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New Age Dogma

New Age Dogma

Three fascinating articles on Religious Disempowerment, the fallacies contained in some New Age Doctrine, the Religion of Metaphysics, and on using Consciousness and Energy techniques to manifest reality.

From our friends, Carol Hathor & Cameron Dye, Psyche Doctors, at Soul Wisdom Energy Transformation

Our Soul Memory of Religious Disempowerment

by Carol Hathor & Cameron Dye

The language of the subconscious is not in words, but feelings. The god within communicates with the personality-self through holograms, symbols and archetypes. Through learning this language, religious paradigms of the unconscious may be absolved permanently.

Our unconscious religious paradigms in the West show up holographically as a series of beliefs. The unconscious belief that misfortune happens because we have made God angry is still rampant in the mass unconscious, and few have activated the god within to absolve this — that the only way to get back to Absolute Reality is to appease a punishing god. Although most people who are drawn to metaphysics no longer believe this, the subconscious has not absolved this paradigm, and are still of the belief that someone else, or some high being, or beings on ships are wiser and grander than we are, that somehow by being in flesh and blood we are “less than”, even damned of the universe. We are still unconsciously unworthy of the love of god because for lifetimes, the soul has recorded memory that god is not within us, but outside. So we seek outside, outside, always outside ourselves for the love of Self, which is love of god.

The love of Christ is a love for Self that is so profound that even our most dire enemies are loved for their truth. This Sovereignty of Self is hard work. The soul memories of blaming someone else and being unworthy become “hardwired” into the brain of our latest embodiment. The soul memory becomes inscribed holographically into the new brain, and thoughtforms begin clouding the lower chakras. There are various techniques to absolve all of this soul memory and DNA memory. In a profound and passionate emotional embrace, you can call forth the absolution of these things “From the Lord God of My Being” and the soul will act as a computer and absolve them, a layer at a time. Those who are ready to get beyond religion have asked us to remotely tune in to their GodSelf and subconscious, and in the language of the soul, we remove these magnetic fields of religious imprinting on all seven levels of awareness:

  • Firstly, all unresolved emotions in the psyche of past-life religious persecution is absolved, all damnation of self and others, harsh judgements are released, as much as possible, which are quite profound releases…
  • Next, all karmic contracts, or agreements, to be “less than” are absolved with discarnates on second and third levels (which are pain and trauma, and dominance-control issues, respectively). This absolves these influences — thought impulses of judgement of self and damnation from these past-life acquaintances, family members, priests, etc.
  • Next, several religious archetypes are absolved in the unconscious. An example of these is the Earthly father equates to the male God of Catholicism and its offspring, Christianity. (Those who believe in a punishing god will incarnate to a punishing father, while those who believe in a benevolent god will incarnate to a benevolent father.)
  • Next, all karmic contracts of giving ones’ power away to religious paradigms are absolved. Karmic contracts are always polarized magnetic fields based on polarized attitudes, such as “I am loved of god, I am not loved of god”.
  • Lastly, all ancestral DNA encodings of religious imprintings are electrically disengaged from the cellular memory. This is only permanent if the subconscious absolves all unresolved emotions and contracts, hence this step is done last. (In many other modalities, this is the only work that is done, hence the results are not as permanent or gratifying.)

When the magnetic fields release during each step, there is a definitive feeling of a “high”, an uplifting sensation in the brain and body,regardless of where the person is on the planet. Unplugging from mass unconscious religious imprinting opens the door to new knowledge, and moving forward becomes much easier without all the internal struggles, the voices in the head that hold back joy and knowingness.

Where does all that lead?

Once one realizes to what extent the polarization and dependency patterns are still imprinted into one’s consciousness, to what an extent these patterns still dictate our choices and behaviors, powerful opportunities become available to heal one’s own psyche, get rid of past traumas and develop self-empowerment that obtains answers from within, instead of seeking to please a teacher or high being. This is probably the key to our enlightened future. Indeed, in order to have a future of joy, enthusiasm and unbounded creativity, one first has to purify ones’ own psyche, to eliminate and transmute any and all discordant thoughtforms and energies that are still impulsing us to hate, separate, feel pitiful about ourselves and, in brief, die.

Now let us share a vision: in a not far future, the totality of the beings composing our Mother Earth may possibly reach a state of self realized freedom never experienced before in the whole known universe. This perspective is so exciting!

