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NDE: Near Death Experiences

NDE: Near Death Experiences

Here we share stories of one of the most powerful paranormal experiences, the Near Death Experience, known as NDE.
Always life-changing…

The Global Psychics team is committed to helping you make the most of your encounters with spirit …

NDE is Life-Changing

“I have lived long enough with the fear people would think I was crazy or was losing my mind. I died in Mexico in 1983. I had typhoid fever; went swimming the wrong day and the wrong time. After many weeks of fevers, left too weak to go on any longer, my grandmother, whom I’m named after came for me one night. I thought I was getting better, I got up and felt so good, then it happened, I almost lost consciousness and lay there waiting for it, the soldier of death, to come for me, instead my grandmother came to ease my fears. She was there in spirit, I could see her, feel her, knew of her presence. I was ready then to go with her, she reached out her hand for mine. I sought to touch her finger tips. So close and yet so far, because I was so weak. She was smiling. I was not afraid anymore. I could see the bright light of the tunnel and yearned for it, to go into it. I could see my small lifeless body laying there soaked with fever; drained. I was outside looking in at myself. he would not let me touch her finger tips. I tried so hard but could not. I knew I had to go back into my body somehow, but I didn’t want to, it wasn’t me anymore. I awoke the next day. Cured…..

Since that time people have told me I have the mark, the sign? I can see things, I don’t know what they mean, I can see signs, I see and feel light forces surrounding me, I am not afraid of them, they will not harm me. I know they are there but I don’t know why or how. I can hear the angels sing and feel their presence in my home and they are always near me. I know what people are thinking, I can feel what they are thinking, without verbal communication. The only thing that scares me is myself. I don’t like to get upset or mad because I know I can make things happen just thinking about them. I tried once to tell someone about all this and I knew they thought I was losing it so I acted like it was just a joke or something. I know what you are thinking too, and I haven’t even sent this to you yet, but I already know your thoughts. I wish I didn’t ; it sometimes makes me so sad to know things. Martha Byrd, Canada”

Following are the answers that our team of mediums provided. Tell us what you think goes on after death, or about the Near Death Experiences that changed your life.

You are alive now; you are even more alive after death!

I had a near-death experience in 1985 at the age of 30.

It was summertime. I was alone in a lake, just floating around while wearing a life jacket. It was going to be dark soon. What could go wrong?

I saw a rope running from the dock to under the water. It was at about a 30% angle. I decided to pull myself underwater with it to take a look around.

I pulled myself down along the rope. I saw that it was attached to a concrete ball about the size of a large pumpkin. I was about 10 feet underwater. It was time to go up for air. Suddenly, my buoyancy combined with the upward force of the life jacket plus my pulling on the rope caused the concrete weight to jump up a couple of feet. I released the rope. The weight went back down.

The rope went back down with the weight. It also caught on my life jacket. I was being held down. I looked up. I was at least four feet under the surface of the water and I was already overdue for more air, having been underwater for more than a minute. My feet weren’t touching the bottom. I was in trouble and I was alone.

I knew that I was going to die. I thought to myself “So this is how my life is going to end. I am going to drown. And somebody will eventually find me down here like this—all bloated and tangled up.”

After the shock of realizing that I was going to die; that this was it, I accepted death. I was calm and peaceful. This feeling was surprising.
I was determined, however, to hold my breath as long as I could. To get as many extra moments of life as I could. I released air from my lungs a little bit to release the incessant pressure. Wouldn’t be much longer, I thought.

I thought, sadly, of the people that I was leaving behind. I thought of my brothers and sisters, my parents. I thought of friends.

What happened next still confuses me. Time changed and several distinct events happened at the same time. I mean all at once, but each unique and distinct.

Images flashed in my mind of departed relatives. Great aunts. Great uncles. Some of them I hadn’t thought of for over 20 years. Uncle Emil. Aunt Marie. Uncle John.

My spirit brightened like a giant light bulb or something lit up the area that I was in, I’m still not sure. It was so bright that I think that anyone standing on the shore should have seen it. I could see the algae and other tiny things floating around me very distinctly. (It had already been beginning to be dusk out and the sun had disappeared already behind some trees.)

The me part of me (the part that speaks to people and is aware of itself) became to move out of my physical body. I was about two inches out and I was exiting through my head. I was leaving before my body was even dead. Water had not entered my lungs. I was still very much physically alive. This was weird.

Then, images of the high points of my life and what I had accomplished as a person popped into my mind. There was only about four high points. I was surprised and kind of disappointed. Only four?

I had an argument with somebody, or something. I’m not sure what. Mind images went back and forth: no words. I didn’t want to “die”. This “personality” then caused images to appear in my mind of what I am expected to accomplish while on this earth. And I was also thinking at the same time, “Yeah, like I’m going to get out of this. I am caught and I am going to die.”

