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Seeing Spirits

Seeing Spirits

My 13-year-old daughter sees people/spirits and has done so for several years. Usually when she’s about to see something, she’ll “hear” a whoosh sound in her head. Lately, however, some of them have just been popping up without any warning. She sees shadow people, transparent people, and (lately) more solid beings.

Sometimes she can sense that they are evil, but she isn’t always sure and she is terrified that she may leave herself open to something dangerous.

In an effort to keep them away, she’s placed Bibles and crucifxes at both of the doors in her room, and she prays for them to go away when they appear.

What can I do to help her? Is there any way to prevent them from appearing at all?

We all have the ability to communicate with “the other side”. I call it the non-physical or spirit realm. As everything is energy whether it is physical or non-physical. When we are open to our psychic abilities, such as when we are children because we are pure in thought, it is like a signal or beacon that is sent to the non-physical world. This beacon or signal attracts the non-physical/spirits. They are attracted because they know that this individual in physical can either see, hear, know or feel them. They only wish to communicate with us. Love is the only truth. To assist your daughter with this, please talk to her about what she is experiencing and also ask her to invite her angels in to assist her. I can tell you that she not only sees the crossed over individuals and animals but she also can see her angels and spirit guide is she wants to. Purchase a statue of archangel Michael for her to keep in her room and talk to her about him. All she need do is ask for him either in her mind or out loud and he is there.

One of the jobs he oversees is assisting non-physical beings to cross into the light and to help them find peace. He also stands by us and keeps us safe from fear. Remember they only wish to commune with us. They are in a wonderful place in non-physical where their energy is pure light and love.

When we come across an individual in non-physical who is restless, most of the time, it is due to the experience that they don’t realize they are not in physical any more. There are usually many reasons why a crossed over being may act in a restless manner but I find they are not evil. When we look with the eyes of love our perception and experiences change to ones of love. Teach love to her and that she has the ability to control. what she sees, hears etc… If she doesn’t want to commune with them all she can do is ask them to leave or that she doesn’t wish to see, hear etc… She may also ask Michael to be with her. I remember when I first started hearing non-physical beings and it happened at night around 3am. So it would make me very uneasy to say the least. I asked the person to not come to me in that manner because I wanted to sleep. She informed me that the reason she came to me then was because it was the only time I was still and undistracted to commune with her. So, I realized I wasn’t ready to open myself up to hearing at that time and asked that it be turned off till I found I was comfortable.

This is a wonderful gift that she has and I would encourage you to nurture and develop it if she wants too. Research books and other mediums such as Silva Brown, James Van Praagh, John Anderson, Gordon Smith etc… It is ok if she wishes to wait till she is older. Again, we have the power to decide either way. I choose to only see, hear, know and feel spirit through the eyes of love and that is what they show me. Choose love. Love is the only reality my dear the rest is just illusion. I also suggest avoiding fearful television, movies and such for this only stimulates the stigma of fear. As with all things what we focus on expands so focus on love not fear.

Here is a wonderful mantra/ affirmation:

“My vision is illuminated by love. I am safe in the company of my angels.”

And so it is. Much love to you and your family, Sally

Blessings Dear…Your daughter is very in tune with all the spirits around her and they see what they determine as there best way to be seen and heard. It is almost like she is a beacon of light that attracts them. The whooshing sound she hears is the energy of the spirit as they come in around her. These spirits are not evil nor are they negative so they will not harm her in any way. When I work with children I tell them that it takes a very special person to be able to see things like this and God has given them a wonderful gift. If they are taught and told that this is something wonderful, something to celebrate then there fears subside. If she wants them to go away, just have her tell them firmly and strongly as she can I don’t want to see you, and I cant help you “go away” they will. Remind her that these are people who are just trying to get messages to there families and loved ones and they are nothing to fear. To make her feel a little bit better you might want to get a small Angel statue and place in her room and tell her that this is her guardian angel and she will watch over her and protect her. You could also take her and have her pick one out herself. If you just take the unknown out of all this for her you will then remove any fears she has….Good luck and please keep us posted. Jody

