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In a recent issue, of “psychic world” author Victor Zammit suggests the psychic investigation of possessing entities, that lie trapped within the aura, for information gathering, for crime detection and for national intelligence bodies.

These entities do not exactly stand on show, and often hide behind mysterious illnesses, particularly mental illnesses, as in the various types of depression.

These entities will often know you are coming, and will try to convince the possessed person intervention is not necessary.

A long term medium friend, told me of a similar problem, coming on suddenly of deep despondent spells, and having foul language going round in her head, this was accompanied by limb and joint pain, especially at night, accompanied with restlessness and agitation.

The one common denominator in studies such as this; a desire to act out of character, to do something not in the behavioural repertoire.

With the hectic, busy lifestyle that she had, she was reluctant to seek help, in fact she was not even sure if help was necessary.

The British medical Journal says doctors are the last people to seek medical help, a nd psychologists with their mental problems are often the last to seek help.

And the same can apply to mediums.

It turned out that our busy friend, had picked up a psychic hitchhiker, a n unpleasant freeloader who was a nuisance to remove.

The “Yorkshire Ripper” Peter Sutcliffe, was a case in point.

He an ordinary chap working as a grave-digger until as he said, “A voice from the grave spoke to him”, from that small event his life would take a new course.

The defence at trial said, he by appearing mad wanted to ease his sentence.

But I have studied extensively the difference between, Schizophrenia and demonic possession, and I believe him.

The law can only define guilt from being in a sound mind, and obviously he was not.

Briefly possession is from the outside in, and obsession is from the inside out.

And this man was in my diagnosis, definately possessed, he was psychically covered in a black fog, look at his photo, a blanket of evil covers him.

My rescue group did in fact contact the intelligence in this fog, and it was once human.

Even fellow spiritualists often despise rescue circles, and I have on more than one occasion been accused of messing with the dark side, yet this is important work,

Unfortunately Christianity has moved away from what it calls “deliverance” to the area of Psychiatry and tablets, for assistance in these cases.

Perhaps the most remarkable on record is Joan of Arc a young peasant girl, who became overshadowed by a warrior and actually won battles..

So Victor Zammit has a very good point, and I would like to hear more of his findings in the matter.

T.Stokes lecturer in paranormal studies

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