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Recalling Past Lives

Recalling Past Lives

by Shelly Stokes

The “Recalling” of “past lives”, one of the “proofs” of immortality, can be experienced by nearly anyone. Often we may have had “fragmentary memories” of a “previous existence” and not even know it. These might be the “pictures” we see often in our minds, of another place and time. These are usually accompanied with a strange “sad” or “melancholic” feeling. Often they are induced by smells such as horses, ozone, fresh mown hay, kerosene, pine resin and various spices. The reader may already know of several such “scenes” his mind often recalls. These “scenes” appear to be random and “disjointed”, but they can play a part in reconstructing what may be part of a “Past life” memory.

Of course, we must not let ourselves get “carried away” and assume that any “scene” from a previous time might be a past life memory. There is also the possibility that the scenes may be from old movies we have seen and forgotten about or even books we have read, not to mention our own imagination. Past life memories as such may not really exist at all, so we must keep a “level head ” about such things while we pursue the subject.

What we do is to “follow the Lead” of the supposed past life memories that we recover and see where it leads us. If they are bogus it will soon be apparent–as they will not make much sense or they will be obviously wrong. If one is lucky, then the memory thread will make sense, and possibly provide clues and information that can be checked out. To start, relax and recall one of the “memory scenes” that might often “haunt you”. Have a friend ask you questions about it. You may also have the friend tell you to go back to certain years, such as 1678, 1234, etc. and ask you to report what you see.–(Odd dates such as this were no historical significance work best) If there was no “life” at the time, then you will see nothing, but often a time appropriate scene will form and you will have a starting point.

The friend asks you to look at your clothing–this will reveal your sex, age and social status. Next your friend will ask you to go one month into the “future” of that scene–and other things might be observed. It is a good idea to be asked “how are certain things DIFFERENT than in the movies or your imagination?”. Your friend may ask as many other questions as he likes. YOU may also suggest questions if you are curious about something you see or wish to know. When the friend then re- asks you then you will get an answer.

Of course, you will have difficulty with NAMES and place names. You may “hear” the “rhythm” and some consonant sounds however. Reading signs and text that you “see” may also be difficult.

Hopefully, you can at least get an idea of who you might have been in a past life, and perhaps, even more details. Don’t take it too seriously however as there is always the possibility of self deception.–It may or may NOT be valid.

Past Lives with Dream Exercise

Past life investigations can help each of us explore how these past life experiences may be influencing our lives today. Glimpses of past lives happen spontaneously. As well methods of hypnosis, meditation, deep relaxation, and dream records can assist in past life investigations. Dreams can prove to be past life remembrances. Because of this, dream recording can be a method for you to explore past lives.

1. Keep a pen/pencil, paper, small light source near your bed.

2. Before going to sleep tell yourself to recall relevant past lives during your dreams.

3. If you awaken at night during a dream, write it down.

4. As you awaken in the morning, write down any thoughts or impressions.

5. Review this journal weekly and summarize your results.

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