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by Shelly Stokes

The term, “soulmate” brings to most of us the idea of halves being brought together. The definition is often similar to the following. A soulmate is one of 2 persons who provides for the other a sense of instant understanding or unification. The individual is not complete until he or she is united with this other individual. Once this unification takes place, all things are possible.

Those who we feel are soulmates are those soul entities with whom we have much unfinished work. They are reincarnations of family members or close friends who have been taken away abruptly in past lives. So, yes, there is work to do, but you can move forward in this life without these “soulmates” as your lifetime romantic partners.

The affinity between the soul energies is high, so the tendency to repeat the karmic patterns, both easeful and difficult, is strong. When you encounter this energy it usually helps you to move forward and cleanse difficult karma, if you can take time to meditate and strengthen your chakric energy. Then you and the soulmate energy entity can move most easily forward, whether or not that means romantic pairing in this Earth plane lifetime.

The meeting of the soulmate and the sense of instant understanding is an opportunity for karmic advancement, not your only chance for romantic happiness. The soulmate meeting allows you to move forward spiritually but also has a high risk of creating more karmic scarring due to the ease of simply repeating last lifetime rhythms.

You do not have one soulmate as your only possibility for romantic fulfillment. Your chances for romantic happiness are endless and are maximized by your sense of being complete within yourself.

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