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Answers about the AfterLife

Answers about the AfterLife

“I have heard that spirits in the afterlife actually have a life, e.g., one spirit described how he had taken up gardening. If that is true, then … Based on your mediumistic powers and conversations with spirits, I would be most grateful if you could answer some or all of the questions below. Thanks, Anthony Mawson”

Following are the answers that our team of mediums provided. Tell us what you think goes on after death, or about the Near Death Experiences that changed your life, or submit your own list of questions.

An Introduction

We asked the three senior mediums on our staff, Dr Geri Webre/DeStefano, Victoria Pitt and Danielle Daoust, to respond to Tony’s questions. Geri’s opening echoes the beliefs shared by the Global Psychics team:

To preface this material just let me say that I think you’ll find that the “view” of the afterlife will certainly differ from psychic to psychic. . . researcher to researcher… in that much of what we perceive is based on our “mind” and what it creates. I suspect that there is that part of our psyche that perceives reality is terms of familiar symbols and beliefs. I’ve investigated a number of Near Death experiences and it appears to me that people “see” and experience images based on what their core beliefs are, some see Jesus, some see a goddess-type figure, some see their loved ones who have passed on. . .

And, I suspect that these symbols represent SOMETHING beyond that.

With that in mind I will give you my version of the afterlife based on my own research, Near Death Experience and countless readings!

The truth of the answers written here can only be affirmed in the afterlife – until then it’s a question of faith, trust and what you choose to believe….

While many of us have had experiences that give us a sense of what might be waiting there for us, as Geri points out, these experiences are laden with symbols, symbols that probably have as much meaning in this life as they do in the other…. until we each cross over, we cannot know for sure what happens in the afterlife, we can only know there IS life after life.

Answers about the AfterLife

Q: What do people do all day in the spirit world?

Geri: What do they do in the “real” world? This is probably the most vexing question for anyone!! it is felt that the state that the person finds themselves in at the time of death will determine much of what they perceive in the afterlife.

If a person is not prepared for their death and, in fact, clings to the notion of life, they may find themselves in a “duplicate” reality to their lives on earth. They will find themselves repeating the same actions, same thoughts and preoccupations that trapped them on the earth plane. They may find themselves in an almost never ending loop of preoccupation until such time as they have a realization about the state they’re in. This would equate roughly to the Christian notion of “limbo”. In the Buddhist tradition, at the time of death, the lama is called in to “guide” the soul. . . through the various bardos or pitfalls along the way. The soul is guided towards the Light and the Source towards an enlightened view of their death. . .

This is why it is so important for people to die well. . .in a state of grace and serenity. This is why so many psychics are asked to help family members to do “release work” on the departed soul. If a soul is trapped in their journey. . . someone needs to guide them on. Very often these departed stay close to the scene of their departure. Near a person or place where they feel a connection. And they can “hear” and feel the energies of this plane. They themselves may be too fearful to let go. . . because their view may be that there is nothing to go to. . . and the fear keeps them attached to this plane.

Personal note: There was a cemetery where I would take my daily jog. It was a beautiful and old place and quiet. One day I passed by a new area where new graves had been placed. I was overcome by such a sense of confusion and sadness. I sat there for a while and was able to contact and feel these entities. This was an old cemetery, virtually unused and very quiet on an energetic level. But this new part was an area that had just recently been opened up. I realized as I looked at the grave markers that there were about 6 graves, all young men. . .and they were still trapped. They were near the sites because of the energies that their families had left there. . .grief and sadness. . .clearly, they were poor people as the graves were marked with simple wooden markers. . .but lots of candles and flowers. . . I went every day for about a week. . .and worked with each one in turn. . .telling them that they had died. . .from their point of view. . .too suddenly and that they were trapped and needed to let go of the pain and fear. . .I told them about the Light. . and the peace they would find. One by one they let go. . .

