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How I Found a Future in My Past Lives

How I Found a Future in My Past Lives

Our Past Lives Impact Both Present and Future Possibilities Here’s an amazing – and proven – story of an Englishwoman’s past life with Garth Brooks, and how recovering it changed both of their lives….

An exciting story by Jenny Smedley, from her book Ripples.

Recovering past life memories cured a deep depression – and a whole lot more!

It began 4 years ago, when I was a 45 year old, depressed and overweight housewife, who apparently had no future at all. I had no reason to be depressed for I was happily married, with a house and land in the country, and a wonderful son, but nevertheless I was, desperately so. Even my husband Tony, whom I had loved intensely for 25 years, could find no way to help me. He had become extremely concerned about me. I was also suffering from two debilitating physical conditions, an unexplained abdominal pain that had dogged me since I was about 14, and a more recent back pain. I was very nervous and suffered from several phobias too. However, everything changed for me in a moment just because one night I felt drawn to switch on the TV, and I obeyed the instinct. I saw someone on TV that night, someone I had never seen before. The most amazing instant reaction was that my depression, this blackness that had blighted my entire life, was gone. It was the most wonderful release. Some dark cloud that had been hovering over me was dissipated in those few seconds. I had no idea why this had happened, but even more startling to me was the sure and certain knowledge that the depression was gone for good this time.

I was right, there have been no more ‘panic attacks’, no more fear, and no more inexplicable sorrow.

The man in question turned out to be country singer, Garth Brooks, but I had no idea at this point, why the very sight of him should be a cure for this life-long recurrent depression. It didn’t make any sense at all. I also made a decision overnight. I decided to be a songwriter – and amazingly, that’s just what I did.

Even though I had never even attempted to write a song before, within weeks I had found and contacted a man called Barry Upton. Barry used to be in ‘Brotherhood of Man’, and incredibly he just loved my lyrics. Barry and I have written 3 successfully recorded songs so far, and we have an on-going partnership. By now I have had 12 songs recorded in all.

Over the next few months, the life changes continued to happen. I lost my life-long phobia of flying, amazing my husband by suggesting that we go to the USA for a holiday. I lost the abdominal pain, and the back pain, together with my fears and anxieties, and 45lbs of fat – without dieting. I had no answer for it. But finally a friend came up with one. She told me that she believed in past lives, and more that she believed I had recognized Garth Brooks from a previous lifetime. That there had been some unresolved trauma involving him, which would account both for the depression, and also for its sudden resolution when I saw him. It took her six months to persuade me to go for regression hypnosis, but when I did, I remembered living in the 17th century, in Hampshire, as Madeleine Fitzgerald, married to Ryan Fitzgerald, now Garth Brooks. It turned out that Ryan and Madeleine were tragically torn apart, and Madeleine had never known what had became of Ryan. This explained the depression – it was actually a very old grief. It also explained the lifting of that depression, because my subconscious had recognized him immediately.

I came up with a vast array of dates and facts that I couldn’t have known, all of which have been independently researched and by a Senior Resource Librarian in London.

The lady, Angela Wright, has even produced a map showing that every battle and skirmish I described is accurate, even down to the location of the training camp I saw. My husband took me to the house where the family lived in the 1600s, and I was even able to tell the people there that the house had a secret room that they didn’t even know about.

Eventually I wrote down all my memories in my book, ‘Ripples’ though I had never written a book before.

I travelled with my husband, to the USA to meet Garth Brooks – (photo available) this man from my past. I couldn’t have done this had I not been cured of the flying phobia. There was an instant rapport between us. Certainly for me, and him too I believe, it was like getting re-acquainted with an old friend. I told him about my story, and he asked for his own copy of Ripples, appearing totally accepting of the whole thing – it was as if he already knew about it. From the moment I met him, and touched his hand, for me the circle was closed. It had been a long wait (4 years – or maybe 400 years).

Ryan Fitzgerald died by the sword, the entry being at the left side of his waist and downwards, just come to light, is the fact that Garth Brooks bears those same scars. He got it in a car crash, at the same age as Ryan was when he received his fatal wound. In Garth’s words he was ‘skewered’ by a long piece of metal from the car. Was this the 20th century version of a sword wound?

Garth has also ‘carried through’ Ryan’s phobia of deep water.
Recently, Garth appeared to re-enact an entire chapter of Ripples, when, like his 17th century counterpart, Ryan Fitzgerald, he helped fight a grass fire that had started at his neighbour’s house. Garth also saved a boy, and the boy’s name? Ryan.

It seems that we do experience permutations of the same events, over and over.

American Psychiatrist Bob Jarmon had an answer for my vanishing pains. The first, the abdominal pain, he believes was carried through by me to this life, through guilt at what had happened to Ryan. (That pain was also in the same spot as Garth has the scar). The second, the back pain, was, he believed, carried through for the same reason, but manifested in my back, because Madeleine De Porte committed suicide by jumping from the high rooftop of the house in Hambledon.

Life has changed so much for me it’s hard to grasp it all. I have been cured of depression, become a successful author, song writer, newspaper columnist (on alternative therapies), and TV presenter, and I have changed from someone totally lacking in self-confidence, into someone who has just completed over 95 live radio interviews on USA radio stations, facing some very tricky interviewers.

The ‘ripples’ from this story have effected not only myself, but people all over the world who feel that they have some of their own problems explained by my book. This is the greatest thing to have come from that single moment of ‘hearing’ that little voice that we all too often are taught to ignore.

Learn more of Jenny’s story, her book Ripples and her association with Garth Brooks at Order Ripples from

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Today’s troubles can often be sourced in the past… even the distant past… a traumatic event in a past life leaves permanent scars on the soul, scars that are visible in today’s experiences… recovering one’s memory of that old event can be healing and freeing….

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