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Spirit Mediums: Making Connections with the Other Side

Spirits connect with those folks who can see, hear, feel or otherwise sense them, an ability that comes naturally to many people. Most of us discover that we are mediums through some spontaneous event – a visit from the other side becomes a fascinating wake up call. Here we delve into spiritualism, the world of spirit, and the mediums who connect with them.

Why do these spirits come to me?

Like everyone else, I was puzzled by my first encounters with spirit, wondering why me? Even when it was a relative coming, I wondered why they would pick me among the dozens of others they might have visited. My guides once answered this question with a big laugh, “What, you didn’t know? You have a sign up on the astral plane, saying “willing to take messages, on one condition: you must leave the message and go. No hanging around!”

When visitors inquire about why a spirit would come to them, my usual response is simply “because you have your lights on upstairs.” Many of us are natural mediums, born with the ability to connect with spirits on the other side, perhaps a result of work we have done in previous lifetimes… I can’t say for sure why… why is anyone gifted with any particular talent? The gift of mediumship though appears to be obvious to those on the other side…. as if all of the natural mediums on planet earth are lit up like radio beacons so any spirit who needs help can find them.

As you will see in the many letters contained in these pages, spirit usually has a purpose in connecting with us, in allowing themselves to be seen.. many are confused, all want help. Some don’t even know they are dead, and are wandering around in a kind of limbo-state, stuck somewhere between planet earth and the astral plane. But it does take a certain amount of training, a basic understanding of the role of a medium, to effectively offer help…. and to protect oneself from the lower astral energies that can come in when the channel is open… these energies can wreak havoc in our lives unless we know how to clear them from our spaces regularly… and avoid the problem altogether.

There are many forms of spiritualism, channeling is one that many have come to know, a way of connecting for guidance with entities from other dimensions as well as our higher selves. To be a medium means that you will meditate often – and deeply. Victoria summarizes what being a medium is all about:

Being a Medium is like acting as a direct line between those in Spirit and those who live on the earthplane. The three things that I learned in training is that to develop and to be effective you have to practice the three “H”s, HUMILITY, HONESTY AND HUMOUR. The greatest Mediums I have ever met are humble and normal people. They wore suits and were well groomed people who fit in anywhere. It is important that we be creditable people even though we may be considered weird or strangely gifted by some. A willingness to share what we know, to be forthright and direct with answers, and then to laugh, not only makes it easier to develop and enhance one’s ability as a Medium, but also to enjoy being a Medium.

Unexplained Visitors

If anyone has any insights, please email me. The problem is, we moved to a house 10 months ago, and the kids and I have had strange experiences.

  • Shoes misplaced and showing up days later.
  • Necklace seen on a shelf and 15 minutes later, seen intricately wrapped around a microphone cord.
  • A checkbook inexplicably missing, found 2 days later in one of the family cars.
  • Car seat adjusted
  • Doors shutting etc…

I think some of this is too mischievous and wonder what the “visitor’s” problem is. Thanks for any insights. Suzanne

Hmm, some spirit is definitely wanting your attention here! I’d be curious to know whether previous residents in your home had similar experiences and when this all started…

My best suggestion for now is to start talking to this spirit, tell it that you are no longer amused by its antics… that it is dead, and needs to move on to the light where it will find its own home… tell the spirit that if it has a message to deliver, then deliver it, you’re listening and noticing and then be gone…

I would also do a little investigation into the history of the house you are in and the area, the land you are on and is around you.

If you can get a sense of who might be visiting you, it can be a bit easier to get them to move on.

hope that helps a bit… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Spirits drop in unexpectedly for a lot of reasons… often just for a last good-bye, to let a loved one know they are safely across… often they have a specific message to pass on… Some are trapped… and yet others are intent on possessing a body… one of the most frequent reasons for seeing spirits is to give us a wake up call, a Knock on the Head, to help us see that there is so much more to life than our outer senses recognize…. the world is much larger than we are taught in geography… and far more complex. Here we invite you to explore the world of spirit…

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