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Tapping into your soul memory to recover a past life can explain a lot about today.. and can be incredibly healing….freeing you to explore options that you might never have considered.

Past Life Memories

If people don’t remember their past lives, then how do they move to the next level in the new life? Basically, if every time they are “born again” they have to relearn everything then how do they ever get to the next level? For instance, I’ll take myself as an example. I have just recently began to study reincarnation. But I don’t remember any past lives. If I don’t remember any, then how do I learn from them? Also, Does past life regression really work, and is it a good idea? Do souls have a spiritual birth? Like a person has a physical birth? Could I be on my first (re)incarnation? Or have souls just always existed? And if they have just always existed, then how can I comprehend a no beginning no end existence? If crib deaths are because the spirit was not ready to take on the world again, then what does it mean when young children (1-5 years old) die? What is the meaning (or reason ) for diseases like aids or cancer? There have been numerous occasions where electrical equipment has failed or acted strangely in my husband’s presence. Examples: a cd that played fine for me skipped like crazy when he got in the car, a stereo wouldn’t get any reception when he was in the room and finally quit all together. the alarm system at our work place would not set correctly. I might add that this stuff seemed to happen when he was in an extreme mood. such as very angry or very sad. What does this mean? I hope you can answer my questions. Eden

About your question regarding learning and whether it’s necessary to remember our past lives: the important thing to remember here is that we learn constantly, and the learning occurs and stays regardless of whether we remember the details of the situation in which the learning took place.

For example, you learned to walk when you were a toddler, but do you remember learning how to walk? Probably not! I sure don’t! I think our evolution is continuous. We may have a kind of amnesia about other lives, and about the time we spend in between lives, and about what our souls do at night while we are sleeping. But what we do and experience during those times do impact, in our subconscious, in our superconscious, how we think and feel afterward. We just don’t know it. Does this make sense?

So, when we have another life, we do not relearn, we pick up where we left off and continue learning and refining ourselves.

My personal opinion about the use of remembering past lives is something like this:

In exactly the same way that psychotherapy which helps a person identify the reasons for reactions, feelings, by taking the person back to childhood memories, to make sense of reactions in the present which don’t seem to fit the current situation, past life therapy can help in the same way- to help you put your finger on why you feel or react a certain way which feels out of place with a current situation. It just helps you understand yourself. And it can help you know sometimes, how you can bring yourself more fully into the present- if you are reacting or acting in a way that doesn’t serve you, because of fears learned in the past, uncovering the original fear and the situation it came from can help you to disconnect the fear from the present. You say to yourself, “Oh! I am getting scared because this situation is somewhat similar to that old one. However, there are differences now, and I don’t need to be afraid in the same way”. Also, you can take steps to release the emotions from the past that you may have held in. Allow yourself to grieve fully, express the fear, release that pent-up emotion. That also can help you move on and live more fully in the present, unencumbered by old baggage.

Remembering other lives can also simply be fun- and feel good. It’s like opening a trunk of old pictures that you haven’t thought of for ages. It gives us a deep feeling of satisfaction.

However, I have also seen people become caught up in a need to explore and remember past lives- thinking that they can not learn or heal unless they uncover everything. And this can be a trap, a diversion. It’s not necessary to remember to heal. And it is possible to drag one’s feet, to wait to make changes, by diverting into things like this. I always remind people that the key to healing is action in the present. Warmly, Barb Huning

I feel I know this woman, but we’ve never met….

I was born in 1984, I have met my mother’s parents who are from the North of England and I have met my father’s father, my father’s mother Joan died before I was born, it is only recently I have been told she actually committed suicide. Apparently my grandfather was not a very good husband, he would come home from work and go straight to the men’s workers’ club, Joan would have everything to do, look after two young children, clean the house – everything. Joan was prone to blackouts, and one night whilst bathing my aunt Susan who was 18 months old at the time, she had a blackout, the baby slipped under the water and died, that was the end, the following week Joan put my father to bed then drank half a bottle of whiskey (she never drank) and threw herself off a bridge into a fast flowing river, she couldn’t swim.

The thing is when I look at her picture, I feel as if I did know her, I really do, it’s like I’m looking at a photo of someone I have known for years, what is going on because it is so strange? I’ve never met her in my life and I know little about her. Is it possible I have known her before?

