suicide last year, 2 weeks before Christmas. Since his death it seems all I can think of is where he is. Do suicide victims go somewhere else or do they simply do what all the others do whatever that may be? I need help understanding in order to clear my mind. Also since his death he has made definite contact with my dad and I believe him to be around me always. Is this possible or am I losing it? Please help!!!! Thank you in advance, Melissa

Victoria: Where do suicides go? Well some go to the other side very quickly and function quite well. Others need a lot of rest or healing and they do not communicate very readily. I do not find there is any set pattern. If you are concerned that he is in some Hell like place take note that is never the case unless he was an evil man. Suicide is wrong and there are penalties but that is from our creator and he is non judgmental our lives are ours. Do not be haunted by your brothers action he will recover and be alright. We are not condemned to roast in hell for our actions like the bible says.

We have a loving understanding God.. Is it any worse than babies who decide they cannot face life and turn up still born or with crib death. You are not losing it; what you are experiencing is contact by your brother to let you know he is alive and well on the other side. We all go to the same place except for those most evil and they are put to sleep for years until they can be dealt with. Blessings on you and your family your brother is in spirit with other relatives. It is where we all go. I promise you. Love, Victoria

In May 1998 my girlfriend killed herself and I have no reason have thought about crossing over to the after life to be with her and talk with her and find out why she did what she did. Any answers would be helpful. This goes for my mother too that died in Nov.1996 Scott

Victoria: Some people seem to have a sense that life is all wrong and they are not meant to be here. They do not see why they should let their “wrong” life carry on. Who knows. Maybe they were meant to have passed away in childhood but were saved. For your Mother maybe she felt she had nothing to look forward to. Maybe depression caused her views to be jaded and dark.

Life is very strange and we often cannot get into what makes people do what they do. I do not believe that either of them want you to join them and that they can care for you quite well from where they are. Start your life and pick up the pieces. There is really no such thing as closure in these things only acceptance. Victoria

Danielle: I can understand why you might feel bad, losing your mother and your girlfriend in such a short space of time… and the question of why is always uppermost in the minds of those who are left behind, no matter what the circumstances. Without doing a reading, it’s hard to comment on the specifics of this situation, but I can assure you that all life – and death, has a purpose and meaning… on some levels, your girlfriend either felt that it was impossible for her to achieve the goals she had set for this life, or that she had already done what she set out to do, and therefore it was OK to go… and the same applies also for your mother… these decisions aren’t always made on conscious level, but they still occur… at least at the soul level… and while the impact of their passing on you and others was considered in their decisions, in every case they must have believed that you’d be Ok – or even better off – without them… In any case, I have forwarded your note to some of the mediums on our team to see if they have anything to add… best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

What happens if you commit suicide? What is the afterlife for somebody who commits suicide? Where does the afterlife lead them? Are they trapped in between dimensions? Are they reincarnated? Is there next life worse than their previous life?

When we die, do we find out about our previous lives? How do we find out about our previous lives?

In our afterlife do we come back and live in the same country? Are we the same sexual gender? Do we physically look the same or think the same as our previous life? Dustin

I have yet to find anyone trapped between dimensions when suicide is the issue. Some people just cannot attend to life in their earthly existence. If a troubled young soul they can disappear for a time for healing when they make the crossing. Yes they will reincarnate but only if they feel they are better prepared for their new life. We have to work through a lot of information and learning while in spirit to prepare us for a new earthly life. Is the next life worse than the old one? Only if once again the person fails to live it in an evolved way. We all have resources to learn and improve out lot and to improve on life experiences with life skills learned in spirit and in childhood. There are records we can consult with when we cross to spirit and we can find out about the past as well as what we need to do to prepare for our future. Once again we are in charge there. There are teachers and records for us if we choose to use them. Our life is about choices both while in spirit and while in life.

