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Spirit Connects With Purpose

Spirit Connects With Purpose

Spirit usually has a good reason for wanting to get our attention….

I have strange things in my house; I have seen and heard a dog, he ran into my kitchen and then out again, also my touch lights go on by themselves. my bedroom light came on in the middle of the night whilst my husband and myself were asleep this woke us. I am sure that my friends do not believe me, but I would not make this up in case they thought I am pottie. Virginia

Hi, It sounds like Spirit is trying to get your attention. Lights going on and off by themselves is one major sign. Spirit dogs are not uncommon. These are attention getting devices. They are telling you that there is more to this world than the eyes behold. They do this by giving you “glimpses”. Our world is changing quickly, in fact is called the Quickening. The veil that separates us from the Spirit world is getting thinner and more “sightings” are taking place everyday. Information is finally being released about UFOs to the public. Bigfoot is now not just seen in the deep woods of the Northwest but even in Rhode Island! You are not pottie. You are just one of the many who are starting to wake up. Enjoy it. It won’t harm you, and the spirit dog may even become your friend. Hope this helps. Keep us posted. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

A few time I have felt my deceased nephew enter my physical body. He appears to be doing so for a few moments to experience something on the physical plane. He usually only stays a very short time and the experience is very positive. I am more than happy to let him do this as his energy is so positive. Have you ever heard of this before? Is it just my imagination. I also had this same experience once with a non-verbal autistic boy who was alive and well but in as different location. It feels like their essence is in my physical body. Ann

What you are experiencing is not at all unusual. It is evident that you have mediumistic abilities and can channel those who have crossed over. This is a very special talent. You have the talent of a “Ghost Whisperer”. Dead people talk to you. We live in a very convoluted world. Religion has taught us that when we die we either go to heaven or hell, or somewhere in between like purgatory, but this is not so. When anyone dies, they transit from one form to another. They leave this body and find themselves in another dimension. They do not cease to exist. You are able to hear them, and maybe see them. You should look into mediumship. Good mediums are hard to find. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

Ann, you are a “physical” medium which works just as you described, the energy enters you body, in a sense merging with you, in order to transmit information… You could call it a soul to soul connection which means that you can connect with the living as well as those who have passed. From the sounds of it, you have done this work in other lifetimes and have an instinctive understanding of the dynamics – and probably some old protective mechanisms in place so that your body can process the connections. Over time, you will want to be sure that you are careful to clear any build up of others’ energy – be very noticing of yourself so that you don’t take on energy that could trigger other problems in your body or your psyche. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

An unusual dream I had: Walking in a very healthy green grass field holding hands with an ex boyfriend. No words were being said but there were intense feelings of love, calmness, happy and content with eachother at that moment. It felt really good. And it felt very real. He had already been dead for close to 3 years. Karri

Wow, what a nice visit from an old love. It was just his way of saying he still thinks of you and wishes you love. That was a great dream, and that is the way he wants you to remember him. Savor it. Thanks for sharing. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

My best friend passed, but I was feeling out of sorts a few days before.( I am in another state, and didnt know). Now alot has happened to her husband and myself ( noises,voices, loosing keys, electronics draining, etc…) She comes to me everyday, and 1 day she was trying to get through, through me! How do I help her? I have always had some type of insight. Please Help. I am not sleeping or resting. Thank You!! Lisa K.

Your friend is trying to get your attention, as they know you are a sensitive. What I would do is hold your own special memorial ceremony for them. Create an upbeat ceremony, nothing dreary. Play their favorite music. Serve their favorite food and invite their other friends to pay tribute to someone you all miss. This should do the trick. That is why the Irish throw a big party when someone dies. Same with all the music and parades at funerals down in New Orleans. Hope this helps. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

Loving Angelic Connections

The other night when I was attempting to communicate with my Angels, I felt a someone sit at the edge of my bed. Unsure who it was I asked who it was, and if they could keep me company. then suddenly, I saw a bright flash at the corner of my eye, then I felt this overwhelming presence wash over me. It was so overwhelming that I cried – I believe it was my angels confirming that they are there. But I have also been talking to Michael a lot as well. Could you please clarify this experience at all for me? :) Ashley

We all have a guardian angel, and when you make the effort to communicate with them they respond. You did feel your personal guardian angel sit next to you. That was a very special gesture on your angel’s part. Keep talking to your angel. It is so great that you have established a personal connection with your angel. Keep us posted on further contacts. You might want to join in our community and share your experiences with others¬† Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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