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The Body Mirror System

The Body Mirror System Series

By Sir Martin Brofman, PH.D.

Martin Brofman, Ph.D., is founder and director of the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing. Through personal experiences, Dr. Brofman created a system of healing, now taught around the world by various instructors he has trained.

We have found that the most effective and efficient healing comes when we acknowledge what is at the root of our ailments or injuries… Here is Martin’s three part series on how the body reflects our life. If you’re into owning both your body and your life, you’ll want to read these!

Your Body: Mirror Of Your Life
Part 1 – The Mind/Body Connection
Part 2 – Decisions: Root of our Symptoms
Part 3 – The Chakras

The Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing

Your Body: Mirror Of Your Life

Part 1 – The Mind/Body Connection

Everything begins with your consciousness. Everything that happens in your life, and everything that happens in your body, begins with something happening in your consciousness. Your consciousness is who you are, your experience of Being.

You decide what ideas to accept and which to reject. You decide what to think, and you decide what to feel. When these decisions leave you with residual stress, you experience the stress as if in your physical body.

We know that stress creates symptoms. The interesting question is, “Which stress creates which symptoms?” To quantify this process, we must see the body as a map of the person’s consciousness, relating particular symptoms to particular stresses and particular ways of being, in the same way that Type “A” Behavior has been associated with heart disease.

To understand this map, we must first orient ourselves to the idea that the causes of symptoms are within.

While it’s true that germs cause disease and accidents cause injuries, it is also true that this happens in accord with what is happening in the consciousness of the person involved. Germs are everywhere. Why are some people affected and not others? Something different is happening in their consciousness. Why do some patients in hospitals respond better to treatment than others? They have different attitudes. Something different is happening in their consciousness.

When someone is injured in an “accident,” why is it that a very specific part of the body is affected, and that it is often the same part that has had habitual problems? Is that an “accident,” or is there a pattern and an order to the way things happen in our bodies?

Your consciousness, your experience of Being, who you really are, is energy. We can call it “Life Energy” for now. This energy does not just live in your brain; it fills your entire body. Your consciousness is connected to every cell in your body. Through your consciousness, you can communicate with every organ and every tissue, and a number of therapies are based on this communication with the organs which have been affected by some kind of symptom or disorder.

This energy which is your consciousness, and which reflects your state of consciousness, can be measured through the process known as Kirlian photography. When you take a Kirlian photograph of your hand, it shows a certain pattern of energy. If you take a second photograph while imagining that you are sending love and energy to someone you know, there will be a different pattern of energy shown on the Kirlian photograph. Thus, we can see that a change in your consciousness creates a change in the energy field that is being photographed, which we call the aura.

This energy field shown in the Kirlian photographs has been quantified, so that when there are “holes” in particular parts of the energy field, these are said to correspond to particular weaknesses in specific parts of the physical body. The interesting thing is that the weakness shows up in the energy field before there is ever any evidence of it on the physical level.

Thus, we have an interesting direction of manifestation shown here..

  • A change of consciousness creates a change in the energy field.
  • A change in the energy field happens before a change in the physical body.

The direction of manifestation is from the consciousness, through the energy field, to the physical body.
Consciousness >> Consciousness >> Energy Field >> Energy Field >> Physical Body

When we look at things in this way, we see that it is not the physical body creating the energy field, the aura, but rather the aura or energy field that is creating the physical body. What we see as the physical body is the end result of a process that begins with the consciousness.

Your Body: Mirror Of Your Life

Part 2 – Decisions: Root of our Symptoms

When someone makes a decision that leaves them with stress, this creates a blockage in the energy field with a sufficient degree of intensity, that it creates a symptom on the physical level. When we accept that we create our own reality and understand that the symptom is also our own creation, the metaphoric significance of the symptom becomes clear.

Thus, instead of saying, “I can’t see,” the person would have to say, “I have been keeping myself from seeing something.” If they cannot walk, they would have to say, “I have been keeping myself from walking away from or towards something.” And so on.

