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The Miracle Healing

The Miracle Healing

by Joe Hurley

I got the call in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. It was that call you fear getting. “She in the emergency room. She has had a stroke. She is paralyzed on one side and she can’t speak.”

I had the immediate reaction of terror. I tuned into the dynamic and I freaked out. Then calmly and clearly, I heard her spirit whisper in my ear, “I am fine. My body is messed up, but I am fine.”

I recognized the voice and the energy was so reassuring that I instantly calmed down. I was still in shock but I was able call my close friend, who was also a healer, and we rushed over to the emergency room to be there to support.

When I got to the E.R. it was worse than I thought. The doctors and staff were going full speed trying to save her. She was freaking out. I did freak out a bit. One doctor demanded that I leave. I listened and then stepped back and then refused. I felt the pull to go toward the person that I cared for so much. I could see that she needed me. I explained to the staff in the E.R. that I was a healer and that I needed to work with this person. Everyone understood my personal connection. Of course they have witnessed scenes like this before. That is why they wanted me out of there. I cared too much. Of course, that is why I needed to stay.

The ultrasound specialist came over to me and explained that when the other doctor was done, I could stay. I was not leaving, and I did not really understand, but within minutes the doctor left and I rushed over to my loved one and I began to immediately wave my hands around her clearing out the waves of terror, trauma, and chaos filling her fields.

I realize that some people handle trauma, fear and hospitals much differently than others. Some are very sensitive, pick up a lot of stuff, have past traumas that get triggered and are in deep states of fear. Other people simply lie there and wait for the situation to be done with. My loved one was someone who needed the healing energies.

As I worked on her energy fields, the doctors, nurses, and specialists did their thing. It was amazing to be there right in the middle of the emergency room, doing energy work uninvited. It was also amazing to see the way some staff resisted what I was doing, others ignored it, and some accepted and could see the results.

After a while, I realized my loved one could hear me but could not talk back to me. She was paralyzed on one side and unable to speak. I could feel her struggle to respond to my questions.

Time seemed like an eternity. Many things were happening on many different levels, within me, within those around me, and within this person.

I could sense within her energy fields the areas that needed soothing, clearing, calming, and healing. I also sensed when each area got what it needed and when it was time for me to adjust what I was doing. It was amazing to watch, as this person responded by calming down and at times actually resting, as I worked with each area in need.

The major healing took place after a doctor came in and I asked where the block was specifically and he told me it was in her left brain. It was a blood clot causing the stroke. I began to work specifically on that clot by sending healing energies to it. I then asked the person to immediately visualize the blood clot releasing and to visualize the blood flowing smoothly through the brain. As I continued to work within the multidimensional energy fields, my loved one rolled her eyes and went into a trance. I could see her higher consciousness come in and pulse. Suddenly, she spoke out and started to cry. Then she reached over and grabbed my arm.

Her speech came back instantly. Her movement came back instantly. And then, her emotions began to flood her. I continued to help my loved one deal with the emotion and trauma over the next few hours and then ultimately over the next few weeks.

The doctors say it was an amazing recovery. I have been doing energy work for nearly twenty years and I am still in a bit of shock.

What really happened? I can only speak for myself but during that day in the E.R. room. I experienced very deeply the healing power of love, the healing power of the mental/emotional/physical connection, and the healing power of pure divine wisdom, clarity, and guidance. I also experienced the healing power of the medical system and the spiritual system working together.

Today, my loved one shows almost no signs of having a stroke. She is very thankful for the miracle healing that happened that day.

Joe Hurley is a healing energy consultant and multidimensional communication specialist from Seattle , Washington . He has written and published five books on healing, awakening to divine wisdom, and opening to pure unconditional love. He is also the creator of The Four-Step Guide To Self-Healing sm available for free, along with his newsletter, articles, essays, and blog, on his website:

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