Also how do you know for sure if you have lived a previous life, because I have such an extreme fascination with the Edwardian era particularly the years 1905, 1912 and 1913, other than that I like anything to do with the years up to 1929, I love the clothes, the music, everything I sometimes feel like that’s the period I should have been born into, is it possible that I could have been there? Please help……..thank you. (Gary from England)

There can be several reasons for your affinity with Joan, it is possible that you are her reincarnation, or at least that you were around at the same time she was and knew her well… Given the strong connection, I might also suggest that there are important lessons from that life that you are working through in this, so look at the ways that your life parallels hers and decide to take a different course… and yes, it is very likely that you had a life in Edwardian times, given that you are so keen to know about that period, and that probably you lived and could have had a “high time of it” in the period before 1929 – since that was the year of the big crash, it is possible that that was also a very dark time for you, and that is why the period after that is of less interest to you… I also sense that it is possible that you checked out about that time… typically, when we remember the way you have, it is because there was something unresolved from that life, a lesson that you are working out in some way in this.. One of the things that strikes me about both these memories is the theme of suicide… you may find that at some point in your life you are being challenged to see the bright side and to fight instead of taking flight…Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I’d like to start by letting you guys know how I found your : site. An instructor of mine had pulled me aside one day to talk to me about a problem I have within myself. The problem I have is that whenever I talk about myself in public I cry uncontrollably. I can speak in front of large crowds about anything you ask but as soon as I start talking about myself I begin to cry uncontrollably. He was telling me about reincarnation and how he believed that my crying was because I was refused life in a past life or that living a regular life was refused. The impression he gave me about that was that perhaps I was a slave or was murdered. He went into more detail about his religion but I didn’t pay full attention. It made me a little nervous. I now believe that my nervousness was because he seemed to be on key. I was hoping to find information based on what I remembered him saying to me. That is how I came across your website. Now, my husband thinks my sisters and I are all wierdos because we see ghosts, spirits, animals that aren’t visible to the average eye. My first experience with this was as a child. There was an angel like person standing at the side of my bed waiting for me to wake up and when I would wake up the person would hold their hand out to me as though to give me something. When I would reach out the person would disappear. I was never afraid, I was almost excited to see them standing there. I didn’t have anymore experiences til I was about 15. My new talent is that I have predicted every death in mine and my husbands family since 1997. Not that I knew who and when but a very familiar sense of dread or grief in any time between a few days or a few months before finding out, and the sensation doesn’t go away until the person gets sick or is found dead. I don’t know how I am able to know and see these things and I don’t know how to tap into it and make my abilities stronger. I would like to know and that is why I write to you today. I don’t really know what it is I am asking of you. I hope you know where I’m going with this and what you need to say to me to help me along.

It sounds to me like you are carrying a lot of inner pain. When someone enquires about you it brings up a lot of emotion that has been un dealt with to the surface. It may be from past life but usually it is from current lives. Without birthdates I cannot tell you much for sure but I would think unresolved pain from in this lifetime is the cause and wondering about your childhood? I think there is a lot of wrong ideas out there about past lives. You decide when you wish to live that is not denied. You also decide when you wish to do so and the length of your life and what you wish to accomplish. We are in control before we come here. I would see what pain you have inside you from this life? If that does not resolve it then investigate your past lives. Love, Victoria ?

Can you explain what type of role someone who was identified as a father in one of my previous lives might have in this life, as a lover? or what significance that person might have for me in this life? Sara

It is not unusual for souls to travel together and change roles as you have described here… a father who becomes a lover in this life could be working out authority issues, or issues over a desire to be protective or controlling… and you could be working out issues of independence and freedom. I am sure there are lots of different ways this could play out, so you’ll have to examine your relationship to see where the core issues are and that will tell you what the purpose of this renewed relationship is all about. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Sometimes We Need to Repeat Lesson….

