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About Restless Spirits: Ghostly Visits Often Have Purpose

My husband’s father passed away 2 months ago! They were not exactly on great terms at the time of his death. Now my husband hears people talking and footsteps when everybody is sleeping. And tonight my kids said they had seen Grandpa’s face. It only occurs when I am not around. Either sleeping or at work! Why and what could this be and what could I do about it? It started right after his dad’s death!! Margaret Trudell, Canada

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Returning Spirits Need To Make Peace…

What you describe here is a fairly “normal”, under the circumstances… and in this time… your husband’s father is trying to connect with your husband – he needs to make peace somehow with what happened in order to move on… it would be useful if your husband would address him directly – say what he couldn’t say while Dad was alive… and for all of you to tell Granddad to go to the Light… remind him that he’s dead and if he’ll go to the Light he can get help there, and help also to reconcile with his son.

This is a good time to be offering lots of prayers up… he’s troubled and he needs lots of good loving energy sent his way in order to get free and move on… You need to understand that his father IS around, that none of you are imagining this, it is a very real “haunting”… so speak to him as if he were present, let him know you are aware of his presence, that you are concerned for him, and that you are sending some good energy his way so he can get on with the next phases of his “life”…. often this recognition is all that is needed in order for the spirit to settle down…

One other thing, I sense this doesn’t happen when you’re around because Grandad wants you to know this has nothing to do with you… he seems to really care for you, feels like he has no issue with you, but is concerned about his son and afraid that his son will make the same mistake with his kids that he did with your husband… hope that makes some sense to you. In the meantime, I have forwarded your note to the mediums on our team to see if they have anything else they can suggest for you. best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Restless Ghosts and Poltergeists…

Hi! This is Geri De Stefano here. . .I’m one of the Global Psychics!! . . . thought I’d add my two cents worth. . .though I have to say that Danielle about covered it all!!

Your father-in-law appears to be somewhat restless. . . .and it’s probably all the unresolved issues between he and your husband. . . .

And there’s one more thing here to consider: he, being a “restless ghost”. . . .and you having young children is a perfect recipe for poltergeist activity!! . . .take one restless ghost and couple it with the unbounded and possibly pre-pubescent energies of your children. . . .their energies feeding this restless haunt. . . .and there you have it!! Now. . .this doesn’t mean that you’ll have phenomena like in the movie. . .OK!! but it does mean that perhaps, from time to time, things will go missing. . . .pictures may get more crooked. . . .perhaps even little fires may break out. . . .

SO. . . .this doesn’t happen. . .it’s necessary to take Danielle’s advice around your husband speaking directly to his father. . .he can rail at him. . .scream and yell. . . .cry, beg forgiveness. . .or tell him what a mean old coot he was. . .but the bottom line is that he NEEDS to acknowledge Dad’s presence. . .and TELL him directly that he’s DEAD. . . .and needs to move ON.. . .Dad may not know where he is and may be very disoriented. . . .if this is the case. . .he may just naturally hook into your children’s energies. . .and your own for that matter (especially if there’s ANY repressed sexual energies around!!) and try to “knock”. . .walk around . . . .make noise to get YOUR attention. . . . .

In the main. . .it’s just annoying. . . .but it CAN be a bit disconcerting AND scarey!! AND. . .it isn’t a real picnic for him either!! Let us know how it all goes!! Regards, Geri

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Mr Biddle

I just don’t know where to start, I’m soooo mixed up in my head and in my spirit (if I have one) right now. A few months ago I decided that I needed to find the truth about life, death, evolution, GOD, and everything else. I went to a webpage that was written by Steven Hawking, he is one of the top physicists in the world, very much a genius. After reading it I got really depressed and felt very horrible inside because he talks about how the universe came into being and how it will completely end 4 billion years from now. I thought this guy is one of the smartest guys in the world he must be right.

To give you a little background about me. My Dad is very much an Atheist, my Mom is Agnostic, and I think that you die and that’s the end of you. I mean it makes some sense I never existed before why would I exist in the future. Let me tell you with what my family experienced as far as the paranormal goes.

Back in 1991 my brother moved into a house in Lower Burrell , PA. He said that he had lights come on and go off, he saw and heard the basement door shake by itself and get locked from the outside. He noticed these things whenever he was doing any remodeling. One day when he was fixing-up the back room in the basement, he forgot something and needed to leave the room. When he was walking through the doorway he said he saw to his right, this guy that was three dimensional and you could see through him, then he faded away more like a fog than a smoke. He said at first the guy seemed so real that he was going to say to him, “what the hell are you doing in my house.?” My brother said the guy was about 5 ‘”6″, a little chubby, balding, glasses, mid 50’s and wearing a white shirt and black pants!

About two weeks later his wife and a neighbor were talking and Craig, my brother, asked the neighbor if someone fitting that description lived in his house before. The neighbor said yes that was Mr. Biddle he had a heart attack in the living room of that house and he never changed anything in his house. He told people if you don’t like how my house looks, don’t look at it. This is pretty good evidence to me that there is an afterlife but I think no, it just can’t be all that stuff doesn’t exist.