So. . .to answer your question:

  • some souls will be trapped by fear and pain and until they are released or can come to the awareness that they have died and need to go on. . they will “recreate” their earthly lives but without the real emotional connections that they felt on the earth plane. They may sense that something is not quite right about where they are and their confusion and sometimes panic will prevent them from experiencing the reality of their situation. This is perhaps the saddest state of all.
  • Souls who have prepared for death and have no fear about moving on can also recreate a life, so-called, that can be constructed much the same way an earthly life can be created. But I think and feel that there are some important distinctions here. I believe that people are reunited with their “soul group” that group of like vibratory beings who have a similar purpose/task that they are committed to. Some soul groups are dedicated to healing, social reform, spiritual advancement etc. In this state they can reconnect with that purpose, review their lives, pick the next opportunity for re-incarnation that will be serve their soul advancement and the fulfillment of their earthly purpose. I don’t think that people reunite with their earthly families. . .necessarily. . .unless that family member is part of their soul group. I think that they can have contact with those family members that have passed on. . . but the reunification happens with the soul group. They pursue those interests, developed on the earth plane, that may have given them pleasure, like gardening!, and my sense is that this state would appear just as “real” as that on the earth plane.

Victoria: There are great schools of learning there. They are not as complicated our earthly school. Simplicity is the rule.

Danielle: Rumour has it that there are fields upon fields of souls laying in what they think are their graves, waiting for Christ to be reborn so they can rise again… One thing I know for sure, some souls are very busy on the other side – Seth for example dictated numbers of excellent works to Jane Roberts from the other side. It is said by many that John F. Kennedy has been actively involved in encouraging many peace initiatives – and his brother Robert in the breakdown of some of the major unions and mobs… from the other side. And I can think of at least two times when I was called to help others cross over because they had been called to perform some work from the other side and they needed to be sure they could cross safely…. (heaven only knows why I was called to do this work, another of life’s amazing mysteries….) From everything I have seen on my sojourns over, some souls spend their time off in some dimension in quiet contemplation, meditation, focussed on generating some specific healing, awareness, or energy – or on sorting out their own problems. Some, as Geri indicated, are lost in their old lives and ways, self-absorbed, confused about where they are and why things aren’t quite working the way they expect. And others are very busy, moving around between dimensions, studying in the schools… making music, dancing, playing basketball, whatever….

Q: Do they sleep?

Geri: Given that these beings are existing in another dimension and non-corporeal, the need for sleep to recharge the body would not be necessary. However, the need to “dream” and enter yet again another dimension may be great. The dream state. . .in this dimension, is a gateway to yet again another dimension of reality.

Victoria: Yes there is rest, some are in deep sleeps and may not wake for years depending on their evolution. It is my understanding that those who perpetrated evil and destruction on their fellow man are often kept asleep. Anybody heard from Hitler?)

Danielle:I for one am hoping I can get a good long sleep after this lifetime… from what I have seen, some souls will take a prolonged rest, a kind of sleep… and some souls are asleep on the other side – just as they were here… “Sleep” is about consciousness, and just as some of us are more conscious than others here on Earth – and some walk like the living dead, in a coma. It is the same on the other side. Some souls are simply not conscious of their spirituality and could therefore be considered “asleep”…

Q: Do they perform bodily functions? Do they have sex?

Geri: Good question!! I suspect not. . .since we’re talking about a non-corporeal/energetic state of being. I’d like to think that “sex” would be more on an energetic level. . . a fusion of energies with one’s soul group/source. More akin to the notion of tantra.

Victoria: No! Stock up! Sex is not deemed necessary. There is a closeness of spirit not flesh.

Danielle: I have heard numbers of stories of dysfunctional souls that have had sexual encounters with the living. In my understanding, these are souls that haven’t made it all the way across, disembodied spirits who are so attached to the material world – or someone they once loved here – that they haven’t “lifted off” yet. Once a soul fully clears the earth plane, it seems that relationship is very much on the spiritual level, a sharing of energy and ecstasy, a pure loving that I think alludes us as physical beings.

Q: Do they wear clothes, and change clothes? (Do they have fashions?)

Geri: Probably! But not clothes in the way you and I would feel a substance adorning our bodies. Probably more on a thought-form level. . . projecting from the “mind” what it is that you would want to “wear”!! (No! I don’t think Calvin Klein has an outlet in the afterlife!!)

