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Mirror Worlds, Alternate Realities and Dimensional Shifts

Mirror Worlds, Alternate Realities and Dimensional Shifts

When you lift the veil over your inner eye and allow yourself to see and then travel to other dimensions, you can find that things work a little differently there than here…

What can you tell me about mirror worlds and images?

Diane Beilstein Writes…

I have seen angels – with no wings.

In meditation I have held the world in my hands and seen the Eye of God (my most treasured experience).

I saw the soul of my father leave his body (the most Precious Gift I’ve received) and I saw the spirits who gathered around my mother’s deathbed.

I can read clouds.

I can feel other people’s feelings. Among other things.

Eyes truly ARE the windows to the soul.

So much has opened up for me since I learned to balance the chakras, control my breathing, center myself in the White Light and allow myself to meld with the Christ Center. An understanding of the male/female energies of the Universe and an acceptance of the totality of LOVE combined with the ability to allow the FLOW of energies has increased the quality of my life. Not that it’s done anything for my checkbook, but I find that I enjoy life so much more.

I have always known that there is so much information to gather; every person I meet offers something of value.

At this point in my life, I know I’m just a “beginner.” I am seeking information about the mirror image. When I do mapping for my friends, a can give them details about what they will find, what to look for, from symbols to colors to names, but my problem has been that when I give directions (i.e. east vs. west, left vs. right,) they find that they must flip the directions (i.e. west vs. east, right vs. left.) I thought I had a problem with dyslexia, but a friend told me about the ability to tap into a mirror image dimension. I’ve tried looking up “mirror images” but all I can find is information about computers or space technologies. I would greatly appreciate any tips or leads to direct my inquiries for successful obtainment of such information.

Following are the responses from two of our Global Psychics team of mediums.. Tell us about your contacts with the angels and guides in your life, the supernatural events that changed your life, or submit your own questions.

Exploring the Other Side

From Danielle

You certainly don’t sound like a beginner! I get the sense that you have quite a solid understanding of what you can do and how to do it, so my first advice would be to continue to follow your instincts here, let your guides help you find your way. That said, I do have some understanding of this concept of mirror worlds and alternate realities.

Each of us finds our own way of accessing “the other side” to do our work, whether that be to do a reading, or to facilitate a healing. From what you describe, you have found our mirror world easier to read, for whatever reasons, than other probable or alternate realities that exist in and around this one.

Your experience reminds me of a time during a deep meditation when I arrived in a dimension that was new to me. As I stepped through the doorway into this new world, I found myself clinging to it, afraid to actually step inside because I knew immediately that the rules in this dimension were very different from where I had come from and I was afraid to upset anything in my ignorance. Fortunately, a guide immediately appeared at my side to fill me in and help me avoid any problems. As I recall, in this world too, everything was opposite from this…. I think these mirror worlds exist to help us understand that everything contains its exact opposite, and nothing really is as it appears to be.

Trust your instincts to guide you here. The Mirror World is simply an alternate reality, in a sense a world you have constructed within yourself to mirror the energy of this and give you a kind of work table…. Hope these insights are useful to you, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

A Recommended Reading List

From Mary-Anne

How wonderful – all of it. You sound so centred and peaceful – inspired and excited. So, I sense that your mirror image is about parallel dimensions – multi-dimensional reality – those concepts, I think, might hold some of the keys you are looking for in understanding your experiences. Ultimately, you’ll need to formulate your own understanding of what is occurring – with the help of a little triggering information.

Here are my recommendations. They are books, so I hope you are interested in reading. The books I’m suggesting are channeled material. I’ve read my share of channeled material and most of it doesn’t do much for me. But, there are three series that are exceptional (all available on-line in our Book Shelves) – one is the Seth series – through Jane Roberts and the other, in this case, is the Pleaidians, through Barbara Marciniak. The third one I have found fantastic is the Conversations with God series, by Neale Donald Walsch. However, it is the Seth and the Pleaidian material that I recommend for understanding and information about multi-dimensional realities.

You may be familiar with these already. The Seth material is extensive. The volume I might suggest relative to dimensional reality is the Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 1 and 2. These are very intense volumes.

The work channeled through Barbara Marciniak deals a lot with dimensions and multi-dimensional reality, is just as enlightening, but a little less intense than the Seth material. The first in this series (I think there are 3) is called Bringers of the Dawn. These books are easily available at a bookstore with a decent “new age” section.

In any case, you are very connected with Source, with life and all that wonderful stuff. I think you might find this material stimulating. I hope this helps. Thank you for sharing your journey. Mary-Anne

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