We look similar. Sex, well if we feel we will have a different perhaps happier experience we will change sex. We must experience life in both sexes. We are here to evolve and if we fail we come back and do it again and again. Hope this helps, Victoria

A Desire to Check Out Is Often Rooted in Past Lives

My name is Steven, I live in Manitoba, Canada. I have an important question to ask you. I should first start off my saying that I have gone to ask this question to several spiritual mediums and with unsatisfied results. I should explain a few things before I ask. I consider myself to be a spiritual person. I believe in life after death. I believe that there are around us and that we all have a purpose on the physical world as well as in the spiritual world. I have many gifts in my life. Such as a beginning of a very good career in International Business. I am about to graduate this November a very highly esteemed course. I am a kind loving person, I try my best to judge people, and see them for who they are inside. I believe in true love, even though I have never had a healthy relationship.

My problem steams with the concept of suicide. All my life, for as long as I can remember (I am 21 ) I felt like I did not belong. Even when I am happy I still feel like it is just not right. I have thought about this for years. I know all of the reasons that the physical world will say; you being selfish, you need help, learn to live with it, etc.. What I am looking for is the answer from the spiritual world. And not some universal answer, but one directed for me.

Yes I agree the suicide is not a great thing, I do not like the fact that it keeps coming up. But at the same time I am becoming to grow tired of dealing with it. It is no life when you feel that you do not belong. And yes I have not had an easy life, but no one does. This world is made up of things should not happen, but do for a purpose. Like WW1 and WW2, it should not have happened, but I am sure that it happened for a reason that spiritual world understands.

Please understand that I have put a lot of thought into this, and that I am not basing this decision on some reason that I have an awful life. I am making this decision because I feel that I am supposed to. That I have completed my purpose in this life time, and that it is time to move on. I not believe in hell or that if I commit suicide I will go to an awful place. I am sure that if you contact your spirit guides that they will make sense of my situation.

I appreciate your time and effort. I hope that you will respond.. I look forward to your response. Keep smiling, Steven K.

Danielle: I have a lot of empathy for your experience, since I too have spent a good part of my life feeling disconnected from this world and wanting out of here asap! My sense is that you are reliving some past lives in which you did opt out, probably around the age you are now. The fact that you are so sensitive to your desire to check out tells me that you really want to break this old pattern in this lifetime – you want to stay the course, complete your purpose, and that purpose may be about learning to love yourself enough that you can find some happiness in life…

I had to learn that happiness was a choice, actually a series of moment by moment choices – and that my choices were being seriously hampered by a lack of self-love… it was always easy for me to love others more than I loved myself, but after a lot of years of working on that one, I found that I could generate some real happiness in my life… I also started asking myself what I really wanted, what worked to make me happy and what took me down and began focusing a lot more on what brought me up… and I realized that my diet was affecting my moods, so I began paying a lot more attention to eating healthy and living healthy…

I am forwarding you a note from Victoria and also from Dr. Geri DeStefano, a trained psychologist… hope this helps some… best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Dear Steven,

Keep smiling?. . . . How am I supposed to keep smiling with the knowledge of even the remotest possibility. . . .of you. . . .considering suicide as a viable alternative to life? No. . .sorry that wiped the smile right outta soul. . . only to be replaced by such a profound sense of compassion. . . for your situation. . . .

I’ve tapped into my guides on this one. . . .don’t usually bother them. . . but this time seemed like an appropriate time! I have this one gang of guides. . . .who when I started channeling. . . I asked “how do I call you” . . . .and they said, “Just imagine the electric quality of the color blue”. . . .a bit cryptic. . . .but I’ll be darned. . . .everytime I close my eyes. . . and go to visualize this electric blue energy washing over. . . . .they just pop right through!! They tell me that God only creates. . . man doesn’t. . . .therefore man does not have the provence to uncreate. Or in this case. . . terminate one’s life force. They’re saying that you have a special mission, this life, with children.

