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A Past Life: Once I Was a Pain In the Neck

A Past Life: Once I Was a Pain In the Neck

By Victoria Pitt

My first experience with Soul Memory dates back to the early 1980s. It was my first contact with a Medium or any psychic. I had been experiencing terrible neck pain. The pain was so intense that I became unable to function. I had been given many explanations for it but in the end it came down to only one “cure” and that was heavy sedatives with a pain killer. The pain always struck when I was at a low point or under stress. The pills that killed the pain were also mind altering….

At this point in my life, there was a group of women psychics who came to our small town in the north of British Columbia. Looking back now I realize how fortunate I was to find these outstanding Spiritual. They changed my life in more ways than one.

I went for a reading as did nearly every woman in my office. I had always been intuitive and I am also a medium, but these women had a message for me. I was never sure about reincarnation and wanted proof. One of the ladies was a regression expert. She used a light hypnoses a method that I now employ myself. During the session with her I experienced four past lives. None particularly happy and most very short. One I found particularly interesting:

I was a young boy living in a monastery. I had been abandoned at birth to the monks. I was still in my teens but was in the robes of the monastic order and I realized I was being groomed for a life in the monastery. I was however a very troublesome person to the serious and diligent order. I was not only troublesome, I was of a very simple mind. I had been assigned to work in a very large underground cavern that was filled with huge wooden casks of wine. The area was lit only by torches and tapers and at best very shadowy and poorly lit. I remember seeing an elderly Monk working on books in the corner. He worked slowly with a quill making entries on pieces of vellum or heavy paper. A taper flickered on his small table giving barely enough light for him to make his entries. I continually distressed him and disrupted the work in the cellar. What finally pressed these gentle people to do something with me I do not know. I do know that I tried their patience at every opportunity. Watching myself while under hypnoses I knew that I was not ‘right’.

The scene shifted to a small room also poorly lit. I had been taken from the monastery by the monks to the home of a great uncle. After diligent research they had found this man and with me in tow they explained that since he was my only living relative he was morally responsible for me. I was left with this cold and I felt evil man. I remember the room as filled with books in shelves that went to the high ceilings. He, like the monk in the corner, poured over these books, but rather than writing in them, he read them by the light of another flickering taper. I remember he was often dressed in dark red velvet. It was a long robe to the floor. He also wore a mitre type hat of the same colour. I do not understand why. To me it seemed a clerical costume. This was the 16th century. I continued my foolishness, testing this cold and miserly, evil man. Suddenly I felt blows on the back of my neck and shoulders and head. I knew he had killed me.

Although I have been told that past life regression should not be painful and that when the going got tough, you could withdraw and become only an observer. I had not been given those instructions and I came out of the past life regression writhing in pain. I was in agony. I had to lie down. Slowly over the next half hour the pain abated. The therapist apologized for not giving me the final instructions which would have prevented that reaction. In truth my death happened so suddenly that I did not see it coming either.

I drove home with the pain receding. That evening the pain finally completely disappeared. Once the pain had gone it never reappeared. The neck and shoulder pain that had occurred at regular miserable intervals was suddenly gone. It has never reoccurred.

Now, when I do past life regressions I use an audio tape that I have prepared with all the right instructions. With this tape I have regressed many many people and solved an equal number of problems. And I have seen more of my own past lives with the help of this tape. Recently in England I found myself back on the scene of a past life. I was shocked and yet thrilled. I had not expected it.

My soul mate and I have been able to investigate that past life. The facts are proving out and it has been thrilling and frightening at the same time.

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