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What is Spiritual Healing All About?

Spiritual healing practitioners help us to invoke self-healing, often in most powerful and remarkable ways.. medical intuitives and energy workers are not yet fully understood, recognized or accepted… but we believe that as we evolve, we will discover that they belong on every medical team.

Healing comes from within… spiritual healing practitioners use a lot of different modalities   to help us activate the self-healing – to get things moving for us…

I often work with Rheannon Reis, a nutritional counselor, owner of Nature’s Secret here in London. In addition to dietary advice, she offers a range of treatments working with technologies like Rife, a vibrational healing system, as well as with colour, light, essential oils, crystals, touch, – and most importantly, energy. Like Marie, Helen, Matt DiLorenzo and Owen James, she uses her intuition to see what is in my aura as well as my body. When she aligns my energy, she works with my guides to focus healing energy wherever I may need it. Invariably, at some point in the session, I leave my body, go off into some other dimension, and when I return, I am deeply relaxed, blissful… The trouble is that I always have to call back a few days after my sessions to find out when we booked the next… although I seem awake and alert when I leave her office, I am always something of an airhead for a few hours after…

I don’t suggest that spiritual healing should replace appropriate medical attention – but I do believe that it is an excellent adjunct – a magnificent boost to any other healing work that we undertake… it has certainly made a huge difference in my well-being, and I know that many others would attest to the same results. Matt has most recently been exceptionally helpful in relieving pain and boosting my energy…

I believe that all the ailments in the body are ultimately rooted in mental, emotional and spiritual distress, so it makes sense to me, to go right to the root of the problem with spiritual healing… to heal the spirit from within opens the energy for the body to shift and heal itself.

I also believe that western medicine lacks real understanding of “life” – the energy that enlivens our bodies. If we would integrate the concepts of “Chi” from eastern medicine that most energy workers and healing practitioners tap into, we would cure a lot of dis-ease much more quickly. The beauty of the spiritual healing modalities is that they are non-intrusive – it empowers us to heal ourselves….

These pages then, contain information about what spiritual healing is about, how it works, and also about two awesome spiritual healing practitioners, medical intuitives we have known for well over a decade. Matt has helped me and many others to feel a whole lot better and Owen is perhaps one of the most spiritual men I know, dedicated to living what he believes. He inspired the building of the First Canadian Peace/Sound Chamber where folks can gather to meditate, chant and sing and dance to for global healing.

Matt DiLorenzo
Medical Intuitive,
Distance Healing,
External Energy Removal
Matt, a gifted medical intuitive and psychic healer, can see your aura, determine the source and location of pain or disease and then, using subtle energy, remove your pain and balance your aura to enhance and accelerate your own natural healing process.

Owen James
Medical Intuitive,
Past Life Regressionist
Trained by some of the masters in the field of Alternative Health and Spiritual Healing, (Dr. Ida Rolf, Dr. John Upledger, Rev. Rosalind Brerrere, Dr. Jean Pierre Barral , Dr. James d’Adamo), Owen integrates Eastern traditions like Chinese Medicine with Native American shamanic traditions and practices. Working intuitively, he actively listens to your body to help you identify the roots of dis-ease and trigger self-healing.

Certified Medical Intuitive,
Intuitive Eating Coach/Nutrition Through Intuition
As an Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Intuitive Eating Coach, and Certified Medical Intuitive, Helen brings her expertise to guiding clients who may need direction on why they are experiencing digestive disorders. Helen is able to intuitively scan a client’s energy focusing on the digestive organs and she may find areas that are holding emotional and energetic blocks.

Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor
Energy work focuses on physical issues as well as spiritual issues such as energy blocks and entity removal. Marie incorporates her extensive knowledge of flower remedies, nutrition, herbs and homeopathy in her psychic work. Marie wrote and taught a course for Pacifica Graduate School: Healing and Spiritual Arts. Privately, she has taught meditation, psychic development, and energy work both in group and individual settings.

Meditation for Knowing, Healing and Power

Meditation is the foundation of any spiritual, psychic and personal growth. Today, the medical community is encouraging meditation as a way of facilitating healing, and relieving stress. Through meditation, we tune into ourselves, to the One Source of Power, the All That Is, and through this connection, to all of nature, as well as to beings in many different worlds.

Through meditation we transcend the physical, mental and emotional realms to enable healing and growth at cellular levels. In meditation we can dissolve mental, emotional and physical stress. Through meditation we can come to know our true selves, and to access the Power of the One.

If as we have been told by so many of today’s well-known channels – ALL THE ANSWERS ARE WITHIN US, WE ARE SIMPLY AWAKENING, RECOVERING OUR MEMORIES, then meditation is the quintessential technique for going within….

Whatever technique you use, whether Yoga, or chanting, or physical meditations like a walk in the park, you’ll find yourself growing more peaceful, more aware, healthier – and yes, even wealthier, by integrating some form of daily meditation in your life.

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