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Connecting with Spirit: Communicating with Relatives on the Other Side

Connecting with Spirit: Communicating with Relatives on the Other Side

Help Me Contact Grandma

Hello, and thank you for taking my question. I am trying desperately to communicate with my Grandmother who passed on Aug. 05, 2001. I have had several comforting dreams about her lately but would like to experience her presence while awake. What should I look for, be aware of or do to encourage a visit from my Grandma? I ask for signs but see and feel nothing. Am I missing something? Jennifer Gammage

It is best to try to contact her during meditation and ask her for the signs she intends to use to contact you. Sometimes it might be her mind infused into yours. It may be that she is still learning how to do the contacting of those she loves. Send blessings to her and good thoughts and thanks for knowing her in this lifetime. Those thoughts advance the soul very quickly and speed her on her learning journey.For the most wonderful book to help you understand and to work on your contact try reading, What To Do When You Are DeadCraig Hamilton-Parker. ISBN: 0806929960 . Although the title sounds bizarre it is the most enlightening book about death and the afterlife and opens a real door to understanding. It also helps you to work with those in spirit for the contact you hope to have. I know Craig and he is a no-nonsense medium and writes a very easy to understand book.If you wished you could try using a lit candle (Never leave it unattended) and talk to your grandmother. Watch the flame. You will often get a response from it by it burning extra high and bright as you talk to it and ask questions. Sometimes real contact can be established because influencing the flame is easier for those in spirit to start with. Love, Victoria

My Daughter is Still Around

One of the things I do seek, is an ability (in some way-if possible) to communicate with my young daughter that has past– I will share a few things that has happened (are happening) that make me feels she is still here with me. As a very sentimental person I keep things around that remind me of my daughter. She was just over 2 years old when she passed. So I still have many of her toys. This one toy was a talking ball that could be activated by touch. It has been her most favorite toy to play with since she has passed. She is always setting it off– especially when I’m sad and thinking a lot about her. I have moved since she died (3-26-2000), and this is still continuing but not as often. One night while I was laying on my bed talking to my girlfriend on the phone I felt a little person step up on my bed and walk all around and finally came and sat by my side. When I told my girlfriend what I thought was going on and mentioned my daughter by name I felt a warm spot on my side as if she reached out and touched me. At the side of my bed I have her favorite doll sitting –where she sat she could reach that baby doll. The next morning the doll had been moved. By the way I should tell you I live alone and am alone most of the time. There have been TVs turned on, these kind of things going on in my home not to name the different feelings and situations. No it hasn’t scared me, I just want to be able to communicate with her. Thanks again Lynette

I know your daughter is there with you.. She communicates with you when you need inspiration and a push.. She will always be there for you as she is your angel. Try just to accept that she is there and all will move along just fine. Be sure to always put white light around you as you only want her angel there. Her message is that she wants you to move on in life and let her see you happy. Try to meditate while holding something of hers close to you. Please let us know how things go and keep in touch. Love and light Barb

I started to receive messages a few years ago which I was propelled to write down – loving messages from various different sources such as guardians of the blue lamp and brothers of the eighth realm.When I receive these messages, I always see a yellow, vibrant, spider like energy filling the room. Are these messages coming from me, as in my higher self, or are they messages from spirit? Maureen,

For whatever it’s worth, when I feel into the messages that you get, what I see is communication with others, not with your Higher Self- so I think these are really telepathic conversations with people in other realms. How exciting! Barb Huning

I have had a lot of different spiritual experiences all my life but have only recently started trying to understand them and develop them. All of the women from my mother’s side of the family have similar abilities and my mother and I have often corroborated each other’s experiences. A couple of nights ago when I went to bed I spoke out loud to my spiritual guides, asking them to reveal themselves to me so that we could meet and see each other and talk. This is because lately I have been feeling as though I was getting very strong messages from them – even helping me click my neck back into alignment one night when I had a very bad headache. I had no idea what form such a meeting might take so when I started hearing noises I was a bit put off – of course I realised later that it was the wind moving the blind in my study. Anyway, at one stage I said my brother’s name out loud and I made sure I tried to surround myself with white light (my brother died nearly 12 years ago and I often feel that I am getting very strong messages from him – including jokes). I relaxed my body and calmed my mind and after about an hour or so I suddenly (and very briefly) saw the brightest colours including a beautiful hot pink, I heard a lovely deep man’s voice say my name, I felt REALLY happy and I wanted to laugh. I was so surprised that I instantly snapped out of it. Being disappointed with myself, I said “I heard you say my name and I’ll try to get back there” or something like that. By this time I was lying on my side and everything went light green. The air I was breathing felt like it was full of life and it also felt like I was eating it. I seemed to be going through a tunnel and then the light went yellow and then back to green. The light I could see changed into various shades of green several times. Also I felt like I was all crowded up into the top part of my head. In the end I just wanted to go to sleep because it was about 2.30 am and I had to go to work the next day. This was just amazing but after looking at your website I am now not entirely sure what happened. I would really appreciate your insight if you have any. regards, Amanda

