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Out Of Body Experiences

Out Of Body Experiences

Many of us find ourselves looking down on our bodies from the ceiling at one time or another… the first time it happened to me, I was stunned beyond belief, so shocked I immediately returned to my body and awoke from my sleep jumping out of bed.

One time my guides decided to take me on a little journey to see the future and the past, I found myself traveling with them at lightening speed over the mid-west. I know I flew over Chicago and the prairies that night… This time my heart was pounding so heavily when I returned that the sheets were moving up and down over my body… for a minute I though I was having a heart attack, or at least a panic attack… and then the images from my guided tour started flooding back and I realized that I had just been traveling out of body.

One of the most remarkable incidents was one I wasn’t aware of, until after the fact… picked up the phone one day to hear a friendly young man on the other end… because he seemed to know me, I chatted away for a few minutes, trying to figure out who he was… then he made a comment about my son that made me realize that something was “off” – he spoke of my son as being a little boy yet, about 4 years old… but Pat was now 18… so I said, “wait a minute, how old do you think I am? He said, late 20’s (the age I would be if Pat were about 4)… “I only wish!” I responded, “I’m past 40.” He was stunned from the sound of his voice, “”you can’t be, we met last night, danced at the…. (bar) in Salem, you gave me your name and number on a napkin. I told you I’d call today for a date. You don’t look anywhere near 40, it can’t be…” I was equally stunned… “sorry to disappoint you, hon, but I was at home last night with my son, I watched TV, read a book and went to bed.” Unfortunately, both of us were so taken aback that we hung up immediately… I should have arranged to get that number, I’d written for him… It was easy to explain the incident though… it happened at a very stressful time in my life, a moment when big decisions were hanging in the air… I must have felt the need to escape the heaviness around me… my spirit got some relief and went out dancing.

The one common denominator in all of the OBE experiences I have ever had is that they come when my life is about to change… a signal from spirit to pay attention to what’s happening around me and to reach out for help as I need it. Here are some questions and stories of Out of Body experiences from our visitors…. You will find the answers useful in understanding your own OBE experiences… and if astral projection is of real interest to you, we urge you to look up the work of the Monroe Institute, a highly respected organization that has done a great deal of research in this field.

When I was younger I would leave my body and feel safe. However, when my mother found out she told me that if I did it and someone or something woke my body I would die because my soul/spirit wouldn’t be there. Is it true that I can die by leaving my body? What are the side effects? P.S. My father has always done it. He’ll go all over the world!! Qailee

As far as I know, the answer is that this cannot happen. The soul/spirit which contains the body (not the other way around) would simply and instantly “return” to the body. In other words, it can’t be “caught” out of body. Remember, there is no time and space in the realms inhabited by soul/spirit, hence there wouldn’t be any time loss. The only thing I think could happen if you were out of body and “right in the middle of the trip” so to speak, is that you would be very difficult to wake up for a moment in that moment, otherwise, the spirit is much wiser than that – keeps “an eye” on everything and again, would return instantly – even quicker than instantly, because it would know, even before it happened, what was going on. I know you are perfectly safe. As a matter of fact, one of the purposes of sleep is to give the soul a break from the limitations of physical existence. When we are abruptly awakened, we are “right there” – never abandoned and never “caught outside of ourselves”. The very act of”waking up” pulls the soul/spirit right back to you, so again, no real risk. There is a reference to this exact thing in one of the volumes of the Conversations with God series of books and this is also the response to that question in that book. I’m sorry, I don’t remember which volume, but it is there. Hope that helps. Mary-Anne

I wouldn’t exactly call it a dream, more like a regular occurrence at different times in my life. I am 27 years old now and I can recall the first time this happened to me, I was in my teens. Every so often, as I’m drifting off to sleep, I feel like I am not completely asleep, but I am not completely awake either. It’s strange though, that I am still conscious on some level. At some point, this deep relaxation turns into a feeling of being shot out of my body. I generally sleep on my back, so when this happens, it feels like I am shooting straight out from the bottom of my feet! It is such a horrifying feeling when it happens, that I desperately try to “wake up” and open my eyes, although sometimes it is near impossible. The experience itself isn’t necessarily scary per say, it’s the unknown of what’s happening to me that frightens me the most. Will I be able to get back? Where am I going? Who is doing this to me? Or am I somehow doing it to MYSELF? There is no light, no sound….maybe just a slight vibrating in my ears, I always assumed it was because I felt like I was flying at light speed. I have no idea where it is I am trying to go or what the purpose is, but I do not initiate these experiences. I do not believe it is an abduction of any sort, maybe I know something and am trying to tell myself to check something out??? Any advice would be helpful. I would love to develop this if possible, and if this is safe. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you…My father also mentioned this has happened to him before Julie

You are experiencing Out Of Body episodes – and are probably quite psychic at least on some levels… these experiences are usually a kind of wake up call – coming to tell you to look deeper, and to live deeper… to awaken to your abilities and your power to create your reality… if you want more information about OBE, check out the Monroe Institute, I’m sure you’ll find them on the web very easily. You would probably find that meditation helps – and I do encourage you to explore more… this will help you put away the fears… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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