Victoria: No! They come in clothes for our benefit. But in spirit they may not have a whole body.

Danielle: Many of the souls I see manifest as pure light and I long ago noticed that the clothes a spirit ‘wore” during an encounter with me had meaning. My dead mother-in-law, for example, always wears a hat when she comes to see me – and the type of hat will usually tell me something about the message she has for me. However, I doubt that she is wearing anything on the other side, or that she needs too…

Q: Do they consume anything? (Soul food?)

Geri: Soul Food. . .this is cute!! Again. . .we’re looking at beings who are existing in a non-physical plane of reality. I think that the Eastern religions have a sense of how this works: through the practices of pranayama yoga. Being able to derive sustenance through breath, sunlight, air and the energy around them.

Victoria: Food is not necessary. I have been told that it is something that new spirits often partake in but it is not required.

Danielle: If there’s any feeding going on on the other side, it’s at an energetic level. I believe that some spirits quite literally feed off the energy of others, believing they can amass power in this way.

Q: How do they live—in single rooms? Dormitories? Houses? Camps?

Geri: What does the mind project? I suspect that beings would project living spaces for themselves that would approximate the kinds of dwellings that were familiar and favorable on earth. If they needed to! Beyond that, the need for private space, per se, is probably not the issue here. When united with the energies of your soul group you find yourself. . .”safe” and “sheltered” through the fusion of energies.

Victoria: I have never heard of homes or dorms or specific dwelling places. The spirit is not required to have a bed as such.

Danielle: I have visited some amazing structures on the other side, halls of pure crystal, rooms built of sounds, pure colours vibrating to create different shapes… but my sense of these structures is that were symbolic, ephemeral, a “mind construct” that enabled me to get the feel or the sense of purpose of this particular focal point in the universe.

Q: What do people do who are reunited from different generations? That is, do many generations of families stick together in some way?

Geri: I think the reunification happens within soul groups rather than familial relationships…

Victoria: There is a general greeting and joyous reunions. Remember we have been together in soul families before. I believe in reincarnation and know it to be accurate. Soul recognizes soul. Yes there is a general accumulation of soul groups. Don’t forget that in the world of spirit, friends and families are often one. It is more by soul groups than by family groups as we think of blood relationships.

Danielle: A soul crossing over will often be met by family members and friends who have passed on before, and I have a sense that, where necessary to work out old issues, some of these may hang together for a time. But everything I have read and experienced says that we ultimately gravitate to our own soul groups – where we often encounter old friends and family from many different lifetimes…

Q: Is there any type of romantic pairing among spirits?

Geri: I think that this is where the idea of soul mates comes from. I think that there is an energetic pairing with another provided that they are in the afterlife together. . .not one in a physical body. . .and one as an energetic body. when two people who are soul mates find themselves, either in body or “out” there is an automatic blending of their auric system and the memories of being united with Source are very present in them.

Victoria: Not per se, but there are soul groups and pairs that complement each other and are joyful to reunite in a place where there is no human interference.

Danielle: Just as some of choose to partner, or to work with a team or even a large organization, souls also will align their energies for a time and purpose, as it suits their need to evolve and grow.

Q: Can people be reincarnated? If so, how is it done?

Geri: It is felt that people do reincarnate. Some without prior consciousness of their past lives, others, in a more deliberate and thoughtful manner. I think the Tibetan Buddhists have this one wired, hands down! when a lama is preparing for death they will leave written and verbal messages as to where they can be found in their next incarnation. There are countless documented stories about finding and proving these tulkus. This takes a singular level of enlightenment and development to accomplish. For the rest of us. . . in our lives if we accumulate a sufficient amount of bahkti. . .that is soul energy and awareness, we reincarnate into those situations that will advance our evolution and consciousness. While we may not remember all of our past lives, the awareness of those lives begins to come to light as we seek to strip ourselves of the fear and anxiety that plague humankind. I believe that when we become self-realized, that is: answering those questions like Who am I and what is my purpose. . . we are able to reincarnate with far more awareness.