They tell me that you’ve been at this same junction before. . . .but it’s not that the world out there is so disharmonious. . . .it’s your inner world. . . that at the core. . . .has been in conflict. . . .and dis-ease. . . .. that you have developed some gross misperceptions as a result. You THINK you are drawn to moving out of this plane of reality because of a sense that you don’t belong. There’s a part of your consciousness that remembers what it’s like to be re-united with your soul group. . .and with Source. . . . craves that sense of profound connection. . . . what you don’t know. . .or haven’t experienced yet. . . .is that you WILL reconnect with various of your soul group. . . in the physical in this life. . . .not the least of whom is your soul mate. . .

But they tell me that your work is here. . . and now. . . .and that until you can manage a lifetime where you feel connected. . . .inside/outside. . .you’ll just have to keep recycling through until you do. . . . . They tell me that you are so angry deep down. . . .under that veneer of “happy happy”. . . . that you’ve somehow lost your courage. . . . steadfastness. . . . .and they ask you to tap into your own guides for the direction and strength and courage to complete this life’s mission. . . . They tell me that you are locked in a tremendous level of personal ego. . . also my medical guide tells me that your great-grandfather on your mother’s side. . .had a venereal disease. . . .that has, as a psychic residue. . . and genetically encoded anomaly. . . . has an impact on your psyche. . . . and this causes some low level depressions to occur. . . .and that you need to seek out both Western and alternative healing methods to correct this. . . they tell me that you chose this as part of your challenge this lifetime. many lives. . .you opted out. . . and each time. . .you have to pick more and more difficult life tasks. . . in order to finally get it. . . .

You must also correct your perceptions around the issue of “life is tough there”. . . . .Life IS. . . . . perfect and full of miraculous possibilities. . .there are those entities who choose a harmonious childhood as their ground of being. . . .as part of their challenge so to speak. . . .you have chosen your life. . . .but you are a product of misperceptions. . . .on part and on the part of your parents. . . .fear and suffering are so much a part of you that you can’t “see” beyond that in the world around you. . . . .

Can you see ahead Steven. . . in your life. . . .to when you reconnect with your soul mate? Can you see who the people are that you will impact. . . in a loving way in your life. . . .? Do you see your 2 children? One of whom moves on to create such advanced environmental technologies that it has a world-wide impact?

Do humans suffer? yes. . . .can they stop suffering? yes. . . . . .in a blink of an eye. . . .

They tell you. . .to just get off it. . . .and get down to some work here..the real inner work. . . .where you can clear up those misperceptions. . . about reality. . . . . YOU did not create yourself. . . . .God did. . . . it IS NOT yours to uncreate. . . . . .it is in fact appropriating God’s Being and energies. . . which you cannot do!! You are a Son of God. . . . .and Creation moves THROUGH you. . .you are not the cause. . . but rather the effect!!

OK. . . that’s about what I’m getting for now. . . they just want to remind you that YES. . .this IS a free-will Universe. . .you get to make the choice. . .and choices always have consequences. . . . ALWAYS. . . . . you are man… human. . . .with limited perceptions and vision. . . .you have not the ability at this point in your development to “see”. . . .ALL the ramifications of your actions. . . you THINK you can. . .and this is your negative ego. . . .and when you falter. . . .you seek out . . . .mediums and psychics. . . .seers into, hopefully, your inner being and situation. . . . . they can only point the way. . . .to the territory. . . . only you can actually step into that territory. . . . the internal map of YOUR being. . have a long way to go. . . . . Develop courage. . . .have faith that the Universe is Infinite in its ‘Wisdom. . . . it’s time for you to heal. . . . . The Blue Light Gang. . . . .!! through Geri De Stefano

Victoria: You are not the first I have had this discussion with and all I can do is to be honest. First to me suicide is very wrong. We collect, shall we say, spiritual points for struggling against all adversity to meet with success and I have no doubt that such actions advance and evolve us spiritually.

I will tell you that I have read for many people who have wanted to contact those who have committed suicide. I prefer not to know if the subject is a suicide and ask for very limited information on the person I contact.

Over the Internet I contact often with birthdates, but face to face I see people around the client of those that are in spirit .

Suicides are very strange and vary a lot.