We must understand that there are no accidents and no coincidences. Things do happen according to a pattern and order. We can say that we have an inner guidance system, a connection to our Higher Self, or our Inner Being, or whatever name we choose to give this Higher Intelligence. This inner guidance system functions through what we call our intuition, or our instinct. It speaks a very simple language. Either it feels good, or it doesn’t. All the rest is just politics.

We are told we should move with what feels good, and do not do what doesn’t feel good to us. We are told to trust this inner voice. When we don’t follow this inner voice we feel tension. We feel not-good.

Then, the voice must get louder.

The next level of communication is through the emotions. As we move more and more in the direction that feels not-good, we experience more and more emotions that feel not-good. We begin to feel anxious and restless for no apparent reason. If we make the decision we know is the right one for us, and therefore change direction, there is a release of tension, we feel better, and we know we are again on the right track.

If we continue to move in the direction that feels not-good, the communication reaches the physical level. We create a symptom. When we describe the symptom from the point of view that we create our own reality, we can understand the message. If we change our way of being, we have received the message, and the symptom has no further reason for being. It can be released, according to whatever we allow ourselves to believe is possible.

If we created the symptom with a decision, we are also able to release it with a decision.

As an hypothesis, we can imagine that someone makes a decision that it is not a good idea to express what they want. From that moment, whenever there is something they want, they keep themselves from expressing it, and therefore from having what they want. That feels not-good. The tension grows. They feel more and more not-good as they keep themselves from expressing what they want and not having it.

Eventually, something happens to create a symptom on the physical level, and their right arm is affected. It could have happened through falling from a ladder, or in an automobile accident, or by pinching a nerve in the neck, or by “sleeping in a draft.”

Something had to happen on the physical level to create the symptom, in order to give the person the message on the physical level about what they had been doing to themselves. We do to ourselves literally what we have been doing to ourselves figuratively.

The effect is that the person cannot move their arm. They are keeping themselves from reaching for something, and since it is the right arm, on the “will” side of the body, they are keeping themselves from reaching for or going for what they want. They have been giving themselves reasons to not believe that they could have what they want.

When they begin to do something different in their consciousness, they notice that something different begins to happen with their arm, and the symptom can be released.

If it were only a question of doing what is necessary for the person to be happy, that would be reason enough to motivate the person to want to change something that doesn’t work for them, but here, we see that it is also a matter of health. The issues that are unresolved in a person’s life are, in fact, hazardous to their health.

The moral of the story then, is to look deeper for the cause of your pain, if you truly want to release it. The next time you take a remedy for your symptoms, whether it is a prescription drug or a simple herbal remedy, do yourself a BIG favour and ask “what is really going on here What am I trying to tell myself with this discomfort? What do I wish to change?” Then take time to listen for the answers. They will come, if you let them – and ask!

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Using The Map

When there is tension in a particular part of the body, this represents a tension in a particular part of the consciousness, about a particular part of the person’s life. Being aware of these associations helps one to see the importance of resolving the tense issues in their life.

When we see the correspondences between the consciousness and the body, we see the degree to which we each create our reality. In fact, those words begin to take on a new meaning. We see how everything begins in our consciousness and we are able to look around us at other aspects of our lives in the same way.

When we see how the body carries our the messages and deepest wishes of the Being within the body, we can realize that the process can go in more than one direction. If our consciousness is directing how we develop symptoms, it can also direct how we release these same symptoms. If our consciousness can make our body ill, our consciousness can make our body well.

The logical conclusion of this process is that anything can be healed.

In The Tunnel Martin tells of the Near Death Experience that triggered his work with the Body Mirror System.

Copyright: Sir Martin Brofman, All Rights Reserved.

A former Wall Street computer expert and a student of psychology and comparative religion, developed the Body Mirror System and the Vision Workshop through his experiences of releasing himself of a terminal illness which traditional medicine had considered hopeless – untreatable – and returning to perfect health.

Now the Body Mirror System is being taught to doctors, nurses, therapists, students, business men, housewives – people from all walks of life -. Some use it to understand themselves better and to accelerate the healing process within themselves. Others use it to help those around them, either personally or professionally.

Martin Brofman, Ph.D., is the founder and director of the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing a non-profit organization in Belgium.

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