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If you believe in life after death, then you must consider also the possibility that some folks just don’t lift off from the planet after death – and also that some energies from other dimensions can find their way back here…

Being haunted by energies from “the other side” can be a serious problem…

On Hauntings and Being Haunted

There is usually a good reason for a spirit to haunt either a place or a person.

If you’re concerned about a haunting, you should know that these invasions most often occur when:

  • there has been some mental, emotional, or physical dis-ease, or disturbance, especially in the entity doing the haunting
  • there has been a traumatic event, usually involving sudden death
  • someone has recently passed on and either they left some unfinished business which must be settled before they move on, or when they simply want the family to know they love them and are OK on the other side.
  • we need our cages rattled, ie, when we are avoiding some action or change that is important to our life purpose.

It is actually very common for folks who have recently passed over to try to reconnect with their family and friends, often to offer assistance, but primarily to extend love and let their families know they love them and will be waiting for them. When we are open to feeling their presence and willing to communicate with them, we can perform a real service for these “ghosts”.

Following are some of the letters about haunting that we have responded to recently. Answers from the Global Psychics team of mediums provide more detail about the dynamics of the haunting process and what you can do about it.. Tell us what you think goes on after death, or about the hauntings that you have encountered, or submit your own list of questions about being haunted.

Grandpa’s dead and he’s still causing trouble!

My husband’s father passed away 2 months ago! They were not exactly on great terms at the time of his death. Now my husband hears people talking and footsteps when everybody is sleeping. And tonight my kids said they saw Grandpa’s face. It only occurs when I am not around. Either I am sleeping or at work! Why and what could this be and what could I do about it?It started right after his dad’s death!! Margaret Trudell

What you describe here is a fairly “normal”, under the circumstances… and in this time… your husband’s father is trying to connect with your husband – he needs to make peace somehow with what happened in order to move on… it would be useful if your husband would address him directly – say what he couldn’t say while Dad was alive… and for all of you to tell Granddad to go to the Light… remind him that he’s dead and if he’ll go to the Light he can get help there, and help also to reconcile with his son. This is a good time to be offering lots of prayers up… he’s troubled and he needs lots of good loving energy sent his way in order to get free and move on…

You need to understand that his father IS around, that none of you are imagining this, it is a very real “haunting”… So speak to him as if he were present, let him know you are aware of his presence, that you are concerned for him, and that you are sending some good energy his way so he can get on with the next phases of his “life”…. often this recognition is all that is needed in order for the spirit to settle down… one other thing, I sense this doesn’t happen when you’re around because Grandad wants you to know this has nothing to do with you… he seems to really care for you, feels like he has no issue with you, but is concerned about his son and afraid that his son will make the same mistake with his kids that he did with your husband… hope that makes some sense to you. In the meantime, I have forwarded your note to the mediums on our team to see if they have anything else they can suggest for you. best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Prayer helps

Two months! This is very new passing, and there is always an amount of time in which a spirit goes through an adjustment; to say. I agree with Danielle’s comments. With the feelings that “They were not exactly on great terms at the time of his death.” this makes the transition more difficult for both.

Your husband needs to reassure his father to move towards the light of the divine and there will be many others to help and give support with understanding of love. When one crosses over they become closer to the divine and in doing so they can move closer to experiencing unconditional love. This is not to say that a spirit becomes next to the Divine in perfection but they begin to grow towards this. Things upon the earth plane do not matter so much anymore – with one exception. Typically, their concern for loved ones is just as strong – or stronger – than it was when they were living on this side of the “veil”. Our thoughts are heard very clearly there.

Your husband can address his father in prayer and show his respect for him by lighting a white candle to honor him. This will help your husband also to release himself from the old angst between them. Once your husband has been able to reach inside and come to a understanding of his healing, things will begin to lighten up some. You can help in offering prayer and asking for your husband and father to connect and make peace. You can ask the angels of peace, love and understanding and God to aid you.I do feel things will be fine here. I also feel that your husband will some time make this connection within – this will come to him as an “inspiration”. I am being told that there are helpers on the other side putting things into place for this healing and understanding between his father and him to make this peace. Please let us know how things are going.. Many blessing to you and your family, may you be supported and guided here… Cindilee

My husband is still with us!

My husband passed away 8 months ago. The doctors were still giving him hope, so it came as a complete surprise. I was getting ready to go to the hospital that morning, thinking I would see him. All of a sudden I had this desperate need to check on him, I can’t explain the feeling, it hit so fast, I just knew I had to check on him and let him know I’d be there soon. His nurse answered the phone, and just minutes before the phone rang, his breathing began to weaken, he was gone before I could get to him. I’ve always been opened minded on the subject, but somewhat of a skeptic, but I have to admit, I feel like he’s with us. Right after he passed, his friend’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer. He’s a very good, down to earth person, and of course he was worried to death over his daughter condition. At his lowest point, he said he heard my husbands voice telling him that it would be alright. My husband called him by name, and so far, his daughter is alright. He said the voice was so clear, it was as though my husband were right there with him. I have never felt that he’s not with us. At times the feeling is so strong, I feel like I should be able to reach out and touch him. I’ve heard of the light bulbs blowing out and lamps flickering, and thought it was nonsense. Now I’m wondering if there is something to it. I’ve changed so many bulbs, and the other night as I sat down to read the Bible, just all of a sudden the lamp started to flicker, and a bulb blew out over the kitchen table, both at the same time. As I said, I’ve always been somewhat of a skeptic, but this has certainly made me stop and think about things. If there’s something I can’t find, that I know he put away, all I have to do is ask, and I’m able to go straight to it. I’ve never seen anything like this before, it’s very strange, but at the same time, very much welcomed. It’s a warm, comforting feeling to think that he could still be with us. Sandy

Mary-Anne lost her father to cancer a few years ago and can relate similar experiences to yours… when we are open to having these loving spirits in our lives, they will continue to support and love us… and are always with us. Feel free to communicate with him directly – the bulbs blow out because the electrical frequencies go a little strange when a strong spirit is present. The one thing you want to be cautious about is to be careful to not be so attached to him that he is unable to lift off from planet earth… so when you speak with him, be sure to remind him to go to the Light… let him know how grateful you are for the comfort he is giving you all, but let him know that you want him to be comfortable also, and that to find his real comfort he needs to follow the Light and stay with It… if you will be sure to pray for him, and to call on him through God – ie ask God to make the connections with him, you can protect him from losing too much energy down here on the earth plane.What we forget here is that the spirit is also grieving their loss – in this case, your husband is clearly letting you know that he loves and misses all of you, and that even though he’s well and happy on the other side, he hasn’t yet fully transitioned… his being able to comfort you is his way of dealing with his own grief from the other side, learning to let go and move on… as time passes, you’ll find you’re replacing fewer bulbs and he is only appearing when he’s really needed or for the special occasions… he may begin to feel more distant from you as he heals himself and begins to tackle some new work on the other side… that said, you can be sure he’ll be there waiting for you when it’s your time, and that he’ll always be available to you for comfort and support – a kind of guardian angel….

I hope these insights have been useful to you… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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