Often I see the characters come through sort of a grey film which would remind you of a looking at a picture through a screen filled with black and grey dots. Others come through bright and clear and articulate and unless I go to look for the cause of death I can find no blemish that would lead me to believe they are suicides (unless I look for the cause of death.)

We ask to be born, we ask for the basics in our life and then we set who our parents are to be what our sex will be and what ethnic origin we will come from. The rest we have to deal with. We usually also date the day of our death.

I feel that often stillborns and crib deaths are the spirits of those that asked to be born and then were not ready to come back and sort of bow out until such times as we are strong enough to try again.

Maybe in your case several things could have happened.

You tried to be a crib death but the body failed to die. You have outlived your day of death.

I met a young man once like yourself and I was in no position to help or advise him. He expressed the exact same emotions you are. It was a chance encounter in a book store and one of those conversations you totally entrust to a stranger but would not entrust to your best friend. I asked his name and it was an unusual one. I suggested a psychic I knew of but did not know. I later asked her if he had shown up but according to her he did not. Strangely I heard later that he actually had in fact committed suicide. It was a fluke that I heard of it. I tried to contact him but could not.

I am the mother of a son who was murdered and I am best friends with a woman whose son committed suicide and I can tell you that she suffers terrible anguish over her sense of failure. It has been about 18 years and she still suffers from guilt over her David’s death. David was your age. When I compare my suffering to hers I can tell you she suffers far more than I do.

I have a son who is in the RCMP and deals with death of every kind. He tell me that suicide is a very personal decision (I should tell you that he is also a medium and a psychic and as such is a brilliant officer) he neither promotes nor condemns it. So similar to how I feel.

My teachers have told me that they too encounter all different states of the spirits that have done it. They question like you and me if suicide is always wrong.

For me it is wrong as I have a life of service to give to my fellow man. I have struggled against all sorts of adversity. For me to be a suicide would be wrong and I would pay forever. But I can only speak for me. I can only share my experiences and once again you may find this inconclusive. I send you love. Personally I find God neither benevolent nor condemning but rather a neutral bystander who watches our struggles and successes. Life is about choices and I have no where to send you for relief from your problem. Bless you, Steven whatever you decide, Victoria

Knowledge can be Power…. Steven Fights Back!

Thank you for all of your responses. Just a quick recap of who I am refresh your memory as I am sure you deal with a lot of people. My name is Steven K. Brides, I am 21. I sent you a letter asking about suicide and my feeling of not belonging here.

I read over all of your letters, several times. I came to the realization that I need to make a decision. The question I had to answer was, do I want to live or die? I needed to make this decision in order to stop the pain and to stop living in the pattern I created. My answer was yes, I want live. And that I will never take my life by my own hands and that is God’s decision to make.

I also realized that me wanting to take my life was really me avoiding real issues of why I am so unhappy. The suicide was just a symptom not the root of the problem. The root of the problem is that I do not love myself, I do not care enough about myself to take care of myself.

It is now time to feel inside instead of reaching out to external issues, like suicide. I need to look inside of myself and see what my holes are and create energies in side myself that will fill those voids. I have the power to become so much more and to help so many others. I must learn to love myself.

I also began to see what I had created around myself that re-enforced my feelings of unworthiness. From not taking care of myself in my diet, my friends, and career choice. I was going against every fiber of who I am what makes me happy and what I really deserved.

The biggest challenge now is getting over these things and Natalie. She was my best friend for 2 years. I fell in love with her and expressed so to her. She was not interested in that way but we continued to try and befriends. And I continued to hold hope that she would see me for who I am and what we could have. I did nice things for her and was there. She saw that and tool advantage of that ( I still have to convince myself sometimes of that ).

Two and half weeks ago she told me that she does not want to be friends anymore. That she is mean to me and does not know why, she said that I am too fragile and that we have too many problems. I cried and fell apart night. I never thought that she would leave me as a friend. She would always that we would be friends forever, I guess you can not trust those words today.

She now is back with an old boyfriend that treated her bad and used her sex. She knows that I disapproved of him and some how I got to know him talked to him for a while after they broke up before. She was very mad at me for that and that is one of the reasons I believe she was left me. She left me so that she could go back out with him so that I could not get in the way or get involved.

