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Are My Irrational Fears Rooted in Past Lives?

Are My Irrational Fears Rooted in Past Lives?

While some may say that money is the root of all evil, I would say that fear is the root of all evil on this planet. Fear lies at the root of so many of our personal as well as global issues. We judge because we fear, we fight because we are afraid, we hate because we are scared… fear of the unknown, the “different”, has been conditioned into us from the beginning of time, reinforced in lifetime after lifetime so that by now, fear is probably embedded in our genetic coding, our DNA.

“You’re letting your fear get in your way… your fears are controlling your life…”

I can’t tell you how often those words come up in a reading – and I confess to saying them also to myself once in awhile. Fear seems to be as natural to us humans as breathing is… but while we don’t want to stop breathing, we can stop being fearful.

Our fear can be an asset. For example, being frightened on the highway in the midst of a terrible storm is a good thing, keeps you alert, and may even push you to get off the road to wait out the storm in safety. It is useful, and natural, to be fearful when danger is present.

The trouble is that sometimes we let our fears take control of our lives, we make mountains out of molehills, or we react from some irrational, senseless fear.

For no explainable reason, I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I see someone wield an axe or hatchet. Irrational? Yes, and probably rooted in a past life. In fact, many of our unexplained fears are probably sourced in other lifetimes.

Exploring our past lives to gain understanding of our irrational fears can be quite productive – but as Phil points out in his response to a recent inquiry, whatever was in the past really isn’t relevant in present time… you can’t change the past… but you can change the way you are reacting to it in the present.

If you are plagued by some big fears that you can’t quite explain, you need to first accept that your fear doesn’t make sense. Then start focusing on what works in your life, what is good and loving. You don’t need to continue to think the scary thoughts – you can control what you think… so when the fears come up, distract yourself with something pleasant, get busy with some task that will absorb your mind. Acknowledge the fear and then refuse to entertain it… it really is that simple. And if you get to feeling that your fear is bigger than you are, get help, see a therapist… don’t allow your fear to get in the way of your abuility to take joy in life.

Hailing from India where different cultures and beleifs exist, I particularly became interested in after life after I lost my mother last year.We batttled almost 4 months in the hospital ICU and finally she succumbed. I have since then become a bundle of nerves. I also fear all the time for my children. I have always had this phobeia. Whenever I leave them whether to go out or out of town, I imagine the worst of things happening to them,.hence I am always tense and angry. For example my daugter(23) has come from USA to be with us for summer(she is a Masters student in Texas. I am terrified of her returning alone by flight. I am so tense, I’m not able to enjoy my time. I need help. This is an example. There is always something everyday I fear for them. Please help, Sumathi

I know we come from different cultures and have different beliefs, and I’m sure we have different takes on the nature of karma and what happens to our Soul’s once they leave our bodies, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you what I think.

First, there is a genetic link between you and your mother which is naturally transferred to you as the mother of your children. This connection spans your generations and is inescapable – you can’t deny this connection – and there is nothing you can do about it except to accept it for what it is. You will always worry about your children, especially your daughter as she moves back and forth to the US.

Second, there is a karmic link between you and your mother, and one between you and your children, and I’m sensing that this connection goes a long way back to long before even your mother was born. This can involve all sorts of things I’d rather not get into, but the important thing to know is that there is nothing you can do about the past except do what we call “pay it forward.” This concept is gaining momentum among many of us over here in the States, and is perhaps probably gaining acceptance everywhere.

“Paying it forward” is all about being kind to total strangers for no apparent reason beyond being kind to another living being human being, animal, or other natural thing. Small acts of kindness and generosity, when piled up on top of themselves, can lead to really good karma, no matter what has happened in the past. You may have had a past-life as a tyrannical dictator in a war-torn hell, creating all sorts of pain upon a helpless society, but one kind word to a suffering stranger can help to pay off that karmic debt.

The problem with a past-life memory is that we’re only seeing one small part of the overall picture, and one such memory might involve the loss of a child to an accident or natural disaster for instance. What lies behind that memory is never so clear to know in our current lives, and may just hold a memory of being an ally of Gandhi or Jinna themselves, or Buddha or Jesus or Mother Teresa. Who knows where we’ve come from? Regardless of our pasts, the present and near future are clearly the only things we seem to have any control over, so this is where we should put all of our concentrated efforts on – the here and now. The here and now is where it all happens – total peace and harmony – or living in fear of everything.

The choice is always ours to make, regardless of what has happened in the past or what we might think will happen in the future. Peace, Phil the astrologer

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