From the sounds of it, hon, you were moving through your channel, you could say the tree of life… the pink and green light are about the heart energy that you had opened up to and my sense is that your guides were sending you some healing energy… the sense of being all crowded up at the top of your head was probably due to several factors – blockages in your lower chakras which meant the energy couldn’t circulate through your system properly, and also that you are likely working too much from your head… allowing your mind too much control, when you also need toallow feelings, body and heart some play…

My feeling is that you tapped into some very good energy, but in order to make it accessible to you on an ongoing basis, you will need to do some homework… first on getting your life more in balance, and second on the spiritual aspects of this so you will understand what is occurring when you get things moving again… meditation is very useful for helping you to clear and tune in, and I urge you to get some energy work done, Reiki or some healing from one of the folks at the spiritualist churches – can be very useful for balancing your energy. Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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I have a dream to share.But it’s not a dream, it TRULY HAPPENED when I was a young child. I share this because it is disrupting my waking days. I’ll try to make it as short as possible. True Story I was walking down Main Street in my village, heading for the store.I was about 8 or 10 yrs old. I saw a bunch of people gathered in between the Post Office and the Laundromat .I was curious to see what they were looking at, so I stopped. I saw this man hanging by a rope at the top of the hallway stairs. I was so frightened that I never told anyone when I got home. I have never spoken about this until turning to you! Why is this man periodically coming to me in my sleep all these years? (I will be 48 this Dec 28th) What does he want of me? All my other experiences, when one would come to me in sleep state. They would let me know what they want of me. This one says nothing tho! It’s VERY disturbing. I have told him, You are dead, you dont belong here, go to the light. But that hasn’t worked. Anything you can advise me, share with me.ANYTHING that would be helpful .I’d really appreciate. Doreen

He is not coming to you as a spirit, nor does he want anything from you… it is just that you are haunted by a terrible memory that registered in your psyche as a child – you are still trying to process this… might be a good idea to see a therapist… here’s a note from one of the other people on our team… Hope it helps some. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

there is nobody coming or going , it is a deep stress pattern trapped in your body and psyche trying to release itself. It would be good for you to see an EFT or NLP or both therapist. This can be released in one session or two. Many war vets, accident victims have these haunting visions and dreams for 40 years EFTworks usually first time. Sherie’


My name is Maria Teresa Langridge. I believe totally in Reincarnation,and aim to prove to the whole damn world that it exists. I was wondering if there were any others out there who would like to join me in accomplishing this. At no expense to themselves, as I am willing to foot the bill. Why should we have to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to a medium, to be told that our loved ones are around us and okay. We want to be able to hold them, love them, protect them just as before. Be part of their lives again for God’s sake. I believe I have come up with some sort of solution with regards to finding them again so we can be reunited sooner rather than later.. And It seems quite a simple one to me. So simple in fact I can’t for the life of me see why it hasn’t been thought of before. The answer I believe is this! when the mediums are communicating with them why can’t they first ask where the voice is coming from. Then to ask how they are, and then to go on to ask if they would like to be reunited with their loved ones again. It makes perfect sense to me. Arrangements could then be made for them to meet up again. I lost my husband Richard James Langridge, the love of my life in July 2001, and am currently in the process of trying to locate him again. .And know the above would help everyone to do the same not just me. I would welcome your comments on the above. Thank you for taking to time to read this letter and I look forward to receiving your reply. Love and Best Wishes Always. Maria xxx

A note follows from my partner Mary-Anne, but I wanted to add some notes of my own… first off, based on every transition I have participated in, our loved ones are waiting for us on the other side… I have watched families gather in other dimensions as someone on this side prepared to pass… they are there to help them cross and to reach out and welcome them “home”, to help them accustom themselves to life in spirit… often even beloved pets will be waiting for us. Secondly, again from the transitions I have seen, our loved ones are very much with us on this side, can tune into us with ease, as they wish… the challenge on this side is noticing them… although this is not always true – in times of traumatic death, or fearful circumstances, and depending on a soul’s belief systems, we can get lost in transition, literally lose our way in the wheel of life… you may find the works of Craig Hamilton useful in your research.

Finally, I have a little trouble understanding your concept of location…I have never found it an issue to find a person on the other side… however, it is often very difficult for the families to make the same kind of direct connection that I am able to… I have begun to recognize this as part of the grieving process… your husband cannot easily connect with you directly right now because of the risk of getting caught up in your earth-bound grief (and his own) and literally getting grounded or stuck in this plane… but he will be there waiting for you when your time comes, and he is watching you and caring about what goes on in your life, still… I hope these insights are useful to you, see the note following… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I wish you the best of luck and you should follow your hearts promptings on this one. Just a short comment that the idea of finding where they are is different in the dimension they are in as opposed to ours. In other words, the answer may not be a physical location but another dimension. However – you sound impassioned and with strong convictions and we wish you all the very best in this pursuit. Mary-Anne

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