I need proper closure with her. I sent her an e-mail yesterday explaining what I thought. I think it will make her mad, and she most likely will never reply to me. Which makes me sad, I feel like she hates me and never really cared. I hope she replies and that I can let go.

But whether she does or not, I am determined to move on and find myself and fine a healthy relationship. I have a lot to offer to someone, myself. Thank you for all your kind words, Steven

And Changes his Name

You know the article on your web-site, about Suicide from Steven. That person is me. I moved to Toronto and legally changed my name to Sky.

Sky was my name at birth it was changed when my mother remarried. I had no idea that my letter from 5 years ago was on your site, I came across it today. I spent some time reading it over and the responses from the wonderful people you work with. WOW is all I can say. I have come a long way and reading it made me look at the Sean situation a lot different.

Oh bless you darling. You ‘ve said below you will write to us and update us – please do. Sky, It is so wonderful to hear that the young man in that letter is you. I can’t tell you how happy I am (and all of us here would be) to hear that this is how things have turned out for you and this is who you are. I can’t tell you how much I wish you the best of everything. I am so impressed with you – with the soul centred feeling you transmit. You will find people will react to that in different ways both positive and negative. Which one will depend on them. Just trust you’ll know how to handle it. Keep growing – (no doubt you will I know) and just bless you all over. Lots of love and we do look forward to your update. Mary-Anne

Lots of Folks Want to Check Out Just Now!!!!

Comet Lee is nice way to kill me instead of commit suicide which I have don’t have the guts to do.

Dear “Don’t have the guts”!

I’m really glad that you DON’T have the guts to take your own life. . . . .and life sounds pretty overwhelming if you are feeling that way. . . . .taking one’s life is the ultimate act of desperation. . . . AND, as I heard someone say awhile back. . . .the Ultimate “fuck you”. . . . .for there’s a part of you that really wants to punish those that are left behind. . . .I’m not going to serve you up a platter of platitudes telling ypu how great life really is. . . . .but I will tell you. . . .and encourage you to seek out some help in your life. . . . .while things look bleak now. . . .there really are people out there who are dedicated to healing and helping you get well. . . .

I’ve noticed a LOT of people lately with this attitude about the Comet. . . . .and alas!! it really doesn’t look like it’s going to do us any damage at all!! so that’s NOT the way out of here!! These are very intense times. . . .with energies and our own personal hells getting magnified to the point where we HAVE to look at them square in the face. . . .and DEAL. . . . we look around and through our negative sight see only the awful things about this plane of reality. . . .the planet is so screwed up, the environment, people, the government. . . . .what could YOU possibly do to have any kind of an impact for change to make it better. . . .at least in your corner of the world!!

Well. . . .we DO have the power to make changes. . . .first of all. . . .inside. . . . maybe you got stuck with bad wiring and faulty chemicals in your system. . . . .that prevents you from being happy or seeing the lighter side of this life. . . .a LOT of people are plagued with a malfunctioning system. . . . .so, like you would take your car to the mechanic when the electrical system blows. . . . .take yourself to a good doctor who can help you get your system tuned back up again. . . . .it sounds to me that you are very depressed and dis-spirited in life. . . .and perhaps a course of supervised drugs. . . will make an enormous difference!!

As you heal from the inside. . . .suddenly. . . .you begin to “see” that life, while a challenge, is workable. . . .and THEN opportunities for having an impact on a positive level in your life. . . .naturally present themselves. . . . .Never give up hope. . . .you’re here, in this life, to make a difference. . . . . .whether you believe it or not right now. . .have some faith that there is a loving Source of energy in this Universe. . . .that provides for us. . . . and we have to reach out. . . .I think that that’s what you were really doing here by sending this e-mail to us. . . .reaching out. . . . .keep reaching out. . . . .

We’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers. . . .and know that someone out there cares very much. . . . Warmest regards, Geri De Stefano, Ph.D.

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