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Knock on the Head Could be a Call From Spirit

A Knock on the Head Could be a Call From Spirit…

In May of 1998 I was involved in a car accident. It was one of those kind that you can see coming but don’t have anyway to get away from. Actually, I was parked off the road and hit by a truck. And yes, everything does seem to be happening in slow motion. As the truck was being knocked toward my car a small child lifted the truck over my car and deposited on the other side of my vehicle.(See front page of the Delaware Gazette dated May 19, 1998.) It took me awhile to figure out that I wasn’t crazy and to piece together who this small girl was.

Thirty-five years ago my best friend was a little girl named Cindy. We were close child-hood friends. We played together often because our parents were close friends, and we were both only children. Cindy was two years older than I was. She also died at much too young of an age. Cindy passed away at the age of eight from leukemia.

I am not a deeply religious person. I’m what you would call a Chreaster. Catholic, attending church on Christmas and Easter. I know I carry on conversations at night with Cindy. I can often remember the entire dialogue the next mourning. My wife also listens to my half of the conversation and will ask me if “I had a good visit” last night. I believe I have a guardian spirit. I am not afraid of her, nor do I ever feel abandoned or alone. I’m told, by Cindy, that everyone has someone like this. We may not know it, but we all do. What are your thoughts?

Next issue. Now that you know the back ground, maybe you can explain why I seem to get visitations from others. These are often spirits of people I have no idea as to who they are. They are never scary. Most of the time they are trying to find their way home. What does this mean? One night my wife told me I carried on a half hour conversation in fluent German or Dutch. The only tie to either of those is that my grandmother was a German-Dutch immigrant. None of the visitations occurred until after my accident, and I was reintroduced to Cindy. Oh yeah, just a note. In regards to the accident. The only injury I sustained was a small piece of glass in my little finger, the car was totaled.

If you can make any sense of any of this, I would appreciate your response. Thank you. Rick

Sometimes we need a knock on the head to wake us up to who we really are… the accident was your knock on the head…

You clearly have some very real mediumship abilities and would be encouraged to study more – check out our Ask the Medium pages for some ideas and suggested reading… certainly, it would be important for you to learn to meditate and to practice daily, and also to keep a journal of your experiences – you can gain a lot of insight on yourself and your world though this exercise and it serves both to help you remember more of the connections, but also to anchor them so that you can gain the learning and act on what you are learning… I would also recommend that you look up one of the Spiritualist Churches in your area… they usually offer a variety of programs that are useful for natural mediums like you.

It is actually surprising how many folks are involved in some way or another – consciously or not – in helping souls to cross over… I have learned through some personal experiences that some souls need a helping hand to other side, and they will often seek out someone in their soul network to help them find their way… obviously, in some dimensions you are known as someone who knows a safe way through the tree of life, and the souls from the other side find you…. my guides once joked that there was a sign posted in the astral plane telling folks that they could knock on my door if they had a message to pass on, but that they would be expected to deliver their message and move on.

When you encounter these souls, your job is to get them to the other side… the easiest way to do this is to tell the souls to go to the light, to follow the light that they can see and it will take them to their true home where they will find everything they need and have been seeking.

Cindy, as far as I know, is right about everyone having guides or guardian angels – it’s just that so many folks are afraid to believe or to trust, or so closed that they are unable to make the connections… you are blessed in being able to communicate – and in the knowing… now follow up and learn more about who you really are and what you are really capable of…

Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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