It is also felt that not all “souls” reincarnate. Again, the Buddhists see reincarnation as a most precious and rare gift. There is a fable that says reincarnation is like a small circle floating in the midst of a great ocean. A bull swimming under the surface comes up exactly at the right moment, in the right place to swim up through the circle. That’s how rare reincarnation is. . . .something to think about. . . .

Victoria: Yes I know they can. I went back and found other lives and other earthly places where I lived. The soul determines the time, parents and country for the rebirth.

Danielle: I have often thought that our current population explosion is because everyone on the other side wants to be present on planet earth for this momentous occasion of the millennium shift, the birthing of a new era… I believe that after we die, we spend a time contemplating what we have accomplished in terms of our soul’s evolution and that we then consciously choose what our next experiences will be… perhaps with the help of loving guides, angels and the One.

Q: And at what time following death (do we reincarnate)?

Geri: This seems to vary. The being will wait until exactly the right configuration of time opens up. The right circumstances, genetics, family, social structure and so on. . . .to best advance its development. The documentation from Buddhist circles seems to indicate anywhere between 3 and 8 or more years. But then, they’re doing it consciously! In my readings of people I’ve observed some entities that were out. . for millennia! Others, rapidly cycle through.

Victoria: There are souls that return immediately and those that have waited 100’s and 1000’s of years dreading their return. I find that about 40 year intervals seem sort of an average. It depends greatly on earthly experiences and evolvement.

Danielle: I believe that many of the problems I have experienced in this life are because I returned too soon – from what I can tell, within one year of my death. Some folks arrive here quite familiar in their deeper consciousness with our styles and habits, while others seem to find it very difficult to accept our modern ways – I think this has something to do with the fact that some souls have been long away from here, too much happened here while they were gone, so they have trouble adjusting.

Q: I have heard it is more painful being reborn that dying.

Geri: Yes. . .seems that for most of us we have no self realization of the birth process. . .whereas. . .we KNOW that ultimately we are to die. And can prepare for it. Coming back on to the physical plane means dealing with suffering and the world of illusion. . .samsara. . . .the pain comes from the realization that one must be rigorous and self disciplined to move past this veil of illusion and suffering. . . for most, this is an almost impossible task.

Victoria: I have always understood that the soul is often not in residence in the new born but often enters after birth. The shock of transition from spirit to earth would shock and traumatize anyone.

Danielle: Most reports of dying speak of it as a loving and welcoming experience – although there are some truly frightening near death experiences on record. I think how we die and how we experience the transition is very much dependent on how we have lived, and accepted our lives. Birth, in contrast, is a bloody and painful moment, even in the most welcoming of circumstances.

Q: If we are reborn, then does the body we are reborn into also have a spirit?

Geri: The body is but a shell. . . like a bit of clothing we wear. In and of itself it has no spirit, per se, but rather a potential vital life force based on genetics and environmental elements. That vital life force is brought into action by the entry of the being level, or soul, into it.

Victoria: No the soul and spirit are one. The soul and spirit comes with rebirth.

Danielle: I guess the answer here is yes, but only in the sense that the soul and the spirit are the same…, the soul IS the spirit, the essential life force that wills us into action and beingness.

Q: Does the reincarnated spirit take over the body?

Geri: Not take over. . .rather takes on. . .the body as one would take on clothing. . . the body is the physical vessel that houses our spirit and our souls.

Victoria: Yes but it also chose the body to be born into… and the time…

Danielle: The soul in a sense envelopes the body and fires it from within as opposed to “taking it over”.

Q: I am puzzled about the number of spirits in relation to the number of bodies.

Geri: What’s puzzling about this? Are you saying that there are more spirits than bodies? Could be I suppose. But my sense is that there is a balance on a cosmic level. What exists in our plane of reality is exactly what is demanded by Source for our evolutionary process. Here’s a thought: Sometimes a being gathers so much bahkti. . .or soul material. . . that the soul “splits” into more than one being/soul. these souls then reincarnate, carrying with them the “memory” of that initial souls experience.