I also wonder why GOD would create this world and then destroy it and why do we have to die to really know GOD? Reincarnation has me upset too, I don’t want to be reincarnated but some psychics say that you don’t have a choice, your soul will do as it pleases or needs. Maybe when I die I’ll just be a ghost forever if that’s possible. Maybe once the universe ends psychically we all will too because our true connection to it will be gone. John

You don’t want to be a ghost forever… no chance for growth and evolution… I suggest that in your research you look up the works of David Bohm and Michael Talbot in the field of Quantum Physics – proving that we are what we think and feel – our world is the product of our thoughts and feelings… at our fundamental levels we are pure energy – spirit – and you can’t kill energy, you can only transform it, move it around… so when we die, our energy goes somewhere, spirit withdraws to another dimension… sometimes to be reborn – reincarnate – in human form, sometimes to move on in other dimensions, all depending on the soul’s purpose and place in the evolutionary cycle… in the case of your Mr Biddle, clearly a restless spirit – it would seem that the attachment to his home and to keeping things as is kind of stuck him in this dimension, he hadn’t properly lifted off – and perhaps he had a purpose in shaking up your family and showing you all that there is life after death… I don’t think we have to die to know God… I see God in All around me, feel God’s energy in my life often… it is a matter of simply being open to God’s presence.. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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I recently had both my mother and a very close friend pass away over the last year and a The friend that passed on lived with me in the house I currently am in. Some unusual things have happened since their deaths and my friend had confided in me before his death at age 62 that he had always been able to see and communicate with spirits. More recently I was laid off from my job and was most upset. That evening I felt that I was communicated to in a dream and I vividly remember being told, not to be upset about my loss of employment because was all part of a plan. I needed to relax I would be dying soon which is why it happened. So, I would have time to relax and spend my time in a more beneficial way. I must tell you there have been other smaller things and even my current friend in the house as heard muffled voices speaking when he enters the house to find no-one hear. I could go on in greater depth but it would take a long time. I am very nervous about this situation and know of no- in my area that deals with such happenings. Can you please tell me what is happening and what I can do? Many Thanks Linda

Insights from Kimmi: Well, I can speak on this one as I have had Spirits in my house for just about as long as I can remember. It does seem like they are trying to pass on a message to you from beyond the grave. However I do not feel that you are necessarily going to die, as much as you need a break to move on to something else. I feel that the message about dying is your own fears of watching the people you care about and I think it always makes us our own mortality. Now there is two things that I know you can do ….you can accept that the Spirits are trying to reach you and give you guidance and you can work with them and remove the fear, though I know that is a difficult one because quite frankly they still scare me from time to time.But it is like they are still around and you need to confront them and tell them you know they are still around and if they have messages to give them to you in such a way that you will understand. The other is that you can smudge your house to get rid of the Spirits, (though honestly if they have something to tell you they will anyways) smudging is generally to get rid of unwanted or restless Spirits. With this you burn some sweetgrass , is the best, or some incense. …it is your intention more so than the tools and you ask the (angels, god, goddesses, Spirits..whatever your belief is) to help guide the restless ghosts to the other side, and cleanse your home. I hope this has helped. love n’ laughter Kimmi

If anyone has any insights, please email me. The problem is, we moved to a house 10 months ago, and the kids and I have had strange experiences.

  • Shoes misplaced and showing up days later.Necklace seen on a shelf and 15 minutes later, seen intricately wrapped around a microphone cord.A checkbook inexplicably missing, found 2 days later in one of the family cars.Car seat adjusted
  • Doors shutting etc…

I think some of this is too mischievous and wonder what the “visitor’s” problem is. Thanks for any insights. Suzanne

Someone wants attention, says Danielle: Hmm, some spirit is definitely wanting your attention here! I’d be curious to know whether previous residents in your home had similar experiences and when this all started…

My best suggestion for now is to start talking to this spirit, tell it that you are no longer amused by its antics… that it is dead, and needs to move on to the light where it will find its own home… tell the spirit that if it has a message to deliver, then deliver it, you’re listening and noticing and then be gone…

I would also investigate the history of the house you are in and the area, the land you are on and is around you. If you can get a sense of who might be visiting you, it can be a bit easier to get them to move on. This is indeed a very serious situation and I can appreciate your concern. I urge you to get some help – or to move.

There are some very good ways to cleanse a home of this kind of energy… spreading sea salt around the edges of every room, smudging it, talking to the spirits, telling them that you are the living person in control of this space now, that you are ordering them to go to their own home… they are dead and that if they go to the light they will find their own home. However, in most cases, the spirits are lighter in energy than I am picking up from your note… in your case, I really feel you need some professional help… perhaps even having a priest or minister come to bless your home (you don’t have to tell them why you want it) will help… but I am afraid that you have a group of lost and rather angry spirits living in your home and it is for this reason that I would recommend getting someone experienced in ghostbusting to help you clear your space.

I hope these insights help – don’t let the fact that no one else can see or hear or feel their presence get you down – you are very sensitive… the least you can do is to approach these spirits in a loving way, call on God to help you to clear your space to take these spirits off to their home… then tell the spirits over and over again that you are the human in charge of this space and that you are there to help them find their own home… tell them to look for the light, to go to the light they see in the distance and there they will find a home that is perfect for them… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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