Presently, each being on Earth carries within itself, herself or himself billions of years of explorations and experiences in countless systems, a gigantic quantity of joy, but also of traumas and pain. Yet advanced researches in scientific and metaphysical fields, such as ours, are beginning to come up with the understanding and the techniques to do psychic multidimensional clearings. These are likely to rapidly become incredibly efficient, taking advantage of the morphogenetic nature of reality: the more you work on an issue, the easier it becomes for others to absolve, and the vaster the impact on mass consciousness. Since this work is already done on an extra-temporal framework, it is possible to clear these issues on every timeline as well as on every level and all dimensions within each level.

This means that we are stepping into wisdom: reactualizing all the knowledge accumulated over eons of time and purging it of all traumatic content. It also means that a myriad of lost entities, of active but forgotten karmic contracts, of structural and psychic anomalies coming from incarnational choices that go back to the origins of this sequence of universal experience are about to be sent back into the non-manifest. This process of clearing will accelerate exponentially, purifying everything on the way! We will soon know what unconditional Life and Love really means, one individual at a time!

This endeavor is already affecting all of Life, all the kingdoms, from the minerals to the archangels and to the Great Central Sun. Reality is holographic: you change one aspect and the whole is uplifted. This is why our evolution is observed with such attention, not only on Earth, but everywhere else as well. In our opinion, follow each other with a divine perfection, heralding the emergence of a New Universe!

The Religion of Metaphysics

A comfortable path to enlightenment

There is still a considerable naivete in many metaphysical and spiritual circles, where individuals and groups alike invest precious amounts of energy into what could be called “the magic wand syndrome”.An example of this is the belief that the ascension process will happen suddenly, one Saturday morning, and the entire planet will magically ascend into a dimension of love and light, when the term “ascension” really means an individual mastering all levels to 7th level. The reality is that ascension is an ~alone process~ that must be undertaken by an ~individual~so they can create a world of beauty with the power of the God within them. This situation is all the more so regrettable since many people are genuinely seeking greater freedom and enlightenment while being followers of dogma and religion.

It is true that what one does affects the whole. Another human being attaining the state of Christhood and ascension will uplift the whole world, yet it does not cause the world to ascend.

This brings us to another metaphysical indoctrination — that high beings will do your energy work for you. The people attracted to this approach do not understand the mechanics of energy, and one simple principle: only gods manifest in 3D bodies can affect 3D profoundly. Beings on other levels can influence thoughts but cannot manifest change here. They exist in faster time flows, in different atmospheres, and therefore cannot be conduits of energy on this level. The gods in 3D are the commanders of energy in 3D.

It is up to us to do our own work. High beings can’t wave magic wands to fix us.

We have had our web page plagiarized by a person that believes that her guides will make up the deficit of what she doesn’t know about the mechanics of energy. Hence she remains blissfully ignorant of how to energetically disengage the magnetic fields of polarized issues in the psyche of a god in a 3D body. This is her truth, she is still preciously loved yet her energy work has little power to manifest and to change.

Let us give you another example of a spiritual approach that gives a vivid picture of this general tendency to give our power away to new age religion.

There is a new age approach that says that by accepting an implant, life will change for the better. The emotional embrace for life to be better comes from the soul, it is an enactment of divine will which is the actual energy command for great shifts. In this religion it is an implant (which is not neutral, since everything that is manifest has a positive and negative charge) that is expected to create changes in their lives. An implant may be perfectly balanced, but in essence, it is polarized. Only the Void is non-polarized.

(An implant, as defined in energy work, can most simply be thought of as a solidified attitude. Thought creates etheric “mass”. Implants etherically look like polarized black and white constucts, and vary from “bars” to “spheres”, which anchor in the pranic tube, chakras, and less commonly, outside the body. For example, an attitude such as “I am in control, I am not in control” has the polarity required to have an electrical “charge”, hence, to anchor into the etheric body. When this polarized struggle is engaged emotionally, it solidifies into an implant — an etheric construct anchored into the Light Body. It is thought manifesting in the body.)

Many are giving their power away to this particular metaphysical religion, or, more correctly, ascribing to a metaphysical doctrine that pacifies and keeps them in their comfort zones… By pacifying peoples’ comfort zones, this approach circumvents the real work, which is owning up to bitternesses, hatreds, jealousies, living for others, enslavements — absolving these things so that the light within begins to shine.