Danielle, Please help me figure this out. I am 33 years old soon to be 34. My beautiful 16 year old daughter was killed in a car wreck along with her boyfriend in Oct.99. I have been to see a really good Medium and he explained a lot to me, but I would like to know if in my past lives do you think? I lost someone I loved and was so dear to me in every life time, does it work that way? I am going back to see this medium I visited on her 1 year anniversary of her death and have a past life regression done, so I can find out my reason for still living. It has been very hard as I’m sure you know to go on with life after the death of your child. I miss her so much. I have to know if this cycle can be broken if in deed it repeats itself. Please respond to me…… Thank you. Cindy

Dear Cindy,

While this may have happened to you in the past, I don’t get that this has been a long cycle of love and loss… We do repeat cycles until we learn certain lessons, but we will typically repeat the lesson in a variety of different circumstances as opposed to doing it the same way over and over again…. so I don’t think you have faced this specific situation over and over again, although it may be a repeat of something that has occurred in a recent lifetime… It is just as likely that you were the one to have checked out early and left someone grieving, as it is that you would have been in the same situation as you are now…. your soul may have some need to explore the nature of loss…

It’s almost impossible to answer why or to fully recover from a loss such as you have experienced, I think real understanding really has to wait until you can see your daughter again, on the other side… something about learning the true nature of love and letting go…

BTW One of the greatest ways to break a karmic pattern is to somehow place yourself in service – in your case, you might reach out to others who have lost their children, or get involved with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers… reach out with your story and see what you can do help others… Hope these notes help, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

No, You’re Not Always Meant to Repeat Lessons

More insights from Victoria…

Well perhaps I am more qualified than most to answer that as I also have lost a child. No you are not always meant to lose a child in each lifetime. Your daughter chose you as her parent because of her early planned demise and she needed a parent who could let her go, and who could be strong when she crossed.

The event was part of her life and not meant to be the end of yours. You will not continue to lose a child in a future life nor will you have continually lost a child in each past life.

It takes at least two years after a great loss like that to put some sort of normalcy back into your life. Send her love, and the gift of knowing that the greatest thing you can do for her is to carry on and lead a meaningful and purposeful life. Take time to recover. No you never forget nor do you lose all the pain but there is a normalcy that does return.

Remember you are depressed, lonely, puzzled, hurting and having all sorts of emotions racing through your mind and even effecting your body. Light a candle by her picture and tell her you love her, although she will know that. Remember these children select us because they know they are going to return “home” at an early age and they need our support in being able to release them. It doesn’t mean you forget, you NEVER could, but peace will come. Bless you, Victoria

And from Sharon

Cindy, I was guided to respond to your letter.

I am so sorry that your wonderful daughter was taken from you in human form so soon. If only we could understand the reason for these things that I’m sure make so much sense on the “other side”. I guess only God knows the overall plan that leaves us feeling so lost. We can only comfort ourselves in knowing that there is a bigger plan and reasons these traumatic events happen.

The way I understand your letter is that the medium indicated that you have had a few past lives in which you have lost your love ones and that this is repeating itself lifetime after lifetime. If this is the case and I have no doubt about this, and you are recognizing this, then this is the lifetime to learn from this lesson and move forward so that this lesson does not have to be repeated.

This is what is appearing to me and I would like to share if you will allow me to.

As I’m writing this there is a spirit here in a flowing nightgown. Her hair is shoulder length, blonde and she is around 11 or 12 years old. She has her hands cupped and in them she offers water with gold in it as a healing. As I am writing this she blows the liquid towards you. She indicates (I see the name Laura) for you to remember a conversation or a dream from around the time when your daughter was around 11 or 12. She says this will help you to heal. It feels very much like this girl is an angel of yours or your daughter’s as she has this energy and appears to float. She is offering healing to you if you accept it.

There is a girl beside her that looks like the age of your daughter. She is thin, her hair is just past her shoulders and quite thin. She crosses her feet as if this was a habit of hers and her clothing is very original and her creative spirit comes through as I am watching her. I see almost beading around the bottom of her pants. A man stands beside her, almost like a grandparent and he smiles and is very happy to be with this girl and wants you to know that he will be with your daughter. He has greying hair (he is coming in his earth form) and has the smell of a pipe or cigars. They seem quite content to be together.

The girl who appears to me as your daughter says for you to accept the healing that is being offered. There are things for you to do on earth yet. She indicates that help is being offered on the earth plane and etheric plane and you just have to ask or be open to somehow accept help from God in helping with the pain you are feeling. She indicates to get some bereavement counselling. She is quite pragmatic and I’m wondering if she was like this on the earth plane. She smiles to me and has a large dog with her and says “guess who’s here with me”? She says to me as I reread this that when you looked at the clothes you were right she loves them too.

