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Spirits Stuck In Limbo

Spirits Stuck In Limbo

The other night I was in my living room and there was knocking on the walls and then the t.v went out and the knocking on the walls was like coming from all over the room. And then I was on the phone with my friend and I heard a LOUD scream and my friend heard it too. It was one of the saddest and scariest screams I have heard. Then that night I was watching t.v again and it went out and it was black and off and that scream came from it again. The next night I was in my room and I was falling asleep then I swore I saw a HUGE black veil cross over my room and light footsteps then all of a sudden I heard a ton of whispering then one singled out and said these exact words “You’re the one I choose” and I wasn’t scared at all because that was the voice I heard when I opened the bible for the first time but then something else started to happen.

About a week or so later I was in my room when I heard footsteps up and down my hall, then I had this feeling that something was inside this room right beside me and for some reason even though I never imagined what any of these spirits looked like before I knew exactly what he looked like. It was like the vision just came to me it was so so odd and frightening. He had on a red checkerd shirt long sleeves with overalls on and he was an older man at an average height and he had no hair on the top of his head but hair around the sides. His face was so cold and showed no compassion and it was as if I couldn’t control myself from knowing what he looks like. And then I saw his eyes it was red glowing red. Then that night my friend said she had a dream and she said there was an evil spirit in it and she described the EXACT person.

I don’t know what happening and once again I find myself scared and frightend but i’ve been having really odd dreams. Dreams: I’ll be in my room looking out my window and I will see people coming from our woods and each night I will see a new face a scary one. What does this all mean can you help me again? you don’t know how much you helped me the last time but now it’s gotten worse sincerly, Need’s guidance, Andi

They are not “evil” spirits sweetie – I am picking up moreso ANGRY, LOST, and CONFUSED. These spirits are coming to you for a very specific reason – some are confused wondering where they are, some are upset that they cannot find their families to be with, some are lost and wondering where they should go now, and some just wish to have a place to “live” and just be because they just plain and simple don’t know what to do or where to go. The man that you describe in your intake form, he chooses you because he believes you are his best choice in a “landlord.” He feels he has no place else to go – you are his best option. But he also believes that if you are willing enough, you can help him move on. He doesn’t really wish to be there with you, but has no choice. Wishes to be with his only daughter but cannot find her – so really he has just given up (hence why he is looking so very tired and ragged – he has been searching for what feels like quite a while).

And with the other people that you see coming towards you, they too are in need of some form of help/aid. They do not ever come to harm you – but they will certainly try all they can to get your attention, even if that does mean taking up temporary residence with you in order for you to help them.

Gently and lovingly talk to the “red-checkered man” – I feel his name to be Bill – or Will – he does wish to talk with you, just to let out some of his upset and hurt. If you don’t wish for him to be there – gently tell him so, and inform him that there are many other people on the physical plane that are more able to assist and guide him to his daughter.

You can definitely ground yourself from any further bombardments hon – firmly state (within your mind and even out loud if necessary) that you just don’t wish to be contacted at this time, that you are unable to help them and for them to all go elsewhere. Then within your mind – shut the door and lock it (literally envision a large door being tightly sealed), until you feel you are more able to take on some further contact.

I will definitely add my own prayer for you, in addition to sending out protective energies around you and your home (which I would like for you to envision very strongly as a large crystal clear, energized “bubble” enveloping your entire home and your person), and will put out the message to those spirits that they can indeed come to me for help if they require it. They just don’t know where to go, etc., and you are undoubtedly like a lighthouse or beacon to them – you draw them naturally – as you have the natural ability within you to guide these people to where they wish to be (some may also have messages that they need passed on to loved ones – and they don’t know how to go about doing it or don’t know how to find them).

I truly do hope that this helps you out – you should certainly see some progress once you try all that I have suggested. With much love and brightest of blessings to you, Lisa Caza

July 4, 2000 my 16 year old cousin was killed in a car accident around 7:00 pm he was by himself driving over to his girlfriends and swerved off the road and hit a tree his family still does not know what happened but blames the accident on speed and careless driving on his part but there is question on another car involved that was never known or seen because of it happened in the countryside.