The paradigm of reality in this doctrine is that after we die, the abusive father (lover, partner…) becomes magically docile and loving, and we laugh at the insidious games we played on ourselves while in bodies, and all the abuse was somehow a cosmic joke.

Truth is, after we die, we’re still the same ole person. Still with the same hang-ups and hang-downs, same attitudes, same unresolved emotions. The abusive father is still an abuser without a body, and the victims still carry the self-hatred, failure, guilt and wrath. The victim-persecutor games are played out on other levels until we decide to go to the god within and ordain that we be finished with them. Same goes for all the polarized issues in the psyche.

The neutral implant in question is a benevolent implant. It looks like gray DNA strands, with good balance between positive and negative polarities. Its purpose is to dissipate undesirable influences in a person’s life from the third level, where discarnate souls go who are stuck in dominance-victim issues. It is intended to keep these influences at bay so that the person’s life has a chance to evolve. Yet it is not an all-powerful implant. It cannot change the attitudes of a god in a 3D body. In short, no implant is going to absolve a hatred for ones’ father, nor is death. This doctrine produces some results, but is not working for many people because of flawed paradigms, hence many people are feeling that they have failed the teacher, failed the teachings.

It is far better to infuse Qualities, in holographic form, into a person’s chakra system rather than implants. Qualities ascribed by a person’s Godself, not the practitioner, ensures the person regains dominion over the hang-up and ensures the practitionner is not projecting his/her beliefs system into the person’s auric field, because these attempts are usually shallow and create no profound shifts in the person’s reality. In short, the Christed soul has no implants, no identities, no personas, no archetypes, no neuroses, no hang-downs, only Qualities of Isness.

I embraced this religion totally, which included the disconnection from my two Guides. Although it is an accurate statement that most people have two Guides from birth, it is incorrect that the implant creates an initiation to greater channeling of a group spirit. Those who are disconnecting are manifesting it from sheer belief. And they are now channeling Councils, high beings who have had to step in out of compassion for this error.

You get what you expect. This is also why people manifest what Readers tell them — because they believe it. People feel the disconnection and it would appear that many become followers, or “fans” in order to fill the vaccuum left by the disconnection. This need for followers may be unconscious for the purveyors of this religion. It is old soul memory coming forward again, soul memory that is proving self worth through re-living aspects of religious experience. The energy signatures of this statement are verifiable for those who know how to check them.

What did I learn from this experience? I know that anyone, anyone can create a religion. If it pacifies and entertains, it fills a need. I have learned to discern who is channeling whom. Are they channeling their own magnetic 6th level Self (a very beauteous level, but not ascended), or channeling off-planet entities, or discarnates, or a Being from 5th level? In order to be successful in New Age circles, one simply has to announce that they are channeling a “high being”, reinforcing the belief that other beings have more authority and wisdom than we do within us. Is it any wonder that confusion is rampant in the New Age?

No high being can absolve my karma for me, cannot change my will nor absolve any polarized attitude unless my subconscious is ready to release it. It takes humbling oneself and owning up to issues to absolve the male drama and the female drama, and it is hard work. There are no substitutes. No implant and no other being is going to do it for you.

I have died many times and received no magical enlightenment from losing my body. That is metaphysical dogma. Indeed, anything that separates spirituality from reality is dogma.

Who would want to learn truth and knowledge from anyone except those who have been flesh and blood and who have mastered all levels into ascension? These masters are all full-body channels through women only. Only an ascended master can fully incarnate into the channels’ body, and those who are truly willing to absolve every issue that separates them from their god within are the ones that find these Enlightened Ones. Christs are those who have lived in flesh and mastered it. Only through flesh and blood does this happen. Does it make sense to study from an ascended master who fully incarnates into the channel’s body so there is no bleed-through truth of the channel’s Selves? It would behoove those Beings that are channeling from any other point of view to manifest a body and master this experience. Only then are they qualified to teach we gods that have not mastered this level.

Doesn’t that reason out?