You have asked why you are to keep going and I am getting the message that you will help others get through once you are able to get through this time yourself.

Although this time is all about healing, you have a gift of helping others. There are people who need you in their life too here on earth once you have taken the time to heal and you must honour this time.

Your daughter indicates that she is always with you. She is showing me a yellow blanket or comforter on a certain chair when she comes to you. She says that other people are hurting too and pain shared has a way of making healing easier. She says you are looking for a sign but when she tries to bring them to you you don’t believe them. She says to trust the things you’ve felt and seen.

Cindy, I hope my message resonates with you and helps you to reconnect to your spiritual self. Your faith has always been strong but being tested big time.

I will leave you then with a quote from Florence Scovel Shinn’s book, The Game of Life and How to Play It. Her book talks about each of us having a “perfect pattern or Divine Design” and she quotes Plato by saying “There is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do, which no one else can do.”. Bless You Cindy and feel free to write back if you need to discuss these messages further. Love Sharon.

Unexplained Knowledge of a Foreign Language is a Link to a Past Life

Right now I’m 20, but as far back as I can remember I have sang songs. Not like pop songs or songs anyone else has made up. just songs I totally make up in my head as I’m singing it. no rehearsal, no writing it down and reciting it, I just ‘sing’. but the thing is see I speak English, but the sounds I sing are not English. it’s just like it’s some other language I’m singing. I know what I’m feeling when I’m singing, because it’s like I’m communicating with myself when I sing like this. I don’t know what to make of this. do you think maybe I’m ‘remembering’ a language from a past life? I would sure like to figure this out. Dan

Could be a lot of things but mostly past life influence. Sometimes our past lives will bleed through in these ways because there’s an important lesson or parallel in your current life that roots in that earlier time It also could be an act of comfort – singing a nurturing chant that comes from the inner soul. Probably a chant that you learned in some long ago life-time…

It could be useful for you to try to write out the words the best you can and then take them to a linguist. Perhaps there’s someone at a local university who might be able to identify the language and from there you may be able to discover the period from which you are recovering memory and other memories can then be more easily be triggered. If you work with these songs, you may discover that they have some real meaning to you in this life…Victoria

Past Life Memories Often Manifest in Our Dreams

Okay, I had a dream in mid-July that has been on my mind. I’m not sure it was a dream, more like a vision while I was sleeping. I was facing the middle of the bed and my husband was facing away from me. I opened my eyes and saw a man’s head between our pillows. He was on his back, facing up, his head in the opposite direction as me, asleep, but absolutely motionless. His skin was a reddish, dark brown, was very wrinkled and had a sheen to it. (The wrinkles weren’t lines but rather folds-think “sharpie” instead of “Marlboro Man”.) He looked really old.

I couldn’t see his body but I knew he was short-couldn’t be more than 4’5”. But what really got me was his facial shape. His head was rectangular and his nose was large and broad and “tent” shaped, for lack of a better word. He looked VERY much like the Easter Island carvings. He then slid down in the bed and turned into a small, round-headed, African man sleeping between my husband and me. This man would move in his sleep and touch me and it was bothering me. I was pushing back at him to get him to move away from me and I slowly awoke. I realized that my eyes were open the entire dream. What I believe is that I saw a person who lived on this Earth long before any civilization we know about. I also believe that he is an ancestor of some Africans and Native Americans (based on his coloring).

A month after the dream/vision, I saw a picture of the Easter Island carvings. The man I saw had a face that was more rectangular, his nose came out from his forehead (as opposed to the carvings where the nose comes out from the bridge), and his forehead was not as prominent as the carvings. But if you could have seen his face, Easter Island would have come to mind. Has anyone else seen this face? Terry Williams

Dear Terry,

You could very well be right about seeing a series of past lives – either your husband’s or yours – or both of yours – , but it is also possible that you were seeing a spirit guide – again either your husband’s or yours – or both… Typically, there’s a good reason for seeing these things, they act as triggers to new memories and understanding… Did you make the association with the Easter Island figures before or after you saw them on TV? It could be worth your while to explore these images, try drawing them and writing about the experiences – go read about Easter Island and so on, see what else comes up as you explore, and then try meditating on the images, see what insights or information comes to you…

Hope these insights help… have forwarded your note to the rest of our team to see if anyone else has anything they might add… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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