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Connecting With the Spirits of Loved Ones

Connecting With the Spirits of Loved Ones

Why Can’t She Make the Connection?

Here we respond to one of the most frequently asked questions about connecting with spirits:

My mom’s best friend of many many years died just a little over a year ago, she had hepatitis B – she got very depressed and drank heavily, she got very sick and the hospital said she had less than a week to live. My mom was there with her the whole week before she died. My mom has not yet gotten over this she has barely eaten barely ever sleeps and is very sad and mad not only because she’s gone but also that she has not and/or received a sign from her friend whom has crossed over to let her know that she’s okay. My mom believes that she will not be able to go on until she gets a sign from her so my question is how can my mom get such a sign from her friend that has past on? We all just want our old mom back. Angela

By constant heavy mourning we are holding the soul close to and earthly plane. That is why she is not receiving any communication. The other aspect of this is that the more ill the person is when they cross the longer they are held in a healing level. The best action the mourner can take to speed her friend up in her spiritual evolution is to pray for her, send blessings for having had her in her life as a friend and release her with love and rejoicing for the peace she will eventually find when her healing is done and she is allowed to take her place on an elevated spiritual plane. Victoria

The Lights Went Out

I just sent you an e-mail regarding my fathers death. I just wanted to add that the sensor lights outside my parents house went off the night my father died, & didn’t come back on until a day after his funeral. No one could figure out what was wrong. Kitchen lights also went for a brief period of time. Thank You again, Sylvia

Lights going out like this are actually a rather common phenomenon around death… it is thought that the spirit will hang around this plane, attend its own funeral, and finally leaves for the other side only after the funeral – so the light going back on was indicative that your father had made it safely to the other side. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Dad Wants to Be Noticed

My father passed away in ’91. My mother has dreamed of him several times, which she says give her great comfort and seems to put her heart at ease. I, on the other hand, haven’t dreamed of him. But a little more than two years ago, I noticed strange things, which I thought were just my imagination. Things happening, as one day looking for an item, not being able to find it, only to then find it right where I was looking for it the very next day.

But the strangest is all, is that after a night’s sleep, I will awaken to find that the rings on my fingers have been changed, or that they are totally off my fingers and are laying on the nightstand. I have not mentioned this incident to anyone, however, I have checked with my children and have been told by them that I do not talk in my sleep, nor snore, and I do not sleepwalk. I am at a loss. Can you give me some help on what is going on???? Pam

I have a sense that Dad, or someone from the other side is playing with you…. there are many ways that psychic and mediumship abilities will manifest. Some folks have dreams, others make their connections in more subtle ways. Check out the works of Craig Hamilton, I think you will find them helpful in understanding what is happening… this is not a malicious, angry spirit, just someone wanting to let you know they’re around and they care for you….. someone who may be a little concerned about your circulation for some reason and wants to be sure the rings don’t cause you any problems… perhaps there is something going on in your life right now that they want you to feel supported in… don’t be afraid to ask your ancestors, parents etc, relatives on the other side to help you with your life… giving those who have passed on a specific task, especially if it relates to something significant or lacking in their previous life, can be very helpful for everyone… My sense is that this person/soul wants you to ask for help, so he can give it… this is a good soul who knows the rules about not interfering in another’s life without being asked… so he’s trying to let you know that he’s available if you’ll just ask. Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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