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Past Lives, Past Loves

Past Lives, Past Loves

Past Loves Can Haunt Us

Most of us have had many different lifetimes on planet earth. Often a past life will bleed through in dreams or unusual experiences or encounters, for example, past life memories can account for that sense of instant knowing when we meet someone new.

Connections to our past lives usually occur when there is old karma, unresolved issues or questions, work left to be done together and this is somehow affecting our lives in the present. So there is real value in looking back to see who we once were and who we were connected with, when why and how. However, we must remember that these are memories, past, old perspectives, available to us for insight and understanding. Knowing the past can shed light on present day issues, enabling us to overcome past mistakes… but when an old love is involved, we can be tempted to get lost in the past…

Hi, my name is Zoey and I’m 27 years old. I’ve experienced some things in my past that I would like to know about. I’ve heard a man’s voice whisper to me things like my name or once, actually told me to turn on the radio. I was puzzled for a long time. Especially since I never believed in life after death. (Now I totally do). Spirits are real. Thing is, I became friends with a woman who says she is a medium. She had told me that the man I heard was a love from my past who commited suicide because I left him for some reason. Is that possible? She said that he is always around also and doesn’t want to leave. I saw him once while I was in bed with my eyes closed. He looked very kind and happy. I’d like to know if he is waiting for something? Also, is it possible for a spirit to still be in love with someone that they had a relationship with in their past whom is reincarnated now? What’s really strange is that I feel I know his personality and I feel that I want to be with him and that I miss him. I hope you don’t think I’m nuts. I have no intention on committing suicide. I just wanted to know why I feel this way? Last question, is it possible for him and I to be reincarnated in our next life together to try our relationship again, I’m thinking no, since he wasn’t in this life. Please help me understand this. Thank you, Zoey.

We would really need to do a past life reading to answer most of your questions… whether or not there is a past life connection with this spirit, you must stay in present time… I can understand your feelings in that I have myself felt that my true partner in life is not present on the planet at this time, yet I feel his presence and get to missing him from time to time… but he is not here, and I am, and I have a life to live… don’t let yourself get caught up in a relationship that can’t be. What the medium told you certainly is possible, and old bonds cross the dimensions of time and space… but don’t get lost in space… OK? There can be a lot of reasons why he hasn’t reincarnated.. It will be up to him whether or not he will be ready to reincarnate with you in a subsequent life, but it is possible. Hope that helps some. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I’ve been shown quite a few of my past lives recently, and I was also working clairvoyantly and psychicly too, I’m still developing. I cannot use the pendulum now as spirit energies who protected me or were related to me in past lives are wanting to protect me now, but their energies are negative. Apparently in past lives I lived by negatives and positives. One recent energy who keeps trying to come back to be my protector is my recently deceased father-in-law who was my brother in a previous life. This is causing so many problems and although a colourful character not altogether legitimate but always friendly and lovely to me, his spirit energies are negative. Great battles keep taking place, not literally but this is hampering my development as my higher self wants him as protector as before but I do not as I know better in this lifetime. what do you suggest please. Carole

The thing about past lives is that we have the need and responsibility to move beyond them, so that we don’t repeat those same mistakes, and we get to live our lives in the here and now, not back in the there and then. In other words, the past is prologue, and every day we get to begin a new chapter It’s also important to know that the only thing that stays the same about a soul after it leaves this plane is your memory of that person. Their soul has moved on to complete their cycle, unless they haven’t fully released their bond to this world completely. You keeping them alive in some way is working to the detriment for all of you, so I’d strongly recommend wishing them all a fond adieu, in order for you to move ahead.

I’d also recommend adopting an animal totem as a protector, or even an ancient deity such as Pallas Athene, the Protectoress of the city of Athens. The Parthenon was her temple and she watched over the development of Western Philosophy, Democracy, and the arts, at a time when astronomy and astrology were not separate disciplines. It’s your birthright to create your own theology, no matter what anyone says.

An investigation of the shamanic drum would be helpful in finding an animal totem, and once you are called to one you will realize that it has been there all along. An open mind to Celtic or Native American spiritual traditions would be a good coinciding path to follow. These ancient memories are returning en force all over the world. They’re back to help us clean up the mess we’ve made, and are a reminder of when humanity lived in harmony and cooperation with the natural world. I hope this has been helpful. . Peace, Phil the astrologer

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