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On Being Spirit Mediums

On Being Spirit Mediums

By Victoria Pitt

First a Note About Spiritualism

Spiritualism in the connection between those who have crossed over and those that live on the earth plane. Someone who works in spirit and works as a channel between spirit and those living on earth is called a Medium. You may have heard the old quip that all Mediums are psychic but all psychics are not mediums.

When we pass over (Hate to use the word death because nothing ever truly dies) we live on, but on a different plane and at a different vibration that we did in life on earth. Usually we are not visible to those living an earthly life.

A loved one often can sense the presence of the spiritual one but cannot confidently communicate.

You need to know too that animals who have been loved and given their own soul can become spirit as well.

A medium can communicate with the spirit and bring messages. Like in any form of communication the more we can hear from the person asking about their loved one the easier it is to communicate for the medium. Many feel that is shall we say cheating. In the spiritualist church or when working as a platform medium, (bringing messages to a crowd or an individual, the more voice connection we have from the person asking the better the connection. we do not need to know the name of the spirit or their birthdate or even a description. The sound of your voice and your desire to communicate will usually bring that loved one through.

In readings such as these found here we often ask for a name or even a birthdate or even where they lived or what relationship they were to you because: We do not get to hear the sound of your voice or to have much of a personal connection with you so we need words.

Any kind of words actually will work if there are enough of them.

There are parts of our universe which can only be seen by a highly tuned telescope. This is like spirit word being opened by a medium who is the telescope for the revelation of the ones in spirit.

Spirits seldom sit and pine for those they have left behind but they work from their side to bring all things good to their loved ones. But remember there is limited things they can perform. Sending love and strength to those on earth is the easy act, but actual communication with those that are not trained to perform this act is tiring and exhausting for the spirit person.

They have to learn to do this as we would have to go to school to learn Morse code. Interfering with electricity and anything electronic is perhaps the easiest for them to learn. I have the standard candle use which nearly anybody can use.

Connection though is limited to only certain times or events and sometimes the spirit person is just not there for the person wishing to receive.

People who have very recently passed or been ill a very long time or who have been killed by being broken up need to have a healing time before starting their communication with ease. Saying that there are those who cross and are ready to talk immediately. To me these are the old souls who have been there many times before and recall all the methods of communication.

In a reading it is often important to say how long ago that loved one passed as it helps us understand that perhaps the channel is not yet clear. It has often happened that the joy of final communication is so exciting that words get mixed up as everything spills forth.

Hope you can understand that this relationship cannot be standardized. We can try to be the channel or the “Phone Line” for Spirit. Sometimes they show us things and we don’t understand the meaning of the item and we tend to put our own spin on it and we get it wrong.

Seeing the pictures and hearing the words often requires that we translate for the sitter (client) and we can get it wrong.

Not every medium hears (that is the most accurate) but pictures are common and I hear the words as well but in a clipped manner.

Remember too what facts that were important on earth may hold no interest when in spirit.

We can only do our best. Love, Victoria


Being a Medium is like acting as a direct line between those in Spirit and those who live on the earthplane. There are also different types of Mediums. There is what is known as the Mental Medium. These Mediums are clairvoyant and clairsensient and rarely but sometimes clairaudient. Being clairaudient is perhaps the rarest of all gifts. The ability to hear Spirit is a gift that simplifies the Medium’s interpretation. It is a rare gift, of great accuracy and doesn’t need interpretation.

All Mediums are psychic. (All psychics are not Mediums). We all hear words from time to time. Mediums specialize in knowing how to interpret the visions and the knowing. Few Mediums are what could be considered totally natural. Most of us need some sort of training and there are institutions that specialize in training Mediums. The training consists of helping the medium to understand and interpret what she is seeing and feeling. The best of these institutions are found in Britain.

There are Trance Mediums who give their body and vocal chords to a kind and benevolent guide who often alters the facial features and the voice. They give channeled information and it is profound and wonderful information. This is not channeling higher self but true Spirit. It is not necessary that these guides speak in jargon or accents. They are capable of speaking good English. Jane Roberts had such a relationship with Seth.

Does everyone have guides? The answer is no, the guides come when needed and requested. We do have spiritual companions who are what we may interpret to be Guardian Angels. If our quest is for greater spiritual knowledge, then we are given guides to help us on our journey. When we choose to work for the benefit of mankind we can be assigned these guides.

There are Physical Mediums. This is a very rare and wonderful gift and perhaps the envy of all Mediums. They are perhaps the Wizards from days of yore. They can take the energy of their body and direct it into manifestations of Spirit but they often need the energy from other “sitters” as well. They take the energy directed from the sitters and then multiply it with their own. They can form coloured balls of light that will float through a room. I have been able to do this. They can bring through voices in the seance trumpets. Apports can be brought forth (tangible gifts from Spirit). Spirit can be brought forth in bodies as solid as yours and mine and can be physically touched. The ectoplasm used comes from the body of the Medium and is exhausting. My body gives of ectoplasm but I have not brought forth Spirit as yet. This power must always be used for good and to ease suffering. It is a way of offering proof of the afterlife. It takes a dedicated group of sitters to sit only for the benefit of the Physical Medium and not for their own development.

Without access to training the best way to develop one’s own spiritual talent is to sit in what I call a sharing and development circle. These circles are not meant for any one person to continually show how gifted they are. This is time for each person in the group to share what they have learned and experienced, and to take advantage of the group energy to more easily connect with Spirit.

The three things that I learned in training is that to develop and to be effective you have to practice the three “H”s: HUMILITY, HONESTY AND HUMOUR. The greatest Mediums I have ever met are humble and normal people. They wore suits and were well groomed people who fit in anywhere. It is important that we be creditable people even though we may considered weird or strangely gifted by some. A willingness to share what we know, to be forthright and direct with answers, and then to laugh, not only makes it easier to develop and enhance one’s ability as a Medium, but also to enjoy being a Medium.

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