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Working With Your Spirit Guides

Working With Your Spirit Guides

Working with our spirit guides can be an enlightening and enriching experience, but it does take some preparation, in order to be sure you have a clear connection. And then we need to notice everything about the session in order to get the most from it…our guides communicate with us in many subtle ways. The letters following and our responses will give you some great clues about making your spirit connections worthwhile.

I was reading your fascinating web site and I decided to try to contact my guides or just “tune in” a bit and although I did not get much of a response (as I guessed because I have never tried this before) and it seems now that I am quite tired and exhausted, mind and body wise and a bit queasy. I was wondering if there is any correlation or if anyone has felt this way after trying to contact a guide or if it is just me… Thanx, Lisa

I encourage you to continue trying… the fatigue and queasiness is an indication that “something” was happening… my sense is that the aftereffects were as much a message from your guides as any other form of direct communications might be… (that is the trick with this work, our guides communicate with us in many ways, not necessarily in images and words… it is important to pay close attention during such communications)… the aftereffects tell you that you need to do a little preparation work to set the stage so you can make the connection… for example, I avoid alcohol when I want to make a direct connection… it is important to be well-rested, to eat naturally – i.e. no processed or fast foods, avoid sugars – a balanced diet and life are essential to getting clear balanced communications with your guides… then before I start the work, I am careful to ground myself, to drink a big glass of water and to have water nearby to drink throughout the session… and then I start to breathe deeply, and I focus on my breath while calling on “the Highest energy available to me today”… I visualize myself surrounded in a bubble of pink and green light – the colours of Divine Love, actively invoking this energy for healing and protection during the session. You may also find that working with crystals will help you make a clear connection.

I have had similar experiences to yours when I was searching for missing persons… the result of having to work through some very dark heavy energy in order to bring in the Light… so the next message for you, direct from your guides is to work on your attitude, to release your fears and negative thoughts…. to embrace your dark side, your “bad guy”, get to know yourself on a deeper level, to really get into creation philosophy… you hit upon some internal blocks that you were obviously trying to work through, otherwise you wouldn’t have felt ill afterwards… the illness says that you don’t have the tools yet to be able to do the work you were trying to do…so”take it on” – notice the places in you where you are judgmental of yourself and others and start releasing these… this will make it a lot easier to make the connections.

Finally, a word to the wise… when we start making these soul connections, ego gets very fearful because it means that we will begin to shift and change attitudes and beliefs, and this can end up displacing the ego… so some of the aftereffects were about your ego manifesting its fears around the work you are doing… you can talk to your ego, explain that at the end of the day when you connect with your soul, you are helping all of your aspects, including your ego… Hope this helps some, keep up the good work, you are onto something… Lotsa LLLove Danielle

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Hello, I’m a young psychic and I have some questions about my spirit guide. We used to talk daily but we’re kind of drifting apart I guess you could call it. Should I be very close with him or is that not right? And whenever we communicate telepathically his voice repeats itself a few times, I was wondering if that’s normal or if it’s just my mind. Thanks! –Cassie

It is not unusual to go through changes with ones spirit guide. Sometimes, when you least expect it, you will get a new guide. As you grow and your life’s path progresses, new guides are introduced, who are better suited to guide you through new and upcoming times. You may try tuning in and see if you can pick up on a new energy around you. This just might be the “changing of the guard”, so to speak. Keep us posted. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

Can spirits that guide you exhibit emotions like getting angry or sad or frustrated? My spirit guide has been wonderful to me for over a year but one time two weeks ago, got upset and even angry with my fiancée when she screamed at him, argued with him. He got upset and even though I still speak to him, he says He will talk to her at a later time but not for now. She says now that spirits have no emotions and he showed an emotion. Anger. This tells me that I am either crazy or this is not a good spirit. I believe that, if Jesus and the angels had emotions, spirits also have them but they do not let those control them. They may get angry or sad but never to the point that they insult or strike. I don’t know what to believe. Can you help? Gerardo

