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Is There Life After Life? How can we prove it?

Death is inevitable on this plane… but psychics and mediums believe that death is about transformation, the death of an old life, a life that is rebirthed in a new form… so most of us also believe in reincarnation… but what happens in between lives, in the “afterlife”.

How do we live after we have lived?

We don’t die, we just change addresses.

While we do clear out of our physical vehicles, our bodies, pretty regularly, death on this plane is really just a transformation… even for those who commit suicide. Think about it. Each of us is pure energy in motion, encased in a body… the body my grow old, wither and die, but the energy that enlivened it is still alive – somewhere. Energy doesn’t die, it transforms,… It has simply escaped the body that restricted it and has moved on… the question is where.

And the truth is that no one here on planet earth can really tell you where we go when we die… however, so many of us have had near death experiences that there is a considerable body of information now gathered about what happens when we die… and so many of us over the thousands of years of our existence have made contact with relatives, friends, and discarnate beings on “the other side” that we do have some knowledge about the afterlife.

But, like every other life experience, death and the after-life is unique to every individual… and so there is a lot of dispute about exactly what goes on in the after-life…however, there is also a great deal of consensus… I can only say that seeing is believing… when you have helped someone cross over, when you have talked with a dead relative and seen them at your side, then you will believe that there is life after life… and you will have some understanding of the after life.

My Aunt Myrelle died some years ago, my mother’s favourite sister. She has come to me numerous times since she passed, and always puts a smile on my face… one of the most interesting encounters with her was about a month after she passed. I was saying my bedtime prayers, asking for blessings on her and other relatives who had passed when she appeared to me bright as day… looking younger and healthier than she had for years before she died, broom in hand, vigorously sweeping the floors of her little apartment. When she realized I had joined her, she pulled me into her little kitchen where she had a small TV set on the counter. “Isn’t this amazing?” she said “I can tune into anyone I want to now and see what they’re up to.” Then she tuned the picture to her daughter, Anita, and showed me that Anita was working but not very happy about it. She said she was busy with her house-cleaning now, but as soon as she was done, she intended to do what she could to help Anita into a job she would enjoy. The house-cleaning was a wonderful analogy for what was happening to her on the other side – she was still in that phase of evaluating her life, still closely connected to the earth plane as she completed the clearing that appears to be the first step in reconnecting with our souls in the afterlife.

P.S. Anita now works for herself, left her boring job a few years ago, went back to school and is now a pet groomer – which she is so good at! and she went to clown school and also works as a clown! Work that is very different from what she was doing when her Mom died, and certainly much more suited to this sweet, gentle woman. Seems that Aunt Myrelle managed to pull some strings from the other side…

There are many excellent books on the afterlife. Famous mediums like James Van Praagh, George Hamilton-Parker and even Sylvia Browne have offered some valuable insights on what happens when we die, and researchers like PM Atwater, have brought forward a great deal of information from their work with near-death-studies .Years ago I read an excellent book “Life After Life” by Dr Raymond Moody that provides some fascinating insights to the afterlife. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross is another famous author who has provided a lot of useful information about Life After Death. If you’re interested in knowing more, I urge you to check these books out, and also to read on through these pages. Here you’ll find some fascinating stories, questions and answers about the afterlife.

What Happens When We Die?

Q: After a spirit has crossed over, there is never any mention of GOD or Jesus, or whomever helps cross the spirit over. What actually goes on… who’s there…how are they deemed to be the conduit? If you are a spiritual person this is the first question you have. Please respond, Monica Wilkins

Dear Monica, what goes on in those moments after death is highly dependent on the person’s belief system.

Typically, we are met by our ancestors, most often by those from our immediate families and friends who have passed over before us. As we cross over, we pass through the tree of life, a kind of energy system that for most folks feels like they’re passing through a wind tunnel… some may find that God or Jesus or some other angelic beings are awaiting them – if they are able to make it all the way through the tree of life… others may find that they’re trapped in some dark place within the tree where there are many grotesque life-forms stuck in a kind of gap bopping around trying to find their way back…

What happens, again is dependent on what we have believed in, and just how high we were able to raise our vibrational frequency in our lives… the more light, laughter and love we carry in our energy beings, our souls, the more likely we will find ourselves rising to the higher realms after death…

As to meeting God and Jesus on the other side… I’m not so sure when they show up for us… most of us aren’t strong enough energetically to take this pure energy for longer than a nano second – and some folks can’t bear to be in the presence of God at all – so we may or may not see God, the Mother or Jesus or any of His angelic manifestations – if we don’t believe we’re good enough to – or haven’t lived a loving life, worthy of offering to God… I hope you get what I mean here…

I have heard said that we are asked only two questions when we pass over – what have you learned, and how have you loved… and I think that it is the answers to these two questions that determine whether or not we have the inner strength to encounter God directly… and for how long we can stay in this Oneness…

So, I hope these insights are useful to you… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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