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Reincarnation and Crossing Over

Reincarnation and Crossing Over

I have a question about reincarnation. I read your info which I find more than complete, I must say excellent. But I’ve always asked myself this: when we die, we are received by our loved ones or by our spirit group or however you may call it. What about them? Do they reincarnate? Ivette

Yes if it is appropriate to their souls. Not everyone incarnates here again – not everyone needs to. This is part of the insight into the size of the soul. The loved ones that greet us – ancestors all the way back to ancient times actually – are “real” but only a part of the whole soul – the whole spirit. Because it can be everywhere at the same time, a memory imprint – a part of the soul that experienced that particular lifetime can send its essence – its energy to greet the loved on while still having another part of themselves living another lifetime altogether. And yet another part in the higher realms and dimensions where this world and the dimensions immediately surrounding us aren’t ever visited by them. It’s actually not fragmenting – because it is done in awareness – but it is a remarkable ability of the spirit to be everywhere simultaneously and allow part of its essence to take on the form most necessary or identified with. Yes, they are real, but much bigger than we realize (and with more capabilities) and hence able to exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously. We don’t stop anyone from reincarnating even if the essence of the personality they wore before keep a foot in the “meet the newly departed” door or not.

How come they are there, waiting for us instead of been in a body?

They are in both (if reincarnation was appropriate to the soul). We tend to apply our linear logic to these realms, but it doesn’t apply. Because time and space (well, time is just a measure of the distance between two points or objects) but time and space only exist surrounding this dimension. It is a rather meaningless concept in the dimensions we go to upon our passing. So linear logic – one life one spirit – doesn’t apply because our true “home” is outside of time and space. Spirit can be everywhere. Now, lest this beg the question of how many incarnations we can have at one time – the answer is – I’m not sure.

I remember when my grandma recently died that she called all the family members that were dead. She was in agony and didn’t call any person alive. All were dead. Sometimes I entered the room and I could feel their loving presence there, trying to confort her because she was so afraid to die. Why they are still spirits?

Again they are living in multiple dimensions and in mulitiple realities so not linear. As a matter of fact, there are essences of you yourself out there living in other dimensions right now. So you are here most definitely – but you are also there. Such is the nature of dichotomoy and polarity – which is one of the conditions of existance on this planet. The concept of timelessness and no space is a hard one for our minds to grasp. Maybe on this earth, we never will fully get that. But again, spirit exists everywhere all the time. Now, to further this (and it’s a bit of a mind twist) all of our lives – from the very beginning to the very end – the total alpha and omega of existance all happen simultaneously. Time is part of the master illusion we’ve all agreed to and once again is simply a measure of the distance between two points. To this extent, a study of time as a dimension reveals that all our actions affect the present, the future and the past. Time ultimately is simply a dimension and linear reality only applies in time – so – a study of this metaphysical reality might yield further insights. Yes, it is a mind bender. But to bring this point back to where we started, all of the essences – the personalities – we’ve ever incarnated as exist as they were in a dimension accessible after death while not disturbing the continuation of incarnations into new life.

Or is she wanting to perceive those good spirits like her old family members?

Oh I believe they were really there. It is not just a matter of perception or wishes. Because, sometimes you will find ancestors you didn’t know about in life there also at the passage tunnel. It’s dimensional and once again they all exist simultaneously to one another.

I hope this helps – let me know if we’ve missed anything. Thanks. Mary-Anne

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