Your girlfriend is not correct. Guides will show emotion, and can grow impatient at times when we are being silly or not helping ourselves. They will even not interfere with stuff to let us learn on our own. Cate

Guides are always loving – the test of a true guide… so if yours got angry, your channels may be warped and some lower energy may be pretending to be your guide… That said, there may be a good reason for your guide to have exhibited some anger here, a message for you… you want to look also at what aspect of your inner self may be subconsciously angry with your girlfriend… when things come up like this it can be an indication of some inner feelings that you need to take a look at… You might find a reading is helpful at this point. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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About 10 years ago my dad woke up in the middle of the night and he saw an old man’s face in a cloud at the top right corner of the bedroom. About 1 month later I was sleeping with my mom and dad in their bedroom, and I saw an old man in a cloud at the top right corner of the bedroom (and I didn’t know that my dad had seen the same ghost until after I told him what I saw). I was wondering what this spirit was. Since it was just a head in a cloud, I don’t know what the spirit (or whatever it was) was. Is it some sort of angel or spirit guide? Michael

This is a very interesting story and the fact that both you and your dad saw the same vision sparks my interest. I would dare say that it is a spirit guide you saw, one that looks out for your family. We all have guides and often they take an interest in a family. Many times it is an ancestor of the family that performs this function. Many native cultures around the world connect good relations with the ancestors with a good and safe life. It does make sense that a great grandfather would want his progeny to be happy. Your description sounds like an ancestral spirit guide. Thanks Michael for sharing this with us here at GP. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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I have been working with a someone who helps in spiritual guidance to achieve results that I have requested help with….. At one point I asked a question in concern for an answer when she went back to meditate she said my spiritual guides were very angry with me because I doubted them I now have to extend what should have had closure in one day into a week long sorta punishment or test to never question a spiritual guide again….. just do as your told and don’t ask questions is this a common thing????? Dawn

If I were you, I would change out my human spiritual assistant and get a new one. I find it hard picturing spirit guides getting angry. Their job is to avoid anger not foment it. I hope you are not paying this person any money for their services. If you are, you are getting scammed. You thought this was going to take a day to find closure and now you are told it will take a week? Doesn’t sound right to me. I would cut this person loose and never contact them again. Spirit guides usually work directly with whom they are guiding and without anyone in between. Why don’t you write us another letter explaining what help you think you need and one or more of us will happily give you advice, as I am now. Maybe all you need is a good reading to get your bearings. What ever you do, lose this person who claims your guides are angry. That is a crock of you know what. Keep us posted. Love, Light,& Laughter, Christopher Ree

Dawn, Spirit Guides are loving, and when they’re not, you know the messages are not valid, the channel has become warped… time to seek another advisor… our guides understand when we doubt… it is our nature… and my guides have always encouraged me to question them – good guides want to be questioned… it is how we grow…Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

What I understand about spirit guides is mostly what Danielle said to you in the beginning. Guides are loving and not only do they understand our make up, they are supposed to be helping us attain a higher level of understanding ourselves. They are very compassionate and speaking with them should bring a sense of profound peace. I have heard of ‘guides’ who might be negative, and those would be those who have not reached a high enough plane to help anyone yet anyway. So they aren’t really guides, just angry spirits who haven’t ascended far enough to be of any assistance. If you had these yourself I would suggest you tell them to leave you alone and ask for more enlightened guides, but these aren’t even your own guides! I believe Chris made a remark about you being able to get your own spiritual help without a go-between. This is true whether you are in church or not. Look inside yourself for greater truths than you have received so far. Be kind to yourself and listen to your heart. The voice of reason dwells within. It will be found in the calm and peaceful moments when you drive away your despair and open your heart to yourself, for yourself, by yourself. Peace be unto you. As your name Dawn means (sunrise), may the light rise within you, guiding you in ways you never imagined possible until this moment. May the sunrise shine through the ‘stained glass’ window of your soul and illumine the altar within your own being, showing you Truth and brightening your path. Much love, Teresa

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