Victoria: Not all bodies receive souls or spirits.(I believe sociopathic people are born without souls). I was told and can believe that crib deaths are souls that returned to spirit form because they were not ready to take the world on again. I understood that mongoloids were often happy first reincarnated souls that came to find out what earthly life was all about. It makes sense to me as they are happy and usually looked after in their brief sojourn on earth.

Danielle: You’re assuming that planet earth is the only place where we might choose to reincarnate in body… it is my understanding that we can choose to reincarnate in other dimensions and on other planets – and that some of us might even choose to reincarnate as other forms, animals, birds, fish… Whales for example, among some esoteric circles are considered to be high beings with a great purpose here on earth of balancing energies for us.

Q: Is it possible to contact the spirits via modern telecommunications technology, or by any technological means?

Geri: sounds feasible. . .but I have no direct experience of this. I have heard that this is so, and there is a society, to which I belong, dedicated to this very thing.

Victoria: I have heard that this is so, and there is a society, to which I belong, dedicated to this very thing. I do not think you can regularly pick up a telephone and call up spirit but there certainly are incidents where this has happened. I also know they can be picked up on tape recordings without the tape having been used. It has always belief that the spirit form can interfere with electronic and electric fields easier than anything. Mostly it is about us being aware and understanding this interference is a contact. Contact is about sane interpretation of what has happened. Translation and recognition of this contact is important. I have a problem with Airy Fairy interpretations that really are off with the fairies.

Danielle: I have had a number of strange experiences where spirits have worked through my computer, left messages in my email or on my answering machine. For some years I’ve had a lot of trouble with electronic equipment – tape recorders may or may not work during a reading, and we have burned out more phones than we can count over the years… I’ve been able to get help with failing equipment occasionally, to “see” where it was blocked… but I have been suspicious of the photographs and sounds I’ve heard recorded that have been touted as real… it’s too easy, especially now, to create special effects. Until we produce equipment sensitive enough to monitor and track subtle shifts in energy and until science gets serious about studying this field, we’re left to our individual personal experiences.

Q: If you are a “sensitive” or have special powers, presumably these powers mean that you are sensitive to some type of force or energy. If so, then this energy ought to be measurable in some physical way. No?

Geri: This is the area of parapsychology. . .that has been severely under attack since its inception. There are studies upon studies that seem to point clearly to measurable data and phenomena. I suspect, as the technology catches up. .we’ll see more proof and more measurable data.

Victoria: Yes there are several very advanced scientists who are above to measure the weight of the soul the space of spirit and can measure these things. They have had to make a lot of their sensitive equipment and are prepared to prove their findings. They also have equipment which can detect spirit or poltergeists or what ever. All this can be proved. The biggest problem we have today is the powerful churches which do not want this proved. It is about power and money and control. Yank me off this soap box.

Danielle: Once, during some class experiments with dowsing rods, one of my guides popped into my space and blue the rods away out of kilter… as soon as my teacher recognized what had happened, I asked the guides to leave… and the dowsing rods settled back to normal. A scientist however, would find that whole session quite amusing… I think the field of quantum physics is opening a lot of doors so that science will in the next hundred years make some serious advances in learning to identify energy, and how to interpret it – but for now…. I think we don’t know what we’re measuring and our results are too easily influenced by our beliefs.

Q: Why don’t psychics pick up lives on other planets?

All: Lots of psychics pick up on lives on other planets – but how many people would believe it if we told them they had lived on Sirius, or had come from a star system in a galaxy we have yet to discover?

Most of us are focussed on the here and now and want answers that will help us get through this one lifetime – and it’s beyond the capacity of many to even think of having lived once before on this planet, let alone in another dimension, in another time and space….

Thanks, Tony for a set of fascinating questions… we wish we could give you some scientific evidence of our experiences, but we’ll have to wait a few years – or generations – for the world to discover that this is a valuable study.

In the meantime, we will continue explore, one at a time, and to create opportunities for spiritual growth, trusting that it all means something, on the other side..

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