Something strange happened to me this month. I was sitting on my couch and I felt this strong presence. I ask who it was and he said “freddy”. How do I find out more about this person and what he wants? or am I just down right crazy! Jennifer

I don’t believe that you are crazy, and I believe you instinctively know how to handle this situation. The thing is that you need to confront the energy as you have. You need to ask questions and ask for signs, if they are not going to tell you point blank who they are. I am thinking that you should start writing down a detailed description of the experience – as you write try to relive it – and notice any sensation, anything in your body, mind, feelings, heart… notice all that is associated with the experience and maybe with that will come more information. Just keep asking questions from the energy, and they will tell you who and why they are there. If they do not answer or respond in some way, then tell them to go away and stop bothering you… demand that they tell you their purpose in the visit… this is important… some lower forms will attempt to come in and play when they notice a channel open… to protect yourself from this, you confront it, demand to know what their purpose or message is, and if they cannot be forthcoming, you must send them on their way or they can attach themselves to your space and start causing some trouble in your life. Hope that helps love n’ laughter Kimmi

I have been searching the net for a few hours now trying to figure out if I am crazy or what. Lately, I have been seeing a man while I am awake. Just seeing him and knowing that he is there, scares me. I am completely terrified of him. A few years ago, back when I was in junior high, I was downstairs cause I was sick with tonsillitis. I was wide awake although it was very late. All of a sudden I started seeing people appear out of thin air. They were dead and some of them were decomposing. I ran into my kitchen and heard them coming after me. So, I ran into the hallway that leads to the upstairs and slammed the door behind me. I sat down on the stairs and was holding onto the door knob very tightly so it could not be opened. Not too long later, I heard them saying things like, “kill her.” I then could feel them pulling on the door knob. I just about started crying.

This went on until the sun finally came up hours later. They went away after that. Every once in a while, I go to bed and as soon as I close my eyes, I see the beginning of my experience with the dead people. The beginning is impossible for me to explain. But, I wake myself up as soon as I see it. I haven’t had that nightmare or seen those people in a long time, thank god.

But, I have seen other things. One time, I woke up from my sleep and I still don’t know why. But, as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a dead child with his head on his hands staring at me at the edge of my bed. He was right next to my face. I gasped and he disappeared. I have had experiences of feeling as if my bed was shaking as well. This all got really bad a few months ago, so, I put a protection spell on my door to keep whatever I am seeing out.

Just recently, I have started seeing dead people again. Earlier, I mentioned the man I have been seeing. That is the only dead person I have been seeing lately. I remember the first night he scared me. I laid my head down and closed my eyes. As soon as my eyes were closed, I pictured him walking through my door. I opened my eyes very quickly and my bed started shaking. Not a strong shake though. At least, I think it was shaking. Anyway, I called my cat over to my bed to get it to stop, but she wouldn’t come over to me. She always comes when I need her, but that night, she didn’t come close to my bed at all. She just laid down on my dresser and watched me. Out of no where, my sisters cat ran and jumped onto my bed and laid right next to me as soon as he landed. The bed stopped shaking after that. My sister’s cat never really comes up to me when I need help.

A few nights ago, my cat Isis , was watching something that was somewhere around my door. Her eyes were huge and she just kept staring at something. Then, her head darted to a different spot in my room. I looked where she was looking to see if it was a bug, but there wasn’t one in site. I was scared out of my mind cause I thought that the man was back. I was on the phone with my boyfriend at the time and told him what was happening. He said that she was staring something down.

