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Possession: Good or Bad?

Possession – Good or Bad?

Hi guys. I’m speaking on the subject of astral projection and spiritual possession by various entities. I’m a bit of a psychic myself, having prophetic dreams, a bit of clarvoyance and a little telepathy with spirits and deities. I’ve actually found that most possession experiences have been, if anything, helpful rather than harmful. I have a friend who is closely intuned with spirits and various entities and is possessed quite frequently, and never harmfully. My Fiance is actually currently possesed by two other entities at this time, with no seemingly negative results on his part.

Personally I think people should try to be a bit more open to spirits wishing to chat or experience life a little bit more, especially if they’re friendly, and most seem to wish to help out one in need. Sure it’s a bit rattling the first time it happens, especially if its unexpected, but spirits of those past usually are harmless, not having enough energy to even appear visible. One of my guardians happens to be a spirit actually and has proved to be very helpful and protective. I’ve found that spirits only get defensive if the host becomes frightened and insists that the being leave immediately, especially if followed by a threat. Sorry if I’m rambling a bit, but I guess my point would be that not all possessions are bad experiences. We all just have to give those voices in our heads a chance to speak. They just might have something useful or helpful to say. sincerely, Robin Kestrel

That may be very well true in some cases. Some do come to help us and indeed do , just that. But there are others that come because they feel our energy and can stay with us just to take that energy on a daily base. It can therefore weaken the one they are around . Most need to find there way home to the other side and leave the work to the spiritual on this side. Good input from you. Thanks Barbi

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Hi, My name is Krystle, I am a healer, psychic, spiritual teacher, been in this for 26 yrs. I have been plagued by dark entities& earthbound spirits since I was 5 yrs. old, when I was brutally raped. My spirit came out of my body & dark entities came in, there was almost constant sexual abuse & physical abuse also. I had a very cruel father who had dark entities & beat me unmercifully all the time .I became an alcoholic at 12. at 19 spent the next ten yrs. trying to kill myself in various ways,. around the age of 29, a walk-in spirit came in. & took over. My life changed & I quit drinking & got on the spiritual path, the more I developed, the more I attracted these dark entities. I married 5 times, none worked. The entities made my life a living hell. Last yr. was one of the worst yrs. of my life. I suffered such chronic pain, I begged God to take me, it was unbearable, I tried to take sleeping pills, & end my life, I couldn’t do it.

By this time I had learned I was a walk-in, & decided to call in another walk-in, I could not bear the suffering any longer & I had no support, no one to help me to understand. Last Oct I called in a walk-in & asked a good spirit of a high vibration come in & take over for me. This last April, the spirit who was in this body left, & I came in. It has been chaos ever since, this place was loaded with dark entities, I clear them out, but more come. I desperately need a break, I do not want to do this kind of work any longer. I told God I was finished with helping people, with that type of problem, because it keeps me open, to attracting them, they cause me great physical & emotional pain, they create fighting & arguing with my friends & family. My family has abandoned me, they think I’m crazy. Right now I have one friend who has stuck by me, she believes, because she has had them too. A few yrs. ago, they kept me prisoner in my home & tried to starve me to death. My friend, who is also psychic, made a surprise visit one day & was horrified at my appearance, I was near death, she saved my life. Because I ‘ve had to find ways to protect myself & others, and because I know they are there & inform people who have them, & help them get rid of them, I am a big threat to them, so they attack me.

I’ve learned how to get rid of them with certain prayers, & they go, but then more come. I have been involved in 4 car accidents this yr. I know they caused them. I decided to check if the other people involved had them. sure enough, everyone of them. they are so desperate to control us, they’re even attacking domestic animals. My cats how & cry when their around. iIve had many calls from animal lovers who are having extreme changes in their pets behavior, many animals are becoming aggressive& mean after yrs. of being affectionate.

I am 60 yrs. old & have been battling these dark forces for 55 yrs. I have surfed the internet for ways to protect myself. some have worked for awhile, & some I do does get rid of them, however more come. they are really attacking us lightworkers now, we are a big threat to them. I’ve been told I am too open, & that’s why they can come in. So I’m trying to keep myself closed, except when iIm doing my psychic work.

There is some positive news about this, and that is spirit is clearing them off the planet now, they cannot come with us into the higher realms, so spirit is clearing them up. If anybody would like to comment on this,or if you would like the depossession prayers, I will send them to you, or if you can offer me any tips on dealing with this, I would be very grateful. I would like to express my deepest gratitude & love to this wonderful website for providing us with tools & help & support to help us get through these trying times, you have no idea how many of us are trying desperately to hold on till we ascend into the higher realms, you are our life-line, many of us would never make it without your love & support, God bless you, for being there for us, through this shift of the ages. In love & light Krystle

Krystle, Thanks for writing, and I would be happy to have the depossession prayers, they might be useful to others… my best suggestion to you is to work on keeping your vibrational frequency high – love, light and laughter… and lots of it!!! the darker energies cannot get to us when our vibrational frequencies are higher than theirs… this takes a tremendous amount of work on self, but I can tell you from experiences, that even beginning the work, clearing the negative thoughts from within has an awesome effect… try the cleansing bath with the jinx article on our site… as you have discovered, though, it is an ongoing work – as much a function of the dysfunctions on the planet as our own personal issues and push to grow… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

A follow-up…

I am so Thankful, to have been able to help my mom’s spirit into the light. I also checked many other of my family & friends, who have passed over, and found out, that their spirits were still here, and lovingly took them into the Light, where they belong. Wow ! What an incredible lesson, I’ve learned. I would be very happy to send you these depossession prayers, they have literally saved my life. Please let me know here to send them. I’ve learned how to lift my vibrations, so they’re not around me as much. I have been learning how to chant & tone, this lifts your vibrations very quickly. I have been able to get myself, out of that dark hole, up into the light & a higher Vibration by chanting & toneing for 10 or 15 minutes. It really works. Thank you for your feedback & advice, in love and light, Krystle

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