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OBE: More Out Of Body Experiences

OBE: Out Of Body Experiences

Dad’s Nightly Bed Check

Early one morning, nearly dawn, I woke to see my father standing at the edge of my bed, gazing out the windows towards the east. There was a little light in the room as it must have been very close to sunrise. I was about 6 or 7 years old. I said “Daddy”, at first very quietly, so as not to wake my little sister sharing my bed. He didn’t respond. He continued gazing out the window. I said “Daddy” again, and he looked at me. I had stood up on my bed and walked to the end to reach out and hug him.

I barely saved myself from hitting the floor, as he was suddenly not there to lean against, right as I was about to touch. I screamed “Mommy”, and she came running from down the hall. I asked, terrified, if daddy was okay. She was cross with me for waking her and said that he was asleep in bed.

I told her what had happened, and she softened a bit, and said he must have been looking in on me while he was sleeping. I don’t remember if I said anything to him about it or not, but later that day he gave me a big hug and said that his mother used to “look in on him” from time to time, and not to be scared.

What a wonderful story! Clearly you were much loved to be so watched over… Thanks so much for sharing! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

OBE is Startling

Hi;…..In 1968, while living in Richmond, Va., I had to go to Chicago. I was gone three days, and I called my wife everyday. The last time I called her, she said that she had something strange to tell me when I got home. When I arrived that evening, we went out to dinner, and I asked her, what strange thing she had to tell me.

She told me that on the second night that I was in Chicago, she had gone to bed and was reading a book. She said that she got a glimpse of movement at the bedroom door, and knowing that she was supposed be alone, she opened the nightstand drawer where we always kept a 357 pistol. When she looked back at the door, I was standing there. She said “What in the world are you doing home, I thought you were still in Chicago? I said, “I just come to check on you.” At that instant, she said I disappeared.

In 1972, we had moved to, and were living in Oklahoma City, Okla. While on trips to LA, on several occasions, I appeared to my wife and also to one of our friends who lived down the street.

Since moving back here to Stuart, Virginia, a friend of mine called me one night recently, and asked me why I ignored her and wouldn’t speak a couple of weeks before. Naturally, I asked where. She said that she saw me in Salina, Kansas, in a restaurant and that she waved to me and started to come to me, but I just stepped over and mingled with some other people and just disappeared. I was home, here in Stuart, when she was in Salina. This has happened with her seeing me some place else several times, she said. I finally told her that it had happened with other people, and was not real. And not to worry about it.

Now, I must be honest with you. I do not believe in goblins, ghosts, haunted-houses, spirits, or UFOs and aliens from outer space, etc. I believe that people who do are bordering on insanity, just like the people in California, who committed suicide believing they were going to meet a space ship behind the Hale-Bopp comet.

Now, I must say this. The above story is true. Granted I can’t prove any of it, because I was not aware of any of my out of body experiences, if this is what they were.

Thank you very much. I would enjoy hearing from you. I enjoyed your Website very much. Well done. Sincerely Charles D. Craddock

OBE is About Opening Up to Your Spirit Self…

Dear Charles,

What a fascinating story, I intend to publish it on the site.

I can relate a similar experience… years ago when I was living in Boston, I got a strange call from a young man who seemed to know quite a lot about me… as the conversation continued, he became quite confused because there were some age discrepancies showing up in the conversation – for example he knew I had a son, but he thought my son was still a little fellow – at this point he was 18… finally I got it that I’d never met this man and asked him how he knew me and how he had found my phone number… He replied that we had met at a bar in Salem the night before and had spend quite a bit of time chatting – I’d given him my number, written it on a napkin which he was holding… when I asked him to describe me, everything was right, except my age, he told me that I’d said I was 28… at that point, I was 43… I hadn’t been out of my home, at least not in my body the night before, nor any night in recent history, and never had I been to a bar in Salem…

We were both so spooked after that call that he hung up before I could collect myself enough to ask to meet him for real and see that piece of napkin… the only explanation I could give was that I was under a tremendous amount of stress that night, and some younger aspect of me decided it was time to cut loose…

In your case, I think it could be very valuable for you to learn to harness this roaming ability of yours – to learn to consciously work with it… the Monroe Institute – you can find them on the web, has done some remarkable work with OBE, and use a technology called hemi-sync to trigger OBE experience… quite credible folks, have consulted with NASA over the years.

One things’ for sure, this is about affirming for you that you’re a lot more than that physical vehicle – and you have a lot more power than you’ve tapped into… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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OBE as an Early Warning System

When I am sleeping at night I begin to float slowly up into the air. I float around the corners of the room and look down on myself in bed. I watch myself and it is like I am awake. Then when I awake I am always sweating badly and the next day I become ill and the illness usually lasts for a week, the dream always comes before i get an illness.. Steven

Interesting – your soul wanting to escape the sickness that is invading your body – and give you a warning that something is amiss… an early warning system… this is a classic OBE experience – if you would like to learn more about it, check out the Monroe Institute. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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