An Important “Bigger Perspective”

A most important video series is available now — please get the Consciousness and Energy videos from and learn the C&E technique. Everyone in social consciousness is only using the neocortex of the brain, refered to as “yellow brain”. Midbrain (psychic brain), and Godbrain (reptilian brain), remains virtually unused. We manifest our lives from the emotions of the yellow brain because most of us are addicted to emotion — the steroids, opiates, endorphins, etc. that emotions produce. The videos will introduce you to quite a different way to manifest your life. The major barriers to deeper mind — the unresolved, most charged magnetic fields of polarized attitudes– are accessed and absolved quickly through karmic sessions and implant removals so that you can more easily change brain function with the C&E technique and manifest your reality from your god instead of from the voices and emotions of yellow brain, or social consciousness. Please get the videos!

Most people do not have a clear distinction between how energy work changes one’s reality, and how a person changes their reality themselves. The sessions are *removals*, albeit very important ones, but if you don’t know how to manifest your life from any other brain function except the neocortex — social consciousness and emotion– then your life will continue to be like a ship tossed at sea. As Psyche Doctors, we would really rather see you become into knowledge, become actively engaged in creating for yourself, which obviously we cannot do for you. In other words, a major subconscious release, in a session, of all highly-traumatized events that a single attitude produces throughout lifetimes is a grand and major release indeed, creates a major shift in ones’ reality. Yet if there is no mind to go forward in to, the new clarity of being simply reverts back to yellow brain thinking and all we have done as practitioners is made the same box of emotions and social consciousness more comfortable for the client. That is okay for us, truly we love humanity very grandly and love to relieve people of heavy traumas regardless of their choices. This message is intended to simply offer a grand direction to go in, if you choose.

Many in the New Age movement are manifesting from visualization. They are just manifesting another illusion! This is true unless they are engaging god brain and hence their god within. Again, there is little knowledge of brain function and how reality is created in the New Age movement. (There is no New Age! It is God evolving. Always was. That is all there is!) So please do not remain ignorant of these things. Get the videos! I promise you will be utterly fascinated by them!!!!

Accessing deeper, interdimensional mind isn’t about an ancient reptoid rape, unabsolved, in your soul memory, and it is. It is, if the forgiveness and release did not take place… because that keeps the unconscious mind in fear. It is not about that if the love of self was there to the Christ-degree — the awesome love of self that produces the love of an enemy regardless of their truth. And it is not about that if you call forth the release of your past, through knowing how to access higher brain functions and engage your god within.

What you are hung up on determines what you create in your reality. When the subconscious releases a polarized struggle, such as “I am a victim, I am not a victim”, it follows that reality changes after the charged, polarized magneic field of this is released and no longer attracts the struggle. We realize that not many people have time to sit in nature, with no chemical substances to get high with, no strong drink, and allow the issues to come up and absolve them. Most don’t know how. Although we prescribe karmic sessions on a periodic basis for these kinds of absolutions, we also prescribe *knowledge*. So that you have a mind to move forward in to, instead of being stuck in the emotion-producing replays of the past. And the way forward can begin with knowledge of how consciousness and energy create reality.

There is coming an end to social consciousness. Everything that is living for others — for tradition, family, creed, what others think. Everything that is bitterness, hatred, jealousies, condemnations, anxieties, worries, disease, self centeredness, all of that is going to die so that Superconsciousness can come forward on this plane. If you rationalize this away through intellectual understanding, it is all right, it means you do not want to get involved. That is all right, you are preciously loved regardless. But for those who wish to get beyond the polarized struggles of the unconscious and learn to manifest personal reality through an entirely different paradigm than what the New Age offers (which is still yellow brain!), a different paradigm than the tiring, predictable programming of emotions and personality, we recommend the videos highly.

This is especially recommended to those who have been seekers and nothing works, and you think you have failed the teacher, or the energy modality, and think something must be terribly wrong with you. This message is especially for you, with great love.

Carol Hathor & Cameron Dye, Psyche Doctors, Soul Wisdom Energy Transformation (Many thanks to Alain-Yan Mohr for helping with key aspects of this article.) One session of our remote energy work is many times more effective than sessions by hands-on modalities and psychotherapy. Viewing and absolving aura attachments and karmic patterns remotely is unequivocally the wave of the future because the language of the unconscious is holograms and symbols. Body work and conversation is secondary to that. If your results from any kind of hands-on work is not very permanent, or counseling is long and drawn-out, yet you still insist on emotional well-being and joy without drugs, we have many clients that will tell you that you should experience our auric clearing ($75) as prerequisite to removing karmic patterns, karmic “loops” embedded electrically in the soul’s memory that cause suffering and struggle to repeat and compound ($110).

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