I hadn’t been thrashing around, just was hanging there waiting for death. The rope then jerked. By itself. I moved up. My mouth just barely broke the surface. I breathed in air. I thought, “Great, I am going to be alive for just a little longer. I going to die slow now anyway, after all this!” The waves on the lake made me keep my mouth mostly closed and it was difficult to get any real amount of air. I was able to take only short, sudden breaths.

I very slowly and carefully felt along the rope to try to release it. I was concerned that any movement would take me just under the surface and then it would be over.

Finally, I was free of the rope. And got out of the water.

From that time, 17 years ago, I see people’s spirits. The actual them, not just their auras. I can feel people’s spirits and can touch them with mine. And people can feel me touch their spirit. I know their inner states. This is how “life” is like on the other side. You are what you are and can’t pretend. And your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and whatever else are broadcast all over.

Most curiously, I can excite and enhance people’s abilities. Even abilities that I don’t personally have, I am a catalyst. I can change them without changing myself.
If someone has a slight healing talent, for example, I can greatly enhance it. If they have some intuition, I increase it.

I was “dead” just long enough to gain these talents that are apparently routinely used on the other side by the personalities there, but “dead” not so long that I wouldn’t have a physical body to use on this earth. Somebody has very good timing for these things. . Roger Steinbronn San Francisco Bay Area.

NDE is About Opening Up to Your Spirit Self…

Dear Martha,

Well sweetheart, this is a fascinating story… I have heard of many other instances when a traumatic near death experience opened folks up to their deeper psychic or healing abilities. I encourage you to get some training so you can work with your abilities more easily – and to begin with a program of meditation so you can focus more easily – and get some peace with your abilities. I understand how hard it can be to be so sensitive to others’ energies, so the training will help you to stay clear without absorbing any negative stuff from around you, will give you a sense of being in greater control of what is happening for you. You might also find that taking a course in Reiki is very useful… and the books Conversations with God – and all of the Seth Material by Jane Roberts will help you get some insight on the dynamics of energy and the basic philosophy that will help you be more comfortable with this gift.

It is possible to manage your insights so that you kind of shut down around folks you would prefer not to see into, but this does take some practice – and as I said training… look around your community to see who’s offering what, take what appeals to you and interests you, and let your “nose” guide you in developing this natural talent – I know you’ll be glad you invested the time and energy in learning how to make the most of the talents. Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Near Death Experience Can Be Scary!!!!

Dear Sir/Madam:

After reading and asking a doctor I still don’t understand what’s happening. I had a near death experience in 1997 and ever since then, something I’ve always had (just like my Mother) has gotten worse. I know things before they happen. I have terrible nightmares where it seems that I’m actually not dreaming but being taken someplace else by a “voice”. I see horrible things happening to people I’ve never seen before in my life. Also, too many times, I pass by lights and they go out as I approach them. I asked my doctor and he said it was static electricity. I didn’t bother to tell them that it happens when I’m driving in a car, too. When I get upset (not angry) is when it seems to happen the most. I’ve also been known too many times to sit down in front a computer when I’m upset and it’ll lock up. The most embarrassing part of this is when I do it in front of other people. I let it slip one time at the office that I knew when somebody was pulling up in the parking lot and everyone happened to notice that I had a concrete wall between me and the parking lot. I tried to hide it but stumbled and this is normally the case when I let it slip that I know things. I’ve been ridiculed, laughed at and even publicly humiliated by a “friend” when I blurted something out. This is why I’m trying to keep it under wraps.

Perhaps it’s just coincidence but these things are happening more and more that I’m beginning to think that there’s something else to it or I’m just losing it. I consider myself to be a very strong person and have never done a crazy thing in my life but I’m a little scared and I don’t know who else to turn to. Please help, if you can. Thank you for your time. Mary

NDE is Normal!!!

Geri De Stefano, Ph.D. here. . . . .I would recommend that you begin to read as much of the literature on Near Death Experiences as you can get your hands on. There are also conferences. . . .and you might want to access

What you are describing is CLASSIC NDE! I have had a NDE myself. . .and I can tell you that psychic abilities are increased after these kinds of experiences. IT”S NORMAL!! I know that walking around on the planet after a NDE doesn’t always feel normal. . . .but just try to look at the fact that your psychic abilities have taken a quantum leap. There are NO accidents that any of this happened to you. After my NDE I was aware of having a deep purpose to my life. . . .and I was filled with compassion and tolerance . . . .while, in life, these 25 odd years later. . . I didn’t always know exactly what my purpose was. . . . I knew I had one. . . .and I just allowed myself to be guided by faith. . . . What you need to do is be able to talk with people, who like yourself have had these experiences so that you can normalize them.

A writer once said. . .that NDE’s for our generation. . .are the enlightenment experience. NDE’S often happen as a result of our advanced medical technology which can often pluck a person back. . . from the brink of death. People. . .who weren’t even particularly spiritual or religious turned to a deep spiritual awareness. . . . .after having NDE’s. . . . .Read and educate yourself. . . .and then ask yourself what is it that you are supposed to be doing with this precious life? Good journey to you. . . Geri

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