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About Poltergeists

About Poltergeists

Do poltergeists exist? If all souls go to the same place, what happens to the evil people, why do they interfere with the living, why does God allow the dead to interfere with the living. There is a poltergeist or evil spirit trying to enter my soul. It moves around constantly causing pressure points that are painful. If this is not another evil soul, then what is it? Who is causing it and why?

Please look at my original inquiry for details of what happened to me. How can I get rid of this evil thing?

The original inquiry: In 1991 I had a frightening experience with poltergeists in a building in San Francisco . It probably took 20 years off my life. My bed was shaking, strang noises and screaming, phone ringing constantly. I left to go back to Seattle and it followed me here. I could hear two people outside my house, speaking a strange language, one was trying to get into my soul, and the other was trying to stop it. This happened often. Three times spirits entered my body for a short period of time, it did not control my mind but could physical control my ability to breathe or cause physical pain with pressure points. Why did it pick me? I hear noises outside my window all the time, screaming, music, etc and nothing is out there. One time I heard this scratchy voice saying I’m going to kill you. Where is God,my grandparents, guardian angels?

Poltergeists are not real spirits but rather lower forms of energy that we kind of push out of ourselves in anger and resentment… so poltergeist our own energy that has been kind of disowned, it is about energy gone a bit wild, and it is most often associated with young people who are in a period of chemical/hormonal imbalance and live in environments where there is a lot of anger or some deep issue…. The energy disappears when the environment calms down…

The first thing I must suggest is that you have a long talk with your family doctor about what is going on for you – what you are experiencing is not typical of the spirit world, but rather very often indication of some chemical or bi-polar disorder, so I think it is important that you get checked out…. and the sense of pressure could be more about the onset of arthritis or some other nervous disorder – this is not usual spirit behavior, at least not in the way you have described.

You could try some spiritual healing, look up the spiritualist churches in your. area, they are very helpful in situations like this.

When we are feeling under attack by negative energies it is because we have allowed ourselves to get locked in fear and all of the negative emotions associated with fear, like anger, resentment, jealousy, helplessness, and other feelings of being a victim… and to stop the attack, we raise our vibrational frequencies with lots of love, laughter and good feelings… you can clear your house with smudging, or place a line of sea salt around every room… but I really think you need to work on changing your thoughts and feelings… read the book “the Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy for some good ideas on how you can shift things and start feeling better…

This plane is the plane of free will… God created us in His Image – with His creative abilities and gave us the choice of how to be with them… but most of us have forgotten that we are fragments of the One, expressions of His creativity,… still, He gave us free will, He will not take it back… it is up to us to choose the path of Light…these things happen so that we will learn to recover our power… you are stronger than any dark force that may wish to play around you, so long as you are united with the One, and strong in your belief that you are One. Call on God and your angels and guides to help you and they will… I hope this helps some. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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