I know Scott and I grew close a few weeks before the accident and I know he is with me and trying to tell me something – we are different in age but our names are the same and our nicknames are the same we had a lot in common but seldom hung out together until a few weeks before the accident. First he told me before he left us that he would find me a girl LOL and we saw each other more than ever the couple of weeks prior to the

There have been visions and actual events that make me believe he is telling me something. I am a farm kid 24 and ever since his accident my life has changed dramatically.

I left last July on a feeling that I would meet someone and many miles away I met a girl and it was weird (unfortunately scared her) but we were by a lake and the whole real movie scene happened the boat, the storm, making out under the moon, then two unusual stars in the sky moving and she was like what is that, but I seen it as a sign and kind of weird considering I never met her before and it was like we knew each other for a long time. Anyway I was to leave early and I left her a goodbye note before I left that evening strangely I slammed my door and my automatic door locks went off and locked my keys in the truck

Anyway the next day I left and I left her with another note and my number and email and a couple of months later she emailed me and called me once we were to meet in Chicago and I was staying at a friend’s place I had a bad dream that seemed real as ever I was to call her on her cell phone but did not and I dreamt that she had a car wreck at 7:00am and was killed because she had no seatbelt.

I awoke at 4-5 o’clock am weirdly so I went back to sleep and dreamed that she put her seatbelt on. That morning at 10:00 I called her because she never called me or showed up for our date. She was in a car wreck at 7:00 and normally she said she don’t wear her seat belt but she would have died if she did not have her seatbelt because the three car accident was very severe and the only spot left on the car that was intact was the drivers seat

Back to my cousin I know he has guided me over the last two years because he has guided me in business ventures and people who have come into my life out of the blue and it has really increased since 9/11/01 with visions that amaze people. One night while at home something felt like it grabbed me and drove me to the scene of the accident a year and a few weeks after the date of the accident and after I left Jen’s up north I drove out there and I seen the accident with unimaginable detail and there was another car involved. But I don’t know why it happened to me and what is he trying to tell me. I haven’t told no one because I don’t know what to say and it is affecting my life dramatically because I don’t know what to do. Ii scared away Jen trying to reach her and my family thinks I am just crazy, bu tI have not just seen images in my mind but actual real events that are just out of the blue and I know he or something higher has guided all of this over the last two years.

What do I do for him and what does this all mean? I am not a professional just a farm boy who has a lot of faith in life. Scott

You are probably right about your cousin coming round to help you a bit right now, after all he did promise to find you a girl. From the sounds of it you have some mediumistic abilities as well, so you would be a natural choice for him… but remember that he is limited in many respects – because of the way that he died, he has not fully crossed over… one of the messages that I believe he wants to get across is that the accident wasn’t his fault – I think he may have contributed to it in some way – for example having had a bit too much to drink and being sloppy in his response at the wheel, but I feel that he was probably run off the road… not deliberately. As if the two cars came upon each other suddenly – your cousin veered off the road to avoid a head-on collision, or was pushed off the road by someone passing him…. a game of chicken that went wrong??? A more experienced driver with all his wits about him might have avoided it… but your cousin couldn’t… I feel the police work was a bit sloppy here, that there were skid marks left unnoticed and other signs that a second car was somehow involved.

That said, what your cousin is really trying to tell you is that he’s stuck in a kind of spirit limbo because of what happened, and now he needs some extra prayers to lift off… so every time you think of him in the next months say a prayer for him, tell him to go to the light that there will be someone there that he knows who can help him find his way on the other side. Tell him you love him and are grateful for his help, and now you want to help him… Tell him you are letting him go, and asking him to send your own special guides and angels to help you in his place. Then visualize him going to the light and finding a loving presence there to help him move on on his path. OK?

Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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