The last time I really had an experience with the man, was maybe 2 or 3 days ago. I was sitting at the computer in my living room playing minesweeper. All of a sudden, I heard someone walking through the house. Like, in a rage…as if they were seriously angry. I didn’t only hear it, but I felt it. I looked around the room and saw my sister’s cat jump onto the window sill facing the hallway to the upstairs. I thought that the cat was just making the noise and the stomping feeling, but a few minutes later it happened again. I looked behind me to see if the cat was moving around again, but all he was doing was staring up the stairs at something. I started crying and I ran to get the phone. I called my boyfriend and told him what happened and he was trying his best to calm me down. I got off the phone and went upstairs to my room to get my keys. I was shaking so badly by then. I was looking in my mirror and I thought I saw something in my brother’s room. I turned around and just yelled at whatever it is that I was seeing. I asked him why he wouldn’t leave me alone and what he wanted.

I was standing in my doorway and he appeared in the hallway of my brother’s room. He kept disappearing and appearing. But every time he appeared, he was closer to me. I got really freaked and just yelled at him to leave me alone and I stormed out of my house. The whole way out of my house, I felt like something was following me. One of my friend’s mom’s said that she thinks that something very evil is following me and doesn’t want to let me go. She said to not talk to it until I had some major protection. She used to be heavily into magic when she was younger, by the way. Well, I already talked to him. He hasn’t hurt me yet. I haven’t seen him or felt him since the day I yelled at him. It is a relief, but I think he is just biding his time.

My boyfriend is being really supportive and is trying to help me figure out what he is and what he means. I told my best friend and she flipped. She is also into magic. She ran into her kitchen when I told her and started rummaging through magic books trying to figure out how to get him to leave.She said that I must have opened a gate way while doing magic and didn’t even notice it. I told my sister, thinking she would understand and she said to tell my psychiatrist about it so he can give me pills to make him go away. I do take medication because of my depression and anxiety. But, I don’t think that this is the cause of this man because even way before I was diagnosed, I was seeing dead people.

I’m not the only one that has had an experience with the paranormal. My sister said that the first night we lived here, she woke up to find the whole room shaking violently. She has also woken up in the middle of the night because she heard a man and a women having a conversation. She got up and went to see if my bro’s tov was on. It wasn’t. So, she went back to bed, but she then heard 2 different voices talking. This man appears to be dead. He is a ghostly white. Like a mix between the lightest blue possible and white. I can never really make out his face. He isn’t transparent though. He is completely solid. I sense evil from him. Like, no good what so ever. I am so tired of being scared. I know this is really long, but I figured the more details would help. I really need to know if this man is a spirit, demon, or just a figment of my imagination. Please help me. I really need an answer. Heather

So, your friend’s mom was right, you have opened a gateway and let some stuff in… and because you are not resonating at a high enough vibration, you can’t control the activity… the secret to doing mediumship work and opening up to other dimensions is to work at a high vibrational frequency, this way nothing lower than you can get to you… and this means that you have to dedicate yourself to being a loving caring being, to work for the good of all, according to the free will of all, ALL the time.

Your story is very common among young people who first discover their powers and don’t take time to learn about them before trying them out… magic, work with the other side is the same as learning to drive a car… you can’t simply get behind the wheel and expect that you’ll have “the feeling” for driving and be able to immediately make the car move where you want it to…like everything else, this work takes training and practice… so you need to take a step back from where you are right now and learn about this world before you try stepping out in it.

Start by taking a class in meditation and keep a journal… read about the after life and mediumship – the works of Craig Hamilton will be useful to you… learn how we create our realities through our thoughts and feelings and actions, study quantum physics and all of the elements of Natural magic… learn the “rules”, learn about symbols, the meaning of numbers, colours, animals, study astrology, and learn how the planets, the moon and the stars influence energy… and therefore magical work… once you understand all of these things you will find that you can play in other dimensions quite freely… but until you do, you will find yourself plagued with these kinds of interferences…

The truth is that no amount of external protection can really protect you from these influences… even white light and so on can only have a short-term effect on you and can be penetrated by the lower energies when we are operating at that level… so at the end of the day, one needs to develop a strong spiritual base in order to be effective.

Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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