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Healing at the Spiritual Level

Healing at the Spiritual Level

by Jan Rosenstreich of Mystic Gateway

From February 1998 publication When the word “healing” is used, most of the populace has a vision of healing a physical wound, such as a broken bone, cut, scrape, operation, etc. More astute persons may also relate it to the healing of emotional and/or mental “wounds”. Very few individuals are able to bring this concept to the next higher level — healing at the spiritual level. At the spiritual level, we determine who we really are, our purpose, and our connection to the higher power in this vast universe. Self-esteem and ego are some of the connecting points to the lower levels. Awareness is one of the key components of healing at all the other levels; it is even more important at the spiritual level since here, the information is the subtlest. If we fail to pay close attention to the subtle messages, we may miss important information. Quiet time, inner reflection, and/or meditation are some ways to ensure that you are able to tap into the vast spiritual databank. If you are untrue to yourself, this is a spiritual issue that needs to be resolved. Some examples of this are:

Failing to follow your dreams. You may be living your life to please others without doing what you really desire. For example: Becoming a doctor, because that’s what your family expects from you, instead of an architect. Depending on the approval of others to feel good. You are already whole and perfect the way you are. Failing to recognize that you are a whole lot more than your physical body and refusing to accept that everything in this universe is interconnected.

Totally ignoring your own needs.

Spiritual issues are very subtle and, when ignored, move down to the lower levels (mental, emotional, physical) until they (the symptoms) are “noticed”. Even when one is aware of the symptom, it takes a certain amount of awareness to link it to the real issue. The symptom may manifest as a physical pain, emotional upset, and/or a mental disorder. In this society, the tendency is to find someone/something to treat the symptom without also going inside (yourself) to search for the real cause. What you get with the former action is a Band-Aid fix; a temporary fix unless the healing process continues until completion. With a spiritual issue, you will probably get many “reminders”, but you will miss out on true healing if all you are doing is addressing the messages. Sometimes you need to do several things at once. Going inside yourself is of paramount importance. In addition, it may be helpful to look at the big picture. Does there seem to be a relationship between various events? How long have you been aware that things seem out of balance? The combination of accessing your inner knowing and the external clues may help you find and deal with your spiritual issue.

There are some very useful practices and techniques that may be helpful in dealing with spiritual issues. The use of prayer, meditation, visualization, energy balancing techniques and other healing modes might help facilitate healing at the spiritual level. Make it a point to create some quiet time, you’ll be surprised at how much you really hear.

Jan’s exposure to the world of metaphysics started in the late 1970’s with meditation through the Transcendental Meditation Movement. Since then he has pursued his studies of Reflexology at the Well Person Place, Reiki II, and completed a 3 year course of study that covered a variety of holistic health & healing topics. Jan is an Ordained Minister of the LifeSpirit Congregational Church. He is a Certified NLP Practitioner through the NLP Awareness Center in Toms River, NJ, and is also a Certified Hypnotist. In addition, Jan holds an AAS in Electrical Technology, and has certification in data processing. He has 15 years of supervisory and training experience in the private sector. Jan facilitates lectures, workshops, healing circles and has a private practice in Foot Reflexology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Energy